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Now I Know Why They Call It STP
DOM & Cannabis
by dmunk
Citation:   dmunk. "Now I Know Why They Call It STP: An Experience with DOM & Cannabis (exp101895)". Nov 24, 2013.

5 mg oral DOM (blotter / tab)
    vaporized Cannabis (plant material)


I received the DOM is blotter form and, after looking at several accounts I decided that I would drop it the next morning as early as possible due to the long-lasting effects.

T+0:00 Friend H and I tuck the 5 mg tabs, one each, under our tongues and I go on a short walk to take care of an errand. The tab is one of the most bitter things I have ever tasted in my life. I put it against my cheek and away from my tongue, but I can still feel the disgusting flavor in my mouth and I have to fight the gag reflex as I walk. After five minutes or so I actually do gag from the taste and quickly swallow and wash down the tab with some water for fear of vomiting it all up and losing the chemicals.

T+0:30 H and I decide to go get some breakfast so we head to the cafeteria. At this point I feel a little bit strange, but I am unable to tell if it is just placebo or the drug starting to effect me. As I begin to eat, I feel some unease in my stomach, and I quickly shovel down my food because I have a feeling that soon I am not going to be hungry. After finishing I converse with some friends and begin to feel enormous headspace and slight nausea. I begin to be more conscious of social boundaries and the constraints on social interactions, but it isnít hard to follow them. I have a lot of unfocused energy and something in the back of mind is distracting me from my tasks. H and I head back to his place.

T+1:30 Sitting in Hís room, we feel more and more restless, but also more and more nauseous. The energy we feel is counter intuitive, for the more we move the more uneasy our stomachs feel. We decided to vape some indica to calm our nerves and bellies. After about 30 minutes of this, we calm down significantly and begin to feel very tired. At first we are sitting but as soon as H begins to play music, Flying Lotus Pandora Radio, laying down seems necessary. Not that we were unable to function, but it felt so right to be laying down and absorbing the sounds.

T+2:00 Laying down and feeling very sleepy, I am reminded of an Erowid account I had read in which someone had fallen asleep after taking DOM and had a very lucid dream. I decided to give it a shot. I was beginning to feel very euphoric, a strange alertness combined with an overwhelming sleepiness seemed to be pulling me in different directions. My visual field began to distort slightly. I could see all shapes and surfaces, but the edges of every shape seemed blurry. My brain could not seem to comprehend the end of one object or shape and the beginning of another. This slowly passed and everything started breathing and warping in a gentle and beautiful manner. I closed my eyes and began to drift. I had slight closed eye visuals of tunnels and traces but it seemed hard to keep my eyes shut, so I covered them with my arm. I was drifting around between consciousness and dream state, and I honestly donít remember much from this, as you donít remember what you are thinking right before you fall asleep. At some point I feel my mind jolt back into my body and it almost startles me. Looks like I'm not going to be able to fall asleep so I give up.

T+2:30? I open my eyes and look at the clock, time seems very distorted as the numbers my eyes meet donít seem to make sense for how long I felt I had my eyes closed. Open eye hallucinations are very vivid at this point. Looking up at the ceiling I see golden statuesque faces emerging. They are very dull and almost featureless, but they are golden and cast a warm glow on the room, and their beauty stuns me. I feel immense love surging through my body, emotions flow everywhere. I feel amazing and powerful emotions, pondering my relationships and the nature of the universe. There are positive emotions and negative emotions that course through me, but the intense euphoria is constant, giving the negative emotions a mysterious and dissonant power. The music is essential to this portion of the experience. The angelic faces emerge and fall back into the ceiling, singing to me in a beautiful godly chorus, if god liked jazz and glitchy FlyLo beats. They first flow by in waves, but soon they cover the entire ceiling, drifting by slowly like clouds. At this point the walls are arbitrary. It feels like the ceiling of beautiful singing faces drifting past extended infinitely in every direction. I lay basking in the warm emotions that the angels cast upon and felt perfectly content. And then the song changed and everything about the universe changed. I was a different entity, with different emotions and different hallucinations. H was having similar amazing experiences.

T+4:00 I spontaneously decide that should read a short story, and it is ďPilgrimsĒ by Julie Orringer, which was incredibly powerful. As I read it, I was visualizing the narration very vividly, and it made the reading really intense. Everything was much more manageable now, the nausea had faded but was replaced by the jitters. The hallucinations faded slightly but my visual field was gently fluid. I talked to H about the experiences for an hour or so.

T+6:00 H and I had decided to attend a contemporary jazz performance earlier and we went to concert hall. Still feeling weird and jittery, but slightly euphoric. The performance was amazing, the skilled musicians looked like machines, the minute actions of their fingers and wrists so controlled that it looked like someone had wound them up and let them play like a toy. The music was truly beautiful and very emotional.

T+10:00 H and I eat dinner, and we still feel very energetic. The jitters have faded but I have too much energy. Food tastes very delicious. My thoughts are directed to my relationships, and I wish to express love to all of my friends and family, but find my phone an inadequate tool to do so, so I give up.

I sleep for several hours that night, going to bed around T+12:00. H does not sleep that night. The next day I feel extremely energetic even though I hardly slept, and feel energetic all through the day. I sleep well that night with the help of some melatonin, wake up energetic the next morning, and then felt really, really, tired that afternoon and for the day following.

Overall the experience was very rewarding and left me with a lot to think about. The peak lasted a couple hours and was incredible with a powerful flow of emotions and hallucinations. The negative effects are nausea on the come-up, which fades after about two hours, the jitters while coming down, and the methamphetamine effects, which seemed to last subtly for about 48 hours. It isnít unmanageable, but it may be difficult to sleep for the following night or two, but this can be counteracted with some sleeping supplements like melatonin.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 101895
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Nov 24, 2013Views: 16,645
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DOM (20), Cannabis (1) : General (1), First Times (2), Combinations (3), Nature / Outdoors (23), Music Discussion (22), Hangover / Days After (46), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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