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A Euphoric Night Low Dose
by L
Citation:   L. "A Euphoric Night Low Dose: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe (exp101893)". Jun 7, 2016.

T+ 0:00
0.5 hits buccal 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
  T+ 4:00 1 oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
A Euphoric Night (Low dose 25I-NBOMe)

It was a Saturday, and I had plans to go to a party nearby with my friend, who Ill call K. I had spoken to him about it and we both thought that it might be a good time to try out some 25I-NBOMe, which I had in tab form, complexed with HPBCD to increase the bio-availability of the compound, although Im unsure how much of a difference that made to the experience.

18:10 I decided that I would take it now, and make my way to Ks house for about 19:30, so if something went wrong I would be at home for the onset. I tried to cut a tab in half, but it was very fiddly. I estimate that I took 400-600g of 25I, a relatively low dose. I didnt intend to trip out, just to test the strength and see what kind of experience I would have.
I didnt intend to trip out, just to test the strength and see what kind of experience I would have.
I ingested it buccally, placing the half-tab between my lip and lower gum, and waiting half an hour for it to absorb.

18:45 By the end of the half-hour I was definitely beginning to feel the effects, although it was difficult to pin down exactly what they were. I was feeling a great deal of nervous excitement, my heart beating quickly as I waited for the drug to take effect. I had been running a slight temperature before taking it, possibly a minor bug. I ate a sandwich before leaving, although I had eaten earlier, and brushed my teeth. It was at this point that I noticed enhanced colours and what was almost slight motion blur. I took with me a bottle of water, a pack of tissues, and an illustrated guide to Buddhism, although Im not sure why.

19:00 I left the house, listening to my mp3 player. I felt very tall as I walked along, almost as though I was floating slightly above the ground. I passed a few people, and momentarily thought that a garden ornament was a large, live bird. I reached the bus stop only to find that the bus had come at 19:02, not 19:07 as I thought. I phoned K to tell him that Id have to walk to his, which would take about half an hour. I felt like I probably had quite cold hands but I found it difficult to tell, possibly due to a combination of the 25I and the fact that I had earlier been running a temperature (when I had that strange sensation of feeling cold but sweating at the same time). In any case, it didnt really bother me.

The walk to Ks was mostly through suburban and commercial areas, alongside a main road. I listened to Janelle Mones The Archandroid, as I was walking, and began to feel a great connection to the music. My nervous excitement was being converted into an urge to laugh and smile, resulting in me grinning like a madman as I walked along. I felt like I was on such a high that I couldnt possibly maintain this level of happiness and energy, and I was beginning to feel a strong body-high, a warm buzzing energy in my core and along my limbs. I was really enjoying the music, and felt as though my consciousness was straddling the real world and a separate world of music. I smiled warmly at other pedestrians, and the lights of the traffic, the street lights, and shop signs/windows seemed incredibly colourful and interesting. The overall experience was completely beautiful.

19:30 I arrived at Ks road, as the song Mushrooms and Roses was ending on a psychedelic guitar solo. The fadeout coincided almost perfectly with my arrival, and it seemed like a perfect conclusion to my journey. I knocked, and K answered the door. I briefly said hi to his little brother (who immediately asked if I had just teleported, which naturally confused me a great deal in my altered state of consciousness), and his mum. I dont think I behaved at all strangely, and K and I went upstairs, where we sat and talked while K continued programming, working on his sci-fi game. I was feeling a very strong body-high by this point, which persisted through most of the night. I was able to talk comfortably with K, and I was laughing a huge amount. I interpreted many things he said in strange ways, and noticed a heightened amount of lateral thinking. He asked me if Id like to have a go, to which I replied that I didnt know how to code in Python (the programming language he was using), but he in fact meant if I would like to have a go playing his game.

20:15 We left Ks house and set out walking to the party. I asked him whether I was acting strangely, which somehow led to us discussing the use of musical cues and themes in the Lord of the Rings film trilogy. I wasnt making a great deal of sense. We stopped off so I could get some cash out of an ATM and buy some beer for the party. As neither of us felt that we were going to drink very much, we decided to get a few bottles of ale. It was quite dark and K was impatient to get to the party, being cold and slightly uncomfortable wandering around the streets.

20:45 We arrived at the party, and started chatting to people. I felt sure that I was acting quite strangely, so I decided to make out that Id been drinking beforehand. Before long I was feeling very comfortable, laughing hysterically with a lot of old friends. This in essence characterised the whole night. My sense of euphoria and tendency to hysterical laughter seemed to affect the mood of people around me, and we joked around for hours.

22:00 I decided to open my first beer, and enjoyed it, nursing it for practically the rest of the evening. I just didnt feel any need to get drunk, as I was already having such a great time. My sense of euphoria, buzz of inner energy, and strange thoughts and interpretations continued.

1:10 Me and K caught a taxi back to his house. I reflected on the effects 25I had on me. The low dose of NBOMe had given me many of the positive effects I associate with being drunk or smoking cannabis, but without any noticeable reduction in motor skills.
The low dose of NBOMe had given me many of the positive effects I associate with being drunk or smoking cannabis, but without any noticeable reduction in motor skills.
When we reached Ks house we sat around drinking herbal tea and chatting about the night until around 3am. I then bedded down with some sleeping bags on the floor in Ks room, although remarkably I barely felt tired at all. Whilst the body-high had died down, I was surprised to find that vivid and strange imagery filled my mind when I closed my eyes (the faces of cats multiplying as though they were cells undergoing mitosis, a frog dressed in robes who had no eyes, but instead empty sockets from which a chain of diamond shapes extended, before disappearing). It was like I was entering a hypnagogic state with great ease, and having exceptionally vivid visualisations. I finally drifted off.

After-effects I noticed practically no downer or after-effects the day afterwards, although I did notice that I was perhaps slightly dehydrated, as I didnt drink a great deal over the course of the night.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 101893
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Jun 7, 2016Views: 1,959
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25I-NBOMe (542) : General (1), Various (28)

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