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Dancing with Infinity
by HempKnight
Citation:   HempKnight. "Dancing with Infinity: An Experience with DMT (exp102173)". Dec 16, 2020.

  repeated smoked DMT
    smoked Cannabis
    smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes


I am 25 years old and have used just about every drug there is. I smoke Marijuana everyday ( although I'm going to quit soon because I'm starting school on the 6th and want to do the first month sober =). And I have had experiences with Mushrooms, LSD, Meth, Coke, PCP, K. Which was actually in the form of ELEPHANT Tranquilizer in Bangkok Thailand =). I've used Spice (not a very safe or reliable high if you ask me) I Have snorted Bath salts. Smoked Heroin (only a couple of times. That stuff is the devil) and I have done a couple other random drugs like Kratom and Wipits.

My main drug of choice is marijuana which I smoke to help me relax and deal with some mild pain I have from a injury. And since I'm a married man now that is about all I do anymore. But with my wife out of town on a vacation with her friends I thought It might be a good Idea to try some DMT for the first time. I mean why not right! My friend D. had went all mad scientist on me and ordered some mimosa hostilis and did a extraction on it. He showed it to me a while ago but I was afraid to use it around my wife as she does not use drugs AT ALL and would not enjoy watching me trip. So having this opportunity I rolled some J's and went to my friend's house to have the time of my life. When I got there it was just me him and another friend K. As soon as I got there I sat down and had a smoke and a drink. My friend D had told me he had already smoked it a couple of times and said that it was powerful and intense. And that he had a super powerful trip just that morning before he went to work. He had smoke about 20 mgs (note we do not have a Mg scale and this is just a educated guess. I know that you can not accurately say how much he took. But he had went online and found some forum where they showed what different piles of DMT crystals look like and how much they weigh). Well he said that when he smoked that little bit he felt all super nervous and paranoid. And he told me if I wanted to try it that was fine. But he did not feel ' Ready' to do it again. He kept on saying that he felt this drug was not to be fooled with. And that it is not just something you do on a whim. But being the space cadet that I am I felt a bit more light hearted about it. I told him that I wanted to try it. Here is my acount as best I can recount it. This just happened less that 24 hours ago so the memory is still very fresh.

Time 2:00am
1st Dose. About 10 mg smoked in a bowl of weed

I told my buddy to give me the tinyest amount he could. He did and said that I would probably need more to feel anything. I told him I just wanted to see how it made me feel. If I liked it I would try a bigger dose. So he loaded the bong ( without water in it) and I took it all in about 2 big fat rips. I could taste it. It tasted chemically. But honestly not too bad. I held the last hit in as long as I could. The effects manifested almost instantly like they were supposed to. But I was supprised how mild they were. I knew I took a small dose. But I expected more. After this first hit. I felt more at ease about the drug. And then as D talked about the drug and the research he had done he told me that psilocybin is just a orally active form of DMT. And I have done Lots of mushrooms before. So that made me feel like I was reday to bump this up a notch.

Time. 2:20am
2nd Dose. About 25 mg smoked in a bowl of weed

When I took the second dose. That when stuff got interesting. As soon as I hit it and closed my eyes. I was instantly immersed in vivid patterns and shapes. I took another hit as quick as I could and began to trip. It was like a mild 2-3 gram mushroom trip with a instant come up. K asked how I felt and I told him that I felt great! I asked D to take a snap. At first he said no. But I persisted and he finished the bowl he had just loaded me. I was feeling great. Talking and telling D about a bad Mushroom trip I once had where I thought I was a Christmas tree =). AS I talked D just got up and left the room. I asked what was wrong but he didnt say anything. I walked outside and he said that my story had put him on edge a little bit and that the DMT had made him feel hot and it freaked him out. Lol I kinda made fun of him a little. But he just reacted different than I did. After the effects wore off from the second dose I begged my friend for another BIGGER dose. At first he said no but the finaly agreed as long as this was the last one tonight. ( LoL it wasnt =) ).

Time. 2:30 am
3rd Dose About 30 mg smoked with a bowl of weed.

He let me sit on his bed for this one. They turned the lights down and started playing some reggae music. I sat down and was very zen at that moment. When I hit the bong and as soon as I did I could feel the music flowing through me and I felt like the universe wanted me to dance with it. My friend D said that he was going to go talk to K. I said 'Ya Sure Great' and just kept on dancing. Sitting indian style on the bed now hitting the bong bowl piece like a pipe I soared into the music and it showed me the secret to time and space it self. Lol I'm not even the type of person who dances. But last night I moved and swayed to the music as if to please it. And in return it rewarded me with a feeling of perfect calmness and bliss that I did not think was possible. It was 10 times better than heroin.

As I was dancing I went to hit the bowl again and realized it was empty. I was like 'awww man'. I felt like I NEEDED more and that I had to go find D to load me another bowl. When I stopped dancing and tryed to walk. I was amazed at how distorted everything was. The dancing had kept my eyes from seeing the universe that had formed around me. This once familiar place had become a twisted psychedelic version of its former self. I managed to fine my cigarettes (which I badly needed at this point) and went to go find D. When he saw me the first thing he asked was 'Are you OK?'. To which I replyed *&^% Ya I'm GREAT!! I want more stuff. Give it to me NOW!! He said later I looked insane and that he was afraid to tell me no. I walked outside. (Which was realy cold) smoked my cigarette and danced with the night. I forgot my friends were still there and that they were watching me. As far as I was concerned I was being watch by everyone and everything in the Universe it saw me and it approved of me. The spot light was on me!! And only me.
Time 2:40 am

Final dose. About 50 mg in a bowl of weed

My Friend D walked up to me from behind and startled me. He handed me a pipe with a twist off bowl and said. 'this is my best stuff. And there lot in there' I smiled and started hitting it immediately. He had brought the music outside and I began to dance again. Every move I would make would bring me closer to understanding what the Dance was. I moved and I swayed. I hit the pipe until it would not hit anymore. I again felt a wave of disappointment that my pipe was empty. I slumped. Like I had been physically wounded. I twisted of the bowl cover and surprise. There was a big fat wet pile of the stuff at the bottom. I pushed it in with my thumb and took a super hit. I held it in and well that when things got strange.

I instantly felt like I should not have taken that last hit its effects were overwhelming!! The world became a puzzle and every dance step I would take would make another piece fit. But I was too tired and worn out to dance anymore. And the drug seemed to understand. It wasnt mad at me. It just simply said. ' alright. You have had enough. Maybe next time I'll take you farther'. When I stopped dancing the true nature of thgings around me became clear. Time and space were so badly distorted. That I could barely walk inside. I laid on my friend D's couch while he talked to me. He was a really good babysitter and made this part of my trip much more tolerable. He seemed fine. In fact he had a slight almost angelic glow. But the world around us was a jumbled up mess. I recognized nothing. Strange shaped would form out of the walls and twist into other shapes. Colors were blinking in and out. Going from red to blue to orange and back to red. I looked at my watch which my wife had given me for my birthday. Besides my friend it was the only thing I could trust as 'Real'.

I remembered taking my last hit at about 2:40 am it was now 2:49 am. I told myself to find my center. And that I would be back to baseline soon. After about another 25 mins I would say that I was basically back to normal. In fact it was so normal that that almost seemed trippy to me after just having seen the world in such a strange way. The way the drugs effects seemed to fade away was amazing. At first time seemed so slow and dilated that 1 min seemed to last 15. I swear this 1 hour in which this whole story took place seemed to me to be more like 7 or 8. After about another 30 mins. I was finally lucid and tired enough to fall asleep (which I did) waking up about 6 hours later. Still feeling strange. But otherwise fine. I felt ok enough after a cig and a bowl of weed to drive myself home.

I had a mild head ache and felt slightly shroomtarded all day today. But it seems like every hour that goes by I feel more normal. Right now as I'm typing this report I feel about 99. 999% back to normal. My conclusion it that this drug is just as awesome and intense as reports say it is. It affects everyone differently. While I was really messed up I dont think I took enough to go 'All the way' I think the way we smoked it was inefficient and I think if I had smoked say 50 - 60 mgs on the first hit it probably would have fully immersed me. I enjoyed the hell out of this trip. And could tell that my buddy was a little jealous that I tripped so hard and had such a good time with it. I'm not trying to make light of how powerful and eye opening this drug really is. And would not encourage its misuse. I just approach it more light hearted view like riding a roller coaster. It might be scary. And I might want off before the ride is over. But as long as I wear toy seat belt and lisson to the instructions given by the ride operator I should be fine. Advice I would follow: 1. Never trip alone. Especially on this drug. Always have a good friend who I trust. (and who could physically restrain me if necessary) 2. Always do less the first time. You cant undo drugs once you do them. The first dose was more to release my anxiety about the drug than to get me high 3rd. Its all about the settings.

It was a great experience that I probably will repeat someday when I have the time and the mood is right.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 102173
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25 
Published: Dec 16, 2020Views: 512
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DMT (18) : First Times (2), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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