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30 Minute Holiday
by fineshrine
Citation:   fineshrine. "30 Minute Holiday: An Experience with Ketamine (exp101982)". May 14, 2018.

1 line insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)


Past drug experiences: marijuana, MDMA, DXM, oxycodone, alcohol, salvia leaf, DPH, amphetamines (I will reference my experiences with marijuana, amphetamines, MDMA, and DXM in this report for comparative purposes and to reflect my thoughts).
Setting: my apartment on a Wednesday night
Mindset: Feeling optimistic and curious.
I’ve been feeling mildly stressed for the past of months. I’m in my first semester of college and the combination of adjusting to living on my own, money issues, schoolwork, relationship issues, smoking too much weed (I ceased smoking several days prior), and the loss of my bicycle have left me feeling slightly disconnected. I acquired a bag of ketamine powder several weeks back from a close friend, a former K-addict who said it was the highest-quality ketamine they had ever snorted. “This is like elephant ketamine.” they said. After not touching my supply for weeks, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to test the waters. I knew ketamine is used to treat depression, and while I’ve been free of depression for almost a whole year (I credit this to my own MDMA usage), I knew I could still use a decent mental sort-out. With an open mind and open expectations, I eyeballed a 35mg – 40mg line, rolled up a dollar bill, and up the nose it went. Put some Neu! on my stereo, turned off all the lights, and waited for the waves to come. The below times are rough estimates I derived from the music I was listening to.

0:00 – Bump goes up the rolled dollar bill. The smell of ketamine reminds me of the taste of vyvanse powder. This feels very easy on the nose.
0:10 – Really tasting the drip, which again, reminds me of the taste of vyvanse. Excited, I dive onto my bed, and even though the dive isn’t comfortable, it doesn’t hurt.
0:12 – The effects are becoming more pronounced. The body high is really kicking in. I feel heavier and relaxed, similar but not identical to alcohol and similar depressants. I’m laughing at every other thing I say.
0:15 – Walk around my bedroom a bit. This reminds me of how it feels to walk on DXM, but without the very negative and undesirable effects of that drug. A little robotic.
0:18 – Tactile and visionary senses are clearer and deep. I’m lying in my bed and moving my head and neck over my pillow feels very pleasurable. My bedroom feels bigger in the dark. Both the tactile and visionary effects remind me slightly of MDMA. An advertisement interrupts my music, and while this is alarming, I soon begin to laugh at my own fright.
0:20 – Get up and walk to my living room. The lights are off, and the window blinders are giving in a nice shadow. I go over to the window, and I feel a liking for view of the parking lot, dark pink sky, and the townhouses, church, college buildings, and high rises nearby. I turn around and compliment the size of the living room and kitchen, laughing at my own words. I soon return to my room.

0:26 – Reaching the end of the plateau. I feel a very slight desire to take more ketamine, but I know its best left for the future. I again go to my living room. Music is coming from two of my roommate’s rooms. One of them is playing very poppy music which feels harsh, while the other is playing music that sounds similar to Purity Ring, which I really enjoy. I dance very slowly and I enjoy it. Dancing reminds me slightly of MDMA, but not as amazing. View out the window still looks good. My visual senses are beginning to normalize.
0:30 – Coming down easy. I can really see why people get addicted to ketamine. I want to go deeper with the drug, but my self-constraint proves superior.
0:32 – I feel slightly sad as the effects of the ketamine are tapering off. However, I’ve enjoyed the experience and I know I’ll come back for K in the future.
0:40 – Fully come down, afterglow starting to take hold
0:45 – Feeling positive and talkative right now. It’s very unusual that I barely thought about my life while I was feeling the ketamine, but now that I’ve entered the afterglow, I’m able to examine things more clearly. I feel refreshed, and a lot of weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I talk to myself about college, art, my friendships, and drugs. I look back on how I underperformed in school this semester, and examine my wrongdoings. I feel very positive about the future, a pleasant reminder that there are a lot of good things around the corner for me. I want to reconcile with some former friends who I’ve distanced myself from recently.
This ketamine experience was far from Earth-shattering, and I wasn’t expecting it to be considering the dosage. However, I found the experience to be very effective in relieving me of my recent stress and confidence issues. I know that stronger sub-anesthetic doses of ketamine are used by some psychotherapists to treat depression, and from my own experience I think that’s great. I think that very occasional low-dose ketamine use has the potential to be great for stress-relief purposes. I am very open and excited to experiment with higher ketamine doses in the future, and I hope my future experiences with this drug will be mentally enriching.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 101982
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: May 14, 2018Views: 2,376
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Ketamine (31) : Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), General (1), Alone (16)

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