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Lost Control Naked Violence Hospital Jail
25I-NBOMe & Cannabis
by Lion
Citation:   Lion. "Lost Control Naked Violence Hospital Jail: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe & Cannabis (exp101823)". Erowid.org. May 5, 2014. erowid.org/exp/101823

1 mg sublingual 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
A few months back, my roommate and I decided to dose on some 25I-NBOMe we had recently purchased. We took the doses around 8pm on a Friday night. We were glad the week as over and we were excited to trip. He took 1 blotter and I took 2. Each blotter was advertised to be about 500 ug.

I consider myself an experienced tripper having taken (Mushroom 5 times, LSD 15+ times, 2CE 1 time). I have taken over 1000ug of LSD before without ill effects. I usually have great mental control over my trips.

The onset was very rapid, within 30 minutes I was having some nice tracers and visual distortions. At this point, I felt a burning energy coming from deep inside me - as I have before on other hallucinogens. We ate ginger and smoked cannabis to help with any nausea. By 1 hour, I was having full blown crisp visuals: tessellation and patterns, movement, color changes in the environment. Needless to say, I was very happy with the visual part of the trip.

However, the energy inside me was getting stronger. I felt somewhat uneasy and crazy, as if the energy was trying to take me over. I had a desire to go on a run, and I though that if I started running I would likely never stop. To calm myself down, I went outside on my porch. The trees surrounding me we relaxing, and I felt at peace. Yet something was still off. I felt like I couldn't trust myself. It was as if I could feel the rational part of me slipping away as the trip got stronger.

The first sign that something was wrong was when I started to climb over the balcony (our porch is about 15 feet high). 'I think it would be cool to jump' I told my roommate. Part of me assured me I would be able to jump without any problem, but deep inside me I could feel what was left of my inhibitions begging me not to. 'Yea but then you'll have to walk back up,' said my clever roommate. Reluctantly I followed him inside.

I knew I was loosing control, but I was trying to hold on to reality as long as I could. After a few minutes of sitting on the couch, I could not take it anymore. I stood up and went over to the wall pressing my chest up against it. I banged my arms against the wall yelling stupidly. I felt an amazing satisfaction to let go, to stop resisting the energy within me, to express myself loudly.

And thats the last thing I remember.

The police report goes on to describe how I flipped the glass living room table. I started playing with pieces of broken glass, throwing them like nun-chucks into the walls. I turned and threw a piece at my other roommate. I missed, barely slicing his throat. He locked himself in his room. My tripping roommate tried to grab me and stop me. I beat him to the ground, giving him a concussion. Then I took of my clothes completely, and ran around my street. I destroyed a car by elbow slamming it and then kicking the door in. I chased after neighbors and banged on their doors.

Eventually the Fire Department came. I tried to push the first truck backwards and then I climbed to the top of it. After a while, I ran off to a more busy intersection. Finally, the police came. I approached the officer with a balled fist and he pepper sprayed me. I was tackled and handcuffed. As the stood me back up I kicked one of the officers in the face. I was tranquilized and brought to the hospital.

I woke up in a freezing Jail wearing nothing but a hospital gown, with no idea what had happened. The next morning I saw that I had 2 felonies and 4 misdemeanors an my bond was set to $22,000.

I have had flashbacks since the event. I remember an odd mixture of delusions:

1. the world was over and we could party forever without consequence (it was my duty to share this fact with everyone else on my street and get them to start partying with me)
2. I was hulk fighting a fire truck in an action movie
3. We are all balls connected to other humans by springs. The harder we move and express ourselves, the larger our ripple effect becomes, the more unstoppable our movement becomes.
4. By being the loudest, strongest, and most vibrant person, I would bring myself and my children fame, money, and glory

My roommates still have people come up to them at parties asking 'Y'all are the roommates of the crazy guy, right? Man, he was scary! He looked like a blood-covered ripped demon. Has he always been so insane?'

'No, he's a pretty normal guy. Never did anything weird before that.' they assume them.

I have not been back to the neighborhood due to bail restrictions.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 101823
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: May 5, 2014Views: 19,458
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Cannabis (1), 25I-NBOMe (542) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Combinations (3), General (1)

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