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Zoning Out
LSZ & Cannabis
by highondrugsandlife
Citation:   highondrugsandlife. "Zoning Out: An Experience with LSZ & Cannabis (exp102075)". Dec 15, 2013.

T+ 0:00
150 ug oral LSZ (blotter / tab)
  T+ 2:15 1 bowl vaporized Cannabis (plant material)


Well, I've been away from psychedelics for a while so I decided that I get back into them in a new way not just standard LSD, shrooms etc. I searched through various drug forums and imageboards to see what quasi-legal designer drugs would suit my interest to try something new and I found that there is 2 analogs of LSD that were called LSZ and AL-LAD. I'm shock to see so little information about these drug over the net so I decided to test out LSZ for my own interest and to contributed information of this drug to the community and net at large. I'm a 18 year old healthy male that weights 135lbs and my past drug experiences have been cannabis, spice(synthetic cannabinoids), shrooms, LSD, Vyvanse, various painkillers, MDMA, alcohol, and tobacco. I took this tab at my house alone and was in a pretty chill mood. I'm on no medication and I did little to prepare for this trip.

12:35am-Put one 150ug tab on tongue. Only tasted of cardboard confirming that it is not an NBOMe or DOx

12:45am-Swallow Tab. Downed it with some bottled water.

1:00pm-Colors are brighter but may just be placebo.

1:26pm-Yes, I feel the effects come on in waves. Little nervous at first but relax myself by breathing. Heart is beating a little fast.

1:30pm-Calmed down, was just my nerves, visual enhancement, colors appear brighter, my neck feels stiff, and I have a light head.

1:34pm-Feel very relaxed. Dreamy like state but not intense at all, still very clear headed. Have some occasional moments of discomfort but nothing too challenging.

1:45pm-Something, I can feel the effects for certain, feels like a LSD come up but longer and I can eat. I eat an apple to help my stomach discomfort which wasn't that bad to begin with.

2:00pm-Colors are enhanced, went for a walk. Neck feels weird and my light headed continues, but I'm still able to think logical.

2:30pm-Very euphoric MDMA like feel with light but distinct, visuals, really relaxing. Comes on in waves like MDMA but takes longer to develop than LSD, I dig it. This would be a nice drug for a party.

2:45pm-Feels like a low dose of LSD without the head high. Things are melting and morphing, I see mild tracers and CEVs. I'm laughing at shit that isn't funny at all.

3:00pm-Vaporize a bowl in my vape pipe just when I just hit my peak. I see emerging patterns everywhere. My thinking becomes more muddy and I can't think as clearly as I did. My eyes become super dilated unlike before.

3:15pm-Tripping hard, very distinct OEVs but no audio hallucinations. Music sounds amazing and I get lost in some of my thoughts. They occasionally get dark but I can easily pull myself out of it. I have jaw clenching now, very similar feel to LSD.

4:00pm-Still tripping hard. Music still sounds amazing this would be good for a rave. I stare at stuff constantly and I keep zoning in and out of reality. Everything I stare at morphs into some type a plant then disappears and reappears as if it goes in and out of reality.

4:30pm-Tripping balls but not hard, most of my anxiety is gone I just feel straight like I'm tripping balls, no other way to describe it. Zoning out and daydreaming is really nice on this drug. Taking a shower feels amazing.

4:47pm-Mild visuals and I eat something.

5:00pm-Feels like a comedown on LSD but I'm not coming down. Very
clear headed, mild visuals

5:05pm Weed has worn off completely. LSZ is still going strong. Mild visuals and a clear head persist.

5:30pm-Just feel high, visuals aren't as apparent as they used to be. I'm coming down for sure.

6:00pm-Light visuals still feel high but I'm clear headed. Coming down is not as fast as I thought it would be

6:10pm Body load similar to an LSD come down, not uncomfortable but you notice something is still not right. Very light visuals and I still have jaw clenching.

6:30pm-Almost baseline, visuals gone, still have some pressure on my head but nothing unmanageable.

7:00pm-Near baseline


8:00pm-Pupil dilation and jaw clenching.

9:30pm- Pupils slightly less dilated and I still have jaw clenching. My bet these effects will fade by 12pm

To be honest I could see how someone who hasn't done both these chemicals could be fooled into thinking LSZ was LSD and vice versa. The effects are almost the same except the long come up and lack of head space. My trip would've been a lot less intense at the peak if I didn't smoke weed. Visuals were comparable to a tab of LSD but there is a severe lacking in introspective head space. I thoroughly enjoyed this trip and think LSZ is drug worthy of trying. It felt very dreamy and euphoric and I didn't feel like I was doing anything dangerous to my body. The body load was the exact same as LSD. I can see how psychonauts can hate this drug due to a lack of head space but is a good psychedelic for a beginner or if you are looking to just chill without going too deep. I say if you want to try, go for it. This would be a great drug to take at a public place or at a concert. I think 2 tabs would bring a better psychedelic experience for an alone trip. A very interesting chemical and I hope to do more.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 102075
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Dec 15, 2013Views: 7,005
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LSZ (609), Cannabis (1) : General (1), First Times (2), Music Discussion (22), Alone (16)

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