A 25Brighter Star in the Contemporary RC Sky
by Vaya
Citation:   Vaya. "A 25Brighter Star in the Contemporary RC Sky: An Experience with 25B-NBOMe (exp101868)". Erowid.org. Aug 1, 2014. erowid.org/exp/101868

T+ 0:00
740 ug sublingual 25B-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
  T+ 3:55 2 hits smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 4:30 2 mg oral Pharms - Clonazepam  
  T+ 6:00   vaporized Nicotine  
Set: Relatively relaxed, though I could have been more prepared for embarking on any such lengthy psychedelic journey than I was.

Setting: Relaxing at home with my friend and my roommate; trust is high, the environment feels safe and secure

Dose of 25B-NBOMe taken: 750ug (micrograms)

I received five tabs of 25B-NBOMe dosed on blotter paper, each square 7mm x 6mm. The solution of 25B-NBOMe provided for 750ug of chemical present per dose. This was just before the United States’ ban on 25b/c/i-NBOMe on November 14th. In order to prepare myself for what I had high hopes would be a novel and prolific experience, I exhaustively scanned various libraries of experiences, noting similarities trends and characteristics of the chemical across anecdotal presentations. I also have a personal acquaintance well-versed with the -NBOMes, and with whom I consulted frequently prior to dosing. I feel confident in my comprehension of the potential effects as well as the manageability of the dose, and this boost of pre-trip confidence definitely helped me during the experience.

T+0:00 I placed a square tab of 750ug 25B-NBOMe under my tongue. I gave the paper square about as long as I gave DOB and LSD; fifteen, maybe twenty minutes to saturate sublingually and begin to degrade away with exposure to saliva.

T+0:40 I feel the first and very familiar alerts of a phenethylamine exerting itself on my central nervous system. If anything, I would describe the feeling precisely as stimulating - akin to 10mg of dextroamphetamine.

T+1:20 The physiological intensity of the come-up is at its peak; I had some stomach growling, gas and a bowel movement. Per usual when I ingest a phenethylamine, my jaw was tight (although not clenched, blessedly) and my heart rate was elevated from normally, but not to a point where I felt anxiety. I behaved anxiously, though. I recall pacing through my house, or around my room, attempting to place my physical self in the “right” physical spot to begin this trip. What I believe I was failing to realize at the time, and what gave momentum to the behavior, was my lack of realizing that I ought to have been focusing on finding the right “mental spot.” I had difficulty finding it, and my frustration prolonged the process, but eventually I wound up on the couch in my living room with a compelling tech house/techno mix playing at a decent volume from speakers.

T+2:00 I recalled, at this point, reading that others had found 25B-NBOMe to produce “vasoconstriction” in the chest. I now know, all too well, what they meant by that. I describe it to my best satisfaction as a tactile sensation that feels prickly, asymmetrically suppressed and amorphous (the spots of discomfort would appear and disappear along the contour of my chest like bubbles rising from a beverage). Talking myself out of allowing it to concern me too much was not as easy as it is for me on most other psychedelic drugs, but I managed to persist and ride out the persistent and alien sensations. I could see this effect posing a trigger for anxiety in those without ample prior psychedelic experience.

T+2:15-3:55 Colors are beautiful, but visuals (in a traditional sense) never materialized for me at this dose. Even trails were difficult to detect, although the environment did appear altered in a psychedelic way. Subjectively, it reminded me of the visual nature of perhaps one to one and a half hits of decent LSD. Smoking two hits from a pipe (something I *never* tend to do while on psychedelics) augmented the visual spectra, added saturation and novel hues to the colors around me, and also increased my perception of my chest’s vasoconstriction.

At some point my friend and my roommate excused themselves to pursue their evening, leaving me relaxed and contentedly at a ++ on the couch.

25B certainly enhances my appreciation of music! I got continuously lost in the driving ebb and flow of the bass, stabs, rimshiots, delays and filters going on in the mix I had playing. I was thoroughly enjoying just laying there, wearing trip goggles and listening to this full and rich music washing over me. The music directed a lot of the avenues that my thought process took during this time, too. 25B is, more than most, an absolutely well-suited psychedelic for productive introspection and self-searching. Though of a personal nature, I found myself with extreme gratitude that I could think so completely through some topics that are tough for me to tackle in my every day world. I found it rather easy to cope with negative feelings, and even appreciate them, whilst on 25B; that characteristic makes this chemical really unique to me, because in some odd sense, my coping mechanisms are always shifted, altered or altogether misperceived whilst in psychedelic deep space. Not so with 25B, and this opens the gateway for a wealth of potential inner exploration. In my mind, this makes 25B an incredible discovery in its own right.

T+4:30 The effects have been plateau’ing for nearly two and a half hours, and I find that I am desiring the trip to wind down. I put on some relaxing music, lighting the room only with a strong backlight. The cool, quiet atmosphere was punctuated by a flickering candle’s slow, hypnotic dance atop the wick, At this point, I took 2mg of clonazepam to ease up some feelings of tension and stiffness, although neither was too bad.

T+6:00 Enjoying laying in bed, listening to music. The clonazepam melted away enough of the phenethylamine’s muscle tension so as to allow me to be fine with just laying on my bed - a lackadaisical puddle of smiles and eyelids at half-mast. All is well. The vapor from my electronic cigarette feels and tastes exquisite, and looks even more exquisite as I send cloud after miniature cloud rising to be illuminated by the black light’s glare. This is a great comedown. Not too abrupt, but languid enough that I really felt like I was in a state of “psychedelic complacency.”

T+7:00 Sleep overcomes me. I sleep soundly, and experience not a patch of roughness getting out of bed the next day.

25B-NBOMe gave me great psychedelic benefit, and has great psychedelic potential. I *think.* Allow me to explain.

At 750ug, 25B-NBOMe was great. It displayed in various ways its true colors and nuances, and I feel that I learned a lot about it.

The collective success of the trip has spurred me to think about exploring it at a higher dose - My first impressions that night were at a level between 1,000ug and 1250ug (1-1.25mg). However there is one thing holding me back rom taking a higher dose, and that is the fact that the uncomfortable and totally alien feeling 25B left in my chest persisted with me for another four days after the experience. I have never had a side effect of a recreational chemical persist for so long after the experience, and being that the feeling is uncomfortable and cognitively disruptive, I am cautious about exploring higher dosages as I feel the chest tightness will more than likely become worse and last longer.

In summation, 25B deepens the complex tapestry of novel chemical stories written by humans and chemistry. I would have loved to had the visual experience I have seen described in other reports, but 25B shone brightly in the areas of deep meditative introspection, aural enhancement, provocation of abstract thinking, artistic ability and great duration. I imagine a higher dose would bring more euphoria and more visuals, as well as increased introspection and appreciation for music, but as of this moment I am cautious about submitting to more of the constriction governing the area where breathing takes place. No decisions have been made.

25B is one of the brighter stars, especially of the psychedelics, amongst the latest discoveries being made throughout the contemporary research chemical culture.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 101868
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27
Published: Aug 1, 2014Views: 12,057
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