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The All-Seeing Eye of God
Citation:   Hattivattitatti. "The All-Seeing Eye of God: An Experience with Bromo-Dragonfly (exp101902)". Jul 20, 2016.

3 hits   Bromo-Dragonfly
  1 hit smoked Cannabis
So I had the weirdest trip a while back...

It all started that I took one dose of bromo. When it didn't work I took another one and when it didn't work I took a third one. It didn't work and then I had a hit from a bong and was tripping very hard for an hour. So the trip was pretty fast. In the start of the trip there came voices and I saw when I watched the stereos and tv's lines of light going through them towards me. And it all hit to me...

First in the trip I saw and heard that the whole existence is endless by numbers. I saw that there is endless possibilities and endless different lives. We all would be endless beings in this endless sequence of numbers.

After that I surfed little bit around the universe. I saw different galaxies as sitting in my bench and even black holes. When I went to a black hole the voices started to echo and curve. I saw that the black holes has a usage. Of course it was all metaphors but in the trip it became clear that those places were to people who would go to damnation. Those places were to people who wouldn't be liked in the endless existence. Their 'souls' would be sent to 'black holes' and that would be the end of their existence.

Then of course my trip took me to Hell. I felt Hell since my 'cramps' echoed with the things happening in the trip. It didn't feel like my body was squeezed but it was my consciousness, my soul, that was squeezed harder and harder so that the pain amplified more and more. Hell was a place in the trip where those people who have done bad things would go to be alone in a place where the pain just amplifies more and more. There isn't anyone else there except the own consciousness. Of course this would also be a metaphor but that is how Hell was shown to me.

After Hell of course came Heaven. In Heaven my consciousness of being squeezed changed towards the fact that I was feeling euphoric. I had tears of joy and tears of agony while I was sitting in the bench watching the whole trip through which didn't feel to come from my head.

In the end I saw the eye of God. The All-Seeing Eye of God with rays of light coming from it. It was kinda like the same thing when in the First Contact movie Jodie Foster met the extra terrestrials and they came as the Father of the character, well, for me the Godhead chose to come as the All-Seeing Eye of God. I also was a light, a halo, above me and saw Heaven going to the left of me and Hell to the right of me.

After it I have had two flashbacks.
I have had two flashbacks.
One was when I was coming from Egypt back to Finland with a aeroplane. I heard 'Satan' talking to me which seemed to be something of a MicroKorg XL devil vocoder. It was pretty freaky. Also I heard one day trumpets going which echoed of some sort of Judgement stuff. I don't know what they are supposed to be but I understand that the whole spiritual existence is just fun & games.

When I have pondered this trip which I wrote about, well, I have also pondered all the trips which I have been through. All the trips kinda feel that I wasn't completely in charge of them but they rather seem as conversations with a single source that would be the Godhead. I know that it is pretty weird way of seeing it and I'm even pondering was it just this trip which might have been a close call with the cramps and stuff to death or could all of my trips been conversations with the same source.

Do we all contact a same source in our psychedelic trips of acid and mushrooms and so on...

Did the Shamans back in the old days be able to contact the single source which is everything and saw many things because of it? I'm just pondering what if God is Psychedelics and for some people this might open different ways to see it since they might test are the trips conversations with a one single source that would be the Godhead. I'm all for the Cosmic Consciousness and of us being interlinked to some higher stuff even if I can't explain why it is so.

Also I have pondered why so many people have awakened to the Illuminati and to the All-Seeing Eye of God without them being aware of the fact that it is real? I just live after the trip in a place where Godhead is everything and everywhere
I just live after the trip in a place where Godhead is everything and everywhere
and most people will never see it.

And for those who think that it might have just come from my head, well, would my head have knowledge about all sorts of stuff like that in the sub-consciousness. Of course someone might tell that my sub-consciousness was just playing with me but the whole trip went through like a book that was written for me to see.

I hope that people start to grasp the idea that maybe the trips are just conversations with higher being. In my way of seeing it, well, there could be billions of different Gods, there could be billions of different worlds, there could be billions of different afterlives but all would come from a one single source and that would be God, Yahweh, Brahman, Allah, Tao and so forth. Of course in a sense, well, God could be the Trimurti of Hinduism but I just rather see them as 'manifestations' of Brahman as the single source.


Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 101902
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29
Published: Jul 20, 2016Views: 5,346
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