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Really Shouldn't Have Wasted My Money
Citation:   WantsToPass. "Really Shouldn't Have Wasted My Money: An Experience with Adrafinil (exp102038)". Feb 26, 2019.

600 mg oral Adrafinil
I wanted something to help make me more focused, alert, and wanting to get my assignments completed with no slacking. I couldn't find any ritalin, vyvanse, adderall, etc. So I put on my google glasses and looked for any possible legal/questionably legal alternatives. I found Modafinil is a quesitonably legal alternative, but too complicated to aquire, so I went on a popular website that sells everything, and sure enough, it was for sale under the health section.

Let me just start by saying I know this was legit, because under the reviews somebody mentioned that Adrafinil makes their urine smell awful, and these pills made my urine smell TERRIBLE for 2 days afterward.

45 minutes after taking the Adrafinil, I barely, just barely noticed a very mild stimulation. I was still tired, and could easily fall asleep (and did, several times). There was absolutely no motivation to focus on schoolwork, or work on anything in general.
There was absolutely no motivation to focus on schoolwork, or work on anything in general.
I tried mixing it with caffeine, and psuedoephedrine, but still felt minimal stimulation or ability to stay awake. My only theory is that perhaps I need to take this the day after a full night of sleep, somewhat motivated/focused in the first place, and possibly, be pretty healthy diet wise. Otherwise my body can't really detect the effects of this drug.

This is no magic motivation pill like the ADD medications that first come to mind when I want to write a long essay...

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 102038
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Feb 26, 2019Views: 2,889
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Adrafinil (216) : Performance Enhancement (50), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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