Euphorically Sadistic Hell
Citation:   chinzoob. "Euphorically Sadistic Hell: An Experience with 25C-NBOMe (exp101819)". Oct 4, 2018.

T+ 0:00
.5 tablets sublingual 25C-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:15 .5 tablets sublingual 25C-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
So it was a Friday night, and I had always been keen on trying psychedelics. The only drugs I had ever taken were
Cannabis, Synthetic Cannabis, Crystal Meth and on a few occasions, Ecstacy.

Although not certain of exact dosage, I was told by the dealer that this was roughly 1mg. Nothing could have
prepared me for what was to come.

I had known that it was best to take it in a safe environment with people you trusted, so we went to a mates house,
2 of us taking the tab and 1 to look after us.

T+0:00 - Half blotter placed under tongue at 11pm. Bitter taste

T+0:10 - Nothing felt except slight giggles, could not tell if it was placebo or if it was starting to kick in.

T+0:15 - Decided to take the other half, slightly dissapointed that nothing was really felt, no visuals, no changes in reality.

T+0:20 - Tongue starting to go numb. Friend points out that our shadows seemed high definition, and we looked at them and
started laughing.

T+0:25 - Decide to turn on a movie. Finding Nemo was the choice. At this point, we were both laughing uncontrollably, and beingloud although we knew we should try to keep quiet to prevent waking mates family.

T+0:40 - Things start to get weird. Friends face distorts slightly, like it was pulsing in and out. This is when he began to feel the full effects. He was usually the type of person who could control themselves when on drugs, but this time it seemed like he was out of control. Growling at walls, talking to himself about how many people there truly were in this world. Saying that he saw 'The real God'.

T+0:45 - Getting slightly scared of friend, as he grabbed a paper clip and started pushing against his neck. Sober friend stopped him before anything, laughing it off thinking we were playing a joke on him.

T+0:50 - Friend who took blotter keeps repeating phrases such as 'There's blood everywhere' 'You're all turners and snitches. You're decieving me'. Was wondering how my friend could be tripping out this hard when all was fine for me.

T+1:00 - Lights were turned off, full blown paranoia followed. Friends computer had a blue and red light on it, but at the time, it felt like the whole room was red and black. Imaginations of blood and dead people on the floor. Starting to freak out, hoping it would end. No euphoria felt yet. Breathing was harder, throat seemed to swell a bit, hypothermia? Hands were white, but joints were black, did not seem like it was me in the body. Did not remember who I was, or how I got there. Numbness in both hands. Slight headache.

T+1:05 - Friend starts to get angry, punching objects, staring at me. Felt uncomfortable, and realizing changes in perspective.
The bed sheet seemed to breathe, the fabrics all waving. Tried to shut eyes, but saw very complicated patterns of squares expanding and multiplying.

T+1:15 - Sudden anger. Felt like raiding a milkbar with the machete on the floor, would not have usually even thought about it, but while under the influence, it seemed like a good idea. Immense anger and confidence boost, similar to Crystal Meth.
Words did not make much sense, it was like listening to a movie in another language. Could not make sense of what was going on. Went to the toilet, but could barely stand straight. Taking a piss felt like it went on forever, time was distorted.
'Crack Dick' was noted, this was some strong stimulant..

T+1:20 - Anger growing to a point where I could barely control myself from hitting the people around me for no reason.
Watching friend pointing at me saying 'Snitch, Turner, Deciever' made me start to feel like he was accusing me. Ended up sitting on opposite sides of the room staring at each other. Friend grabs machete and looks at me with a look of anger. He later told me that he had wanted to slice me and to kill me because I was like the devil to him.

This is when things started to get really weird.

Sober friend noticed we were violent and thought giving us Grand Theft Auto to play would take our anger out on the game.

T+1:25 - Playing Grand Theft Auto, but felt like we were part of the game. We were both in love with the idea of violence.
Killed team mates, mission fails, restart, kill them again, just because it felt good. Hearing their screams of pity made me feel like I was in charge. Like I was the boss.

I began to shoot a dead body for 20 minutes straight, watching his blood pour. Imagined his guts falling out and limbs coming off, even though this did not actually happen in the game, but it was what I saw.

T+1:30 - All I could think about was killing, blood and evil.
T+1:30 - All I could think about was killing, blood and evil.
Friend face begins to deform into the shape of the devil. His eyes turned black and horns were growing out.

T+1:45 - Pure violence, killing everyone in the game, feeling invincible, feeling high levels of stimulation.

T+:1:45 - Whole room was just red, it was like it was the only colour I could see. Pure lust for killing.

T+2:00 - Calming down when friend turned on the light, violence slowly degraded.

T+2:05 - Suddenly whole mood change. Feels like the comfortable feeling I get on Crystal Meth when I'm just relaxing.
Talking a lot. Talking about how we both felt during the period of anger and distrust for each other.

T+2:10 - Playing Grand Theft Auto, just riding a jetski into the sunset of the horizon for the next hour and a half, enjoying the view. Tweaking out, and just doing whatever, talking about everything that came to mind.

T+3:30 - Realizations and meanings start to pop up that both me and my friend understood, but the sober friend didn't.
In game, saw 3 roads split off and both of us immediately thought of how it was like life and its choices, how we can choose
a path but always end up in the same place in the end. Both realize things such as how slow the rendering in the game is, how lifeless the people look. Seem to understand things in a different way that we never really did. Words can't really describe how it felt.

T+3:40 - Feeling completely opposite of angry by now. Can't even kill people in the video game, thought of what just happened feels too unreal. Scared of own thoughts and feelings.
T+3:40 - Feeling completely opposite of angry by now. Can't even kill people in the video game, thought of what just happened feels too unreal. Scared of own thoughts and feelings.

T+4:00 - Felt sleepy, decided to try to sleep, but unable to sleep, just like coming down off Crystal Meth.

Didn't end up sleeping and went out for the rest of the day, realizing it was 9am in the morning already. Comedown feeling up until the night. Next day still felt a bit gruggish, but nowhere near as bad as the day before.

Nothing could have prepared us for what we felt.

The only happiness and pleasure we both got from this drug was the happiness we felt from violence and the terror of others.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 101819
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Oct 4, 2018Views: 3,078
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25C-NBOMe (540) : General (1), First Times (2), Difficult Experiences (5), Guides / Sitters (39), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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