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Feeling Foxy Every Time
by firstkissxo
Citation:   firstkissxo. "Feeling Foxy Every Time: An Experience with 5-MeO-DiPT (exp102008)". Feb 15, 2014.

  oral 5-MeO-DiPT (powder / crystals)


I'm a hypersexualized female who has been having troubles with psychedelics for the past couple of months as they seem to cause dissassociative panics. LSD has been my first choice for a year, but I haven't been able to handle It mentally lately. Tired of MDMA, I decided to turn my attention to foxies. I have tried them three times before, and all experiences were great. Not mind blowing or introspective like acid, and not quiet as euphoric as MDMA, yet also not as hallucinogenic as MDA or acid.

My friends and I can't wrap our minds around it as it feels very unique than anything we have tried, but the only consensus is that it is definitely very sexually enhancing. If there was a Viagra for women, this would definitely be it, IMO.

I usually take 3-8 mg, and it lasts about 3-6 hours, depending on my environment and my state of relaxation. The more the environment jives with me, and the more unstressed I am as I go into the trip, the longer the trip.

I'm going to talk about my latest trip, where my bf and I went to a sex club for the first time.

Upon dosage, I usually get little peaks of the psychedelic universe within a couple of minutes. A flash of happy color, greater depth perception, enhanced senses. This could be just anticipation.

Foxies are hard to track for me and I can't ever pin down when they start to kick in. The longest time before noticing the effects was 1.5 hours. This time, it was about 30 minutes.

The first physical symptom I feel is a sort of dryness to my skin, as if the air moving around it is causing it to be so. Touch is enhanced if applied, but not yearned for like on MDMA. My depth perception increases significantly, colors brighten slightly, and music sounds louder, clearer, and more connective to me. I feel very confident in myself, but not to a point of cockiness like on coke, or recklessness like on LSD. I feel as if some sort of substance was injected in my veins that has made me a more clever and efficient predatory animal, but in a positive sense. One downside is that I get a dry cough going and sometimes go into hacking fits, esp at the beginning of the trip; they pass quick and don't return. My tummy feels like I took a drug at the beginning, while it digests, but no nausea or discomfort lasts into the trip. I can eat and want to eat, not like on m where I lose appetite. A banana enhances foxies because of a kick of tryptamine (a little more sparkles and euphoria for no more than 5-10 mins), and calms my tummy with potassium.

A slightly higher dose usually also enhances smells to a point of animalism (this was not so strong on this trip, but the case usually). I can smell people clearly, but it's not a BO type is smell, more of a unique mixture of scents that are hard to explain (previous exp: sea, gasoline, chamomile, soil, fireplace, cinnamon, baked goods, fermented sweet fruits, etc). It's very welcome. Dancing in a room full of people, the smells mix, and I get this feeling of smelling 'humanity' in its natural state, which is also amazing and smells like burning wood, healthy sweat that hasn't turned to BO, and that good sex smell.

Well into the trip, I continue on turning more animalistic and primal. I laugh more easily and feel confident. I feel more masculine, and empowered. The usual anxiety That is constantly present when I am sober eases off, but I do not feel drugged. I'm very aware and 'myself', just enhanced. Dancing with my man gets dirty quickly and feels like those first times when you are still a teenager and just want to fuck all the time. We are at a sex club, so I pull him off to the beds upstairs. I feel very frisky. This is usually the case, regardless of environment.

Sex is mindblowing. Touch is enhanced, kissing feels very deep and unifying, intercourse is more connected, and orgasms last three-four times as long, with an extremely satisfying come down. Like being tweaked out on MDMA. The added confidence is helpful in direction and getting exactly what I want. The environment enhances the experience as it is hyper sexualized. Full feeling of control is always maintained, and no way would I be more promiscuous than I would be if I were sober: reactions to advances of others are exactly the same as they would be if I were sober (politely negative); outsiders cannot tell we are altered and conversing with them is easy, just not particularly interesting.

It's always hard to tell where the peak is, or if there is a peak. Foxy is like good music playing in the background. It's not too noticeable, aside from the hypothetical dryness of skin, when we are just doing regular things like trying to get from point a to point b, or ordering a drink, or chatting to people, but it's very easy to direct when we focus on something (lights, music, feelings, environment, sex, thoughts). You can almost play with slight hallucinations: depth perception is an interesting one because you can make things more or less prominent, colors and textures can form shapes and patterns if you focus. If you focus on imperfections, they become enhanced and a bit bothersome, but it's just as easy to refocus on positives. My reflection looks much younger, happier and more beautiful, more proportioned. My bf looks more attractive to me. As with any psychedelic, set and setting are key, but foxy, at the right doses, is much more forgiving to me.

After the third orgasm and second hour of sex, we are both feeling pretty exhausted. We definitely lost track of time after we dropped. Everything seemed to have happened in no more than 30 minutes, even though we had been at the club for three hrs. The cab ride home was very cozy and took a bit to adjust to the quiet hum of the engine and the calmness in comparison with the club. We cuddled and were pleasantly tired, like after a very good workout. A sex afterglow mixed in with the foxies, which were still pretty strong. The lights were beautiful, but not as much as on MDMA. I'm drawn to light like a moth on M, but here they just seem very beautiful to admire. That feeling of control is always present, I'm not drawn to anything in particular, and not impulsive at all (unlike all other psychedelics I exp and M). In the cab, I felt like this feeling of stability has been present for a long time and will continue to be present for a long time to come. It did not seem tedious, as usual, but rather quick (although was almost 30 mins).

When we got home, being in the shower felt nice and relaxing, and enhanced the high as metabolism speeds up in warmer climate. I collapsed on the bed and a very pleasant sleepiness came over me. I was still high, but focusing on the soft pillows and warm blankets made me want to just drift off. Usually, on other drugs, after a party I feel restless and just want to keep going and after party, but on foxies, every time the party is over, I feel very content to think about how good it was and just drift off to sleep. My muscles become heavy.

My man gives me a fantastic massage, and we have sex one last time for the night, with stellar orgasms again. We want to keep milling about, but I note that we should get some sleep as it's 4 am. We are both quiet high still, but because the environment is much calmer and we don't have music playing, sleep is an option.

Falling asleep, for me, on psychedelics, is very unnerving as I can track my brain shutting down. Closing eyes on foxies always warrants unique imagery of mathematical patterns. Creativity is enhanced, so I get more detailed ideas. This time it was various complete and extensive interior design plans. After laying still for probably ten minutes, the first 'click' of my awareness going is felt. I don't feel touch and my moving feels constrained. I feel very cognitive though, and although have freaked out over this 'click' in the past, now know to just let it happen. Thoughts are still very clear. Then, a more dream Like imagery appears, it is clearer than the foxie patterns and imagery, and has more senses. I know this is my dream world. Then, another 'click', and my eyes feel relaxed and like they are shut tighter. I am still thinking clearly and aware of the process, but I see an orange fiery glow behind my eyelids. Finally, it's like my body pulls some sort of plug and everything fades into the darkness of sleep. This is a very familiar process to me now, and happens every time I try to sleep while still on psychedelics. Sometimes, I remain 'aware' throughout the night and feel my body involuntarily adjusting itself-scratching, turning, noises that it hears, etc.

I wake up 6 hours later, still slightly high and go through that process of shutting down again to sleep for 2 more hrs. I am awoken by convulsions, and a nightmare about spiders while being lucid in a dream, as I did not manage to control the imagery. This is pretty standard for me, except that I'm more lucid if I dream while falling asleep on psychedelics.

All in all, I've always had great experiences on foxies and find them the most easy on my psyche. Set and setting is key, and being with the right people is also key. I do not find they cause much trouble when I am not in a great mood: I simply feel more primal and playfully snarky. They mix well with MDMA and cause some amazing hallucinations that are not imposing, although MDMA takes away from the sexual experience as skin is numbed.

The next day, I do not feel any hang over and wake up rested after a good night sleep. No afterglow, but I do feel a memory of feeling confident in myself, and try to use that as leverage in daily life.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 102008
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 25 
Published: Feb 15, 2014Views: 10,838
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5-MeO-DiPT (57) : Music Discussion (22), Sex Discussion (14), General (1), Club / Bar (25)

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