Knowing Energy
by Number43
Citation:   Number43. "Knowing Energy: An Experience with DMT (exp101758)". Nov 26, 2018.

60 mg smoked DMT


I am someone who has experimented with different drugs in the course of my life. And at the end of my junior year of High School I gained a new friend who fit in great with my existing group of friends. He was also very interested in different substances and had many experiences himself but also was very keen on acquiring certain materials as well. He decided one day to extract his own DMT and asked if I was in for it and I agreed happily. Eventually through trial and error he made a perfect batch and we both started at a low dose to work our way up to an eventual breakthrough dosage. I did not want to be ripped out of my head without some base knowledge first so it wasn’t until the 4th time trying it I broke through.

This night started out like any other hanging with two of my friends. It took place during my senior year of High School and I was 17. The one who made the DMT, who I’ll call Chemist, and another good friend I’ve had for a long time who wanted to try the DMT as well, I’ll call him Lux. We were at Chemist’s house and had just taken a walk around his golf course. Chemist and Lux smoked a couple bowls of weed but I did not partake as I had quit for various reasons a couple years before. We made our way back to his house around 11PM and on the walk back we convinced Lux to try the DMT that night. I had not planned on smoking it when I came over that day but I was warming up the idea as I had been missing that familiar glow and buzz of activity it brings with it. When we finally made it back Lux decided to try it so Chemist went and got his equipment and I started teaching Lux some mild breathing exercises to calm his nerves before setting off.

Chemist made it back and we packed a small amount of DMT into the metal pipe for Lux, just enough for him to have an experience but not enough to blow his mind out of the water. He inhaled and we told him to hold it in as long as possible as I set up a pillow on the ground for him to lie on and gave him some quiet time just as I had my first time. Lux sat up about 10 minutes later and told us he enjoyed it thoroughly and I was getting nervous myself as I knew I was going to be taking the most I ever have. Chemist and I talked and we decided it was time for me to breakthrough so he added the right amount of the substance into the metal pipe and I began to feel the prelaunch jitters like I always had before. I held the pipe in my hands and breathed in and out slowly and calmly. Focused and serene. With no hesitation I flicked the lighter under the pipe and inhaled as much as I could of the harsh earthy smoke.

The familiar dirt and burn taste entered my mouth as I kept breathing in. I tried for as long as I could and then had to take it away as I held the smoke for what felt like minutes already then exhaled. Against the glow of the television in front of me I could see the amount of smoke that was in my lungs and my last sober half-conscious thought was “wow that’s a shit ton what did I do?”. And before any other thought could enter my brain I was thrown back against the back of the couch. My vision began to crystalize as once blurry images compressed to single points and lines. What was once thought as thin and precise was compacted even more so and seemed blurry compared to the field of vision I had at this point. A strong energy in my stomach began moving up my body and I noticed a sharp “V” shape of light at the bottom of my vision. The two lines of the “V” stretched out in front of my eyes and then closed on each other only to administer what was once real life, obsolete.

I closed my eyes at this instance and felt the rush as entire planets grazed my path. I was traveling so fast that light could not catch me. Each planet I rushed by automatically entered its information, history, language and culture into my brain. The knowledge was gained and lost in an instant as just the next millisecond another planet would fly by with a new history and language. Cultures and systems engrained on my mind and then rewritten every second as a new host flew by. I felt that familiar energy in my stomach again and that coupled with the physical earthy taste of the smoke accelerated my motion until the blur of motion became metallic. My mind was being torn from my body as conscious thoughts began to be filtered and distorted into wild enigmas of a once known past. They came and went with the only purpose of reminding me that I am human and I exist. I did not know what any one thing was as all previous knowledge left my mind and for a couple minutes I was free from the combined experiences gained through my then 17 years. This next part is hard to explain as most would call it the “breakthrough” experience of the trip.

The extreme accelerated motion of space gave way to complete and utter stillness. And all that lie in front of me, eyes open and closed, was a 2D projection of the inside of a sphere characterized by a 3D gold metallic room of sorts. The DMT buzz that surged through my body resonated with such a high frequency that I felt still. The most still I’ve ever felt. Completely still. I was experiencing the absence of movement and as I looked around this gold room it moved with me but with a 2D orientation to it. The walls were made of gold fractals that tessellated with small red and purple diamonds and fluctuated with red and white striped pinwheels that spun constantly. All the while what seemed like shadows changed and moved with an out of sight light source. Suddenly without warning the whole scene split into two overlapping sceneries offset by ¼ of the distance between each gold fractal. These two scenes then started changing independently with what seemed minds of their own.

The whole scene was so much to take in and lasted for about 2 minutes at least with different things coming and going as figures moved within it and it changed and morphed with my thought. I had completely forgotten about Lux on the ground at my feet and Chemist sitting next to me. Chemist had actually taken the pipe from me after I left mentally and smoked some of the leftover stuff in the pipe from mine and Lux’s trips. He was tripping slightly next to me but the TV noise was what was filling the room from the lack of spoken words between the three of us. Finally I mustered the mental ability to open my eyes and I stared into the TV with intent and wonder. The light took time to reach my eyes as the colors of the TV pooled into the center. Identity was poured back into me like coffee in a mug and that initial tearing and hostility-almost settled into an intellectual pool of thought and wonder as I gave every little thing my undivided attention.

Suddenly something caught my eye to the left of me and my head moved to see it. About 2 seconds later my sight and mind caught up with my head as I began to take in what I was seeing. It was my iPod on the dock turning on and off for some reason as the light flicked on and off. Slowly realizing what was happening I became aware of where I was. I turned slowly (as my mind and vision were taking everything in with great detail and very slowly) to look at Chemist next to me. I can only imagine what the look on my face must have been to him as he just blankly stared back at me. A dot on his face started to multiply as it covered his whole face and the glow of the TV began morphing his skin color and tone. Confused and alarmed I quickly looked at my skin and saw something I will never forget.

As I gazed at my arm I saw plain as day, clear as I see the words on the screen as I type this, a physical aura of blanketed energy around everything. It was a tangible sheet of translucent material held on to all matter by strings at the atomic level. The sheets flowed and danced as I moved my arm and as I looked around the room I realized everything had one. I looked to my left to see my iPod and sure enough my iPod, the arm of the couch, the TV, Chemist, they all had this sheet aura of energy around them held on by visible strings. It was incredible. And even by the time I gained the ability to speak again the sheets still danced and moved. I excitedly told Chemist and Lux what I just went through, the strings where on everything. I had to stop telling them about what I had seen for a second and tell them what I was still seeing in that moment. The sheets of energy glowed and mimicked the movement of their host and a sudden understanding of cosmic connectedness surged through my body.

I’ve always been a very space oriented person and plan to go into any form of astronomy or astrophysics but this experience influenced me even further to understand not only the universe but the matter within it. A world once invisible to me opened and greeted me with its knowledge and a small thought in my head grew to a huge part of the trip. In that moment I thought of every other person who has broken through on this compound and the feeling of their thoughts entered my head as I occupied what seemed like a shared space. A space that only people who had reached that high before have ever felt and even though each experience is different it took place in the same area. The presence of them was soothing and cradled me down as I slowly descended from my life changing head space.

After only about 15 minutes after the initial inhale I was completely back to normal and in my own head with normal thoughts and no “off” feeling whatsoever. I felt great and was excited to pass on what I learned to my friends wanting to try it as well.

Over all I’d say it was a very positive experience with a lot of things learned but I was happy I had those first 3 trips beforehand to set a good base knowledge of what I was getting into when doing that amount of DMT.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 101758
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Nov 26, 2018Views: 675
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DMT (18) : Small Group (2-9) (17), General (1)

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