Something I've Never Experienced Before
Citation:   Neemer. "Something I've Never Experienced Before: An Experience with LSD (exp102026)". Aug 31, 2017.

  smoked Cannabis  
  1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
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It was a Friday night and it was about 7:00 o'clock that my parents had gone out for the night to see a concert. They wouldn't be home until around 11:30 or midnight I had assumed. It was just my little sister at home, who stays in her room all the time anyway, and my good friend C and my boyfriend of 3 years A.

The whole day prior to dropping I had a bad stomach ache and hadn't eaten much but some fried food just before we took the acid. I wasn't feeling exactly 100% but I had heard that eating wasn't something you normally do when you trip so I didn't worry about it.

I've tried taking acid twice before. Once it just didn't happen, and the second time I did it by myself and I had a very bad experience, and I'm not sure if it was bad acid or something else entirely. My mind kind of crashed in on itself and I felt like I was trapped on a roller coaster ride of my life. I cried nearly the entire time, and I don't remember how long it lasted. It had very minor visuals and I recovered in the end by smoking some marijuana. I've also tried MDMA three times before and smoke marijuana regularly.

I've always gotten very nervous right before I've tried a drug for the first time and I was nervous this time too, even though I had tried it before. I've heard the whole 'set and setting' thing and I knew I should stay calm but it was difficult to do and I let my boyfriend take the acid before I did. He took a tab and I started out with half of a tab. My friend C took a few prescription pills of something or other like ritalin and was drinking vodka and rum. I had a feeling our tripping and his high wouldn't mix well but we did it anyway.

We smoked out of my bong and finished about two packs of it when I could tell my boyfriend was feeling something. He had the goofiest smile on his face and looked stoned beyond belief. I started to consider to take my other half so I wouldn't miss out on whatever he was experiencing and waste my tab by only taking half. I put in my other half and accidentally bit down on it, which triggered a terrible taste in my mouth. I tried to drink water partially because of cotton mouth and partially to wash out the taste and like my boyfriend warned, it only intensified the putrid taste. I sat down at my table and began to swivel back and forth in my chair and my boyfriend A and my friend C begin to look somehow 3D as I do this. I tell them and my friend C asks, 'Wait, how many dimensions are we in again?' I begin to laugh and do a cheer my physics teacher taught to remember our four dimensions. I think I'm beginning to come up.

Eventually we head to my room. I don't exactly remember the exact point that it started to hit me but I remember that I was increasingly giggly and saying ridiculous things. I told my friend C who was supposed to be the designated 'babysitter' of my boyfriend and I to try to keep up to the space ship ride I was on.

The visuals began to become very intense and I saw my whole room begin to breathe. I started to understand the feeling my boyfriend barely managed to describe, indicating it by doing wave patterns with his arms and hands. However, the visuals also had an adverse effect on me. I became nauseated and dizzy and I had severe stomach cramps. I felt restricted in my clothing and felt very hot. I stripped off of what I could of my clothes while staying decent and complained of how I didn't feel very well. My friend C tried to convince me not to focus on it and my boyfriend insisted on me 'letting go' but I told them they didn't understand how badly my stomach hurt and how terribly this mixed with the visual effects I had.
my boyfriend insisted on me 'letting go' but I told them they didn't understand how badly my stomach hurt and how terribly this mixed with the visual effects I had.

At some point in time I rushed to the bathroom and began to vomit. I was tripping somewhat, but it still hadn't completely taken over yet. It had to have been around 7:30 or so. I went back to my room where my friends were and laid down in my bed again. I still felt absolutely sick. I was overheated and felt weak, and my teeth were grinding against each other. My head felt like it was going with the visuals I saw, going out a thousand dimensions, and with this I got 'face chills', or some sort of chills that only occurred in what felt like the back of my head. I got up, sat down, got up, and sat down, debating on whether I should go throw up again. I didn't want to, but God, I felt so shitty. So I did. This next time around my visuals were coming in full swing. I sat in front of my 'porcelain God' and threw up. I paused and heard my friend in my room telling my boyfriend to 'focus on yourself' and for some reason I found this inspiring as I watched the vomit in my toilet. I got up, recovered myself, and went back to my room. I told C what he said was inspiring and went back to lay down. I kept gagging for quite some time and felt nauseous for another good hour, but it felt much longer.

During my nausea my boyfriend took my hand and told me that I had to relax, to go with it, to not try to control my trip but let it control me. Time immediately began to slow down immensely and I laughed and exclaimed how he just slowed time down like that. The posters on my walls were all very fascinating. The Beatles watching me trip and gag, which I didn't appreciate much, my map of Paris which swirled together in beautiful ways, a piece of art... mostly though, my hand was subject to stare at as I focused in on it and let the colorful patterns close in around it. I began to regain physical stability as I willed myself to not gag at every thought I had of anything remotely gross or nausea-inducing. My boyfriend and I tripped together as my friend C tried to keep us happy. A and I though were completely somewhere else, laughing at nearly everything, even if it wasn't funny.

In fact, the only emotional response I think I really felt was giddiness. Besides this, I felt like I wasn't functioning at an emotional level. My friend C tried to talk to me about people or things but I just didn't care about any of it. I was focused on what I was seeing mostly and how my fingertips were swelling with the same energy that was surging off of the walls and ceilings. I didn't feel like myself at all, I had no normal emotions I usually felt. I didn't care about myself or anything else.

We made our way to my living room and chilled there for a little while. My favorite cat curled herself up to me and I was amazed by her tiny little body and her beautiful, intricate white fur. We talked for some time here, though most of my sentences were never complete because I was either interrupted by my friend C who was beginning to feel his high and he was talking very much, or my mind was interrupted by a whole other thought. This or I just couldn't find it in me to care to finish the sentence. It wasn't worth trying to explain most of the time, I couldn't articulate much of anything. A recurring motif in this trip, however, was my desire for a peanut butter sandwich because of my illness. My boyfriend made me the sandwich and we spoke in a British accent about my breathing sandwich.

I went back into my room and found myself very displeased with its appearance. I got the urge to begin to clean it. I picked up some papers and headed for my garage. Without turning on the light first, I stepped out into it and felt something on the bottom of my foot squirm around. I screamed bloody murder though I didn't really feel any terror or fear, it was mostly just an automatic response. My boyfriend turned on the light and I swore I saw a cockroach crawl away from under my foot. I began to laugh and yell and demand if what I saw was really a cockroach or if I had just imagined that. My friend C and my boyfriend insisted it wasn't, but they later informed me it was, they didn't want to give me a bad trip though. I don't think this would have bothered me anyway however, I felt so content and detached, it didn't phase me in the slightest.

I've also heard that you shouldn't look at yourself in the mirror while you trip. I did this anyway, out of curiosity, expecting to see someone who wasn't me. It was me, with pupils as big as saucers, but it was me. I looked up close however, and saw every pore on my face it seemed like. It also looked like I had broken out with a million tiny red pimples. I quickly removed myself from the mirror upon this inspection.

At 10 PM my younger brother who is 15 came home. He knows about my drug use and I immediately told him as he came through the door that I was tripping on acid along with A. I also told him we were probably screwed because mom and dad would be home relatively soon and I was still feeling it, though it had diminished a little. He told me I didn't have to worry, I didn't look like I was tripping on acid, and gave me probably the best part of the trip: magnets. 15 little round magnets captured my attention for the rest of the trip. I swore I could see their magnetic field. My boyfriend and I played with them and giggled incessantly while my friend C tried and tried to talk to us and hold a conversation, but I was hardly interested. I mostly wanted, at this point, to relax my mind and space out for a while.

My boyfriend A tried to put on a cartoon show on my computer but dissatisfied with this turn of events, I left A and C and laid down on my mother's bed. I laid there for I don't know how long, it felt like 20 minutes, but could have been longer or shorter. I watched the shadows from the TV dance on the wall and my arm hairs tower from me. I relaxed and thought about nothing, really. And I enjoyed not thinking about anything, for usually it's that I have too many thoughts on my mind at all times.
I enjoyed not thinking about anything, for usually it's that I have too many thoughts on my mind at all times.

I returned to my room where C and A were. I was beginning to come down and my boyfriend A informed me he had mostly come down to. I could focus on something and the visuals would return if I gave it a minute, but the physical feelings were completely gone. All I was left with was happiness. I think the trip had mostly resided by midnight. I was in a genuinely good mood, probably from laughing and smiling so much. My friend C was on a whole different high and was irritating me immensely and sleeping in my room that night. I didn't want my boyfriend to leave, but he did and I forced myself to sleep. The next day I felt exhausted in my body and my jaw ached from grinding my teeth.

Acid was an extremely out of this world experience and all I want to do is try it again, when I won't be throwing up or inside. I would love to be outside in the day time the next time I do it. I don't think I ever had much of a panic during the trip, just physical illness that bothered me, and luckily I gathered it in me to overcome this.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 102026
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 17
Published: Aug 31, 2017Views: 2,612
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LSD (2) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Health Problems (27), General (1)

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