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Pink Haze
an NBOMe series compound sold as 'acid'
Citation:   Veruna. "Pink Haze: An Experience with an NBOMe series compound sold as 'acid' (exp101782)". Jun 21, 2016.

1 hit   NBOMe Series (blotter / tab)
This is an account of a trip my friend went on last night. I recorded her experience for her and trip-sat with the help of another friend. This was her first trip experience.

6:58 PM: She and I are walking down the streets of the downtown Chicago. Having just picked up a few minutes ago, she decides to dose. She notes that the taste is bitter, but not awful. We had been told it was acid ['One double hit aka a double-sided tab'] we were buying, but doubted the validity of that. From her descriptions we deduced that it was 25c-nbome.

7:10: As we walk back to home, she notes that things annoy her less.

7:20: She feels more alert to sensory stimulation such as color, temperature and smells.

7:25: She notes that colors are more intense.

7:35: We've arrived home. She is dancing around and laughing. She becomes very self-conscious about her actions. We repeatedly tell her that we will not judge her. She says everything has a pink haze over it.

7:45: Things are getting warped now. She has visuals! She exclaims 'Ew!' when looking at me; my face looks weird to her.

7:48: 'I feel like a liquidy sack.' She looks at our friend's white flower crown and believes that there is a neon green halo around it.

7:52: The couch is moving.

7:58: She sits on the floor and delights in the patterns she sees there. The floor is blinking and fractal.

8:06: She was laying on the floor for a while, but now she's in the bathroom. She said she had never felt the floor before. She goes back to the floor shortly after.

10:11: She's been crying on and off for the past two hours while looking at the floor. She made some art with crumpled up paper after most of the crying was done. She says she was overwhelmed and didn't know how to deal with all the emotions that swelled up inside her. We comforted her and I told her of my first trip and how I experienced the same thing. She is comforted and begins to talk to us. She says she views things differently now and thought about things in ways she never had before.

10:20: She is able to carry a conversation, but she's laughing. We're watching Pocahontas with a friend who's telling us about his love life struggles. Songs seem like they're coming from multiple directions instead of the tv.

10:30: She is empathizing with the friend, when usually she'd be annoyed by his dramatic story. She feels connected to us and everything around her. Time is distorted past meaning.

10:56: She doesn't feel sick anymore.

11:00: She says she's 'a little insane,' but then isn't. She thinks she'd done, but we can tell she's still tripping.

11:20: She takes a shower, comes to my room and tells me it was awesome. Soon after, she goes to bed.

This morning I talked to her. She said she'd had trouble sleeping all night, but it was worth it and she was looking forward to tripping again. She got her things together and went to class as normal.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 101782
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Jun 21, 2016Views: 2,333
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25C-NBOMe (540) : Guides / Sitters (39), Second Hand Report (42), What Was in That? (26), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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