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Letting Go
by Nostalgia
Citation:   Nostalgia. "Letting Go: An Experience with 25B-NBOMe (exp102167)". Nov 9, 2016.

0.5 hits buccal 25B-NBOMe (blotter / tab)


This was my 1st experience with the substance 25b-Nbome, my 4th experience with the Nbome series. It had been at least 6 months before my last experience so no tolerance would have affected my trip. Also this is my first trip report (that I have actually submitted) so bear with me.

The set and setting was a typically hot day where I live. I dosed at around 11am placing half the 1200ug blotter under my top lip. I would expect to be getting approximately 600ug of the chemical which would last around 6-8 hours. It was the one day in the week I had free. After placing the blotter under my top lip I continued to walk to where I planned to chill for a while.

I had brought a backpack with supplies including; A marker and pieces of paper for drawing or writing, a bottle of water to keep me hydrated for the duration of the walk/chill at the top of the hill, sunscreen, a jumper [sweater] in case of some freak reaction that would make my body feel extremely cold, deodorant, my phone and headphones with my favorite ambient trance playlist ready.

11:30am: Once I arrived at the top of the hill at the lookout I immediately seeked some shade under a tree, put my stuff down and waited. The first physical effects I notice is the usual numbing of my gum that comes with Nbomes. I also noticed my mind slipping into that psychedelic state of mind where I knew reality was about to desolate. I also endured an hour of nausea which subsided when the slight visuals started to set in.

11:50am: I lie down on my jumper and look up at the tree Iím under. Whenever Iím tripping nature always seems to present itself more predominant then manmade structures. The rays of sunlight squeezing through the branches were twinkling a bluish light. I sat up and poured some water on my arms and when the wind hit my arms it was the most refreshing feeling!

12:30pm: I decided to listen to some music and prepared for my mind to be blown into a journey of closed eye visual lead by the songs I listened to and gosh I was right. The first song I played instantly put me into a landscape which I recall being a foggy open sea with a row of old pirate ships which I lead towards a mountain. At the top of the mountain was a symbol which I had no understanding of its presence. But I was content with it. After listening to music I decided to draw. I tried drawing the landscape of the ships but it just ended in me drawing random lines and watching the lines extend by themselves.

2:00pm: I packed up my supplies and headed back into town and to the main street, along the way I started to notice patterns forming in the road if I stopped and stared at it. I passed an oval along the way which was the only grass that was green at the time. Looking out across it I began to see faces and mazes forming, the grass was literally cutting these mazes and faces into it. They all seemed Egyptian like.

3:00pm: As I got into the main street not much happened, except laying down in a public square under another tree and staring up at the branches and the leaves reaching out to me as if they were trying to grab me. All things natural were so beautiful. As for the physical aspect of this part of the trip, I kept getting waves of warmth moving from my neck to my crotch and finishing at my feet. It was extremely pleasant. Everything I thought about lead to thought loops but not as strong or forced as I have experienced before. I was able to think matters through and realize things clearly.

5:00pm: After a long time of wondering around the streets I was at baseline, the visuals had fully subsided except for that psychedelic head space I always get which makes my perceivable world more interesting and prevalent. I think next time I will take the full tab and explore deeper into the depths of my mind. In retrospect it was a very positive trip and I like the fact that all my trips have been focused on the beauty of nature and all things natural. No after effects lingered besides a little insomnia which passed at around 12:00am when I finally fell asleep. I am writing this the night after my trip and I am feeling fine and mentally cleansed.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 102167
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 9, 2016Views: 1,473
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25B-NBOMe (564) : First Times (2), Nature / Outdoors (23), General (1), Alone (16)

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