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The Surgeons The Woman The Tear-Drop City
by Z
Citation:   Z. "The Surgeons The Woman The Tear-Drop City: An Experience with DMT (exp102177)". Nov 18, 2020.

  vaporized DMT


I was aware that the experiences were easily lost and hard to remember, but I was strangely blessed with an extremely vivid memory of the event. I also wrote it down as quickly as I could. Since childhood, I trained myself to write down my dreams, because they fascinated me and I believed that the techniques I used to remember those dreams would help me in this endeavor. Though sense of time was distorted I tried my best to piece together the events in the sequence I best remember.
Though sense of time was distorted I tried my best to piece together the events in the sequence I best remember.
This was the first time, and it was one hell of a welcome.

I had taken all I could possibly take, remembering to hold in each toke for as long as I could. The room sharpened and the colors became more intense. A vibrating tone resonated throughout all that I was until it became unbearable.

I fell back onto my bed and was immediately thrust into another room of infinite proportions. It was circular and vaulted, brightly colored and innately holy in nature. I felt as though I was floating above sacred ground. In this impossible room, a being of equally impossible size and stature was walking from one side of it to the another. He looked busy and didn't seem to notice me. I was aware that I was extremely tiny compared to this being. Our moon compared to Jupiter or something equally ridiculous.

He was muscular and his skin was a pale shade of green. He wore a Mayan headdress with eagles and jaguars decorated upon it. As he walked past me, he gave me a quick glance. He seemed amused when he saw me and asked me if I was lost. (He asked me through his mind or something, this conversation was not in English).

'Yeah, I don't know where to go from here,' I replied meekly, In utter awe of this being.

'Do you need help?'

'That would be great, thanks.'

'Alright, now remember,' he began, I could feel his amusement as he extended his arm toward me. 'Don't panic.'

Now this part was insane. He stretched his arms toward me and his hand seemed to go on for an eternity until his index finger touched the center of my forehead, triggering the most profound and humbling experience of my life. My mind exploded into a chrysanthemum of indescribable colors and geometries. Everything felt familiar and warm and at the same time impossible. There was no sense of space, but I had a feeling that this place was huge, yet enclosed. This went on for a while, and I was just taking it all in. I was about ready to come down. This was already an amazing welcome and I thought this was the end...but I was so wrong. I was so fucking wrong.

I dropped below the chrysanthemum, or more literally, I fell into its center, (there was no sense of space or direction). A factory made of metal and lights. These are the only words I can find to describe the place I dropped into. There were no windows, but there were endless tiers of catwalks and conveyor belts below and above me. I was so amazed by how lucid I was during this and everything felt real. The metal I touched was very cold and the sounds of the factory was booming, metallic, and resonant. I stomped my foot onto the the cold floor to convince myself of this reality and heard it echo throughout.

Small beings made of red jewels and mercurial silver moved busily around the factory, moving things, making things, shaping things, crafting things, breaking things. It wasn't the welcome I expected from the elves that McKenna described. I began to wonder if I was invisible to these beings, a ghost observing the lives of other sentient forms.

Then the impossible happened. One stopped working and looked right at me. Its red jewel glowed happily as it sauntered toward me, humming excitedly.

This being, I named him Alistair in my notes after my trip apparently, was extremely friendly and happy to show me around the factory. It felt as though he was showing me off, and the others stopped to watch me. Then Alistair brought me to a viewing area where I saw more advanced versions of the red-jeweled elves doing more complex activities. Their jewels were multi-colored and luminescent and much larger than their cousins. They changed shape and size and seemed to just surge with power and holy energy.

And they were singing.

These fuckers were singing things into existence. The things they were making were impossible machines, complex mechanisms of monstrous size and scale, awesome in complexity and obvious in application. I thought I understood how these things worked and what they were used for, but now I can't remember for the life of me what they were. Out of all the things I should have written down immediately, I missed THE SACRED MACHINES!!!

It was probably because I was arrested abruptly. I apparently was not supposed to be there and I could feel a dreadful aura behind me. I turned and saw three dark shapes behind me. One had shattered Alistair's jewel and I saw what I thought was energy leave my little elf buddy and become absorbed into one of the shadowy ink entities. Maybe information?

Without warning, the one closest to me sprang at me and I was enveloped in a thick haze. When the haze fell away, I saw what I could only describe as the dark chrysanthemum. It was made of fell colors. Sinister patterns and shades moved impossibly fast and every angle was sharp and ever-shifting. I did not drop into its center like I did the first layer, I was violently thrown into it.

The space I found myself in was the opposite of the first room I was in. The giant green god entity of the first vaulted room was nowhere to be seen. Instead I was trapped in a dark and space-less space. Two-dimensional yet rigid and sharp. The three shadowy beings had turned into multicolored monsters made of shrill vibrations. Then I felt them cut into me. They separated me into pieces and examined every part of me. I was cold, naked, and confused. The operation didn't hurt, but I did feel violated and yet strangely aroused. They used no tools or instruments, rather they screeched and shifted shape as they cut into me.

I don't know why I said it or how, but I muttered the words,
'Bring me to the female,'

The surgeons stopped working and did this dimension's equivalent to tilting their heads. They seemed to relent before they gave way. Their forms disappeared and the space-less room vanished with the black haze revealing the most beautiful landscape I had ever seen in my life. The colors of this place was similar to a sunset-kissed sky wrapped in an endless orgasm of love and pleasure. Clouds of immense size moved swiftly over head and before me was a city built into the walls of a massive canyon. Titanic rocks were jutting out of these walls and the rows buildings hanging underneath these rocks were transparent and tear shaped. I was on a floating platform being brought swiftly to a specific tear-drop where I saw a tall and pale green woman wearing a blood-red dress of ever shifting textures. Her hair was straight and silky, a shade of dark blue and black.

I was brought before her. She was taller than I and so alien, but I thought recognized her, like I had known this being my entire life. She embraced me and I felt such a sexual attraction to her, yet also such immense respect. She told the other female beings and attendants to leave the room and she sat on a long chair in the center of the tear drop. She beckoned me nearer and as I walked toward her, I looked below past the transparent floor and saw rapid streams of energy and traffic moving impossibly fast, intermingling and combining, fusing and separating. I had so much to ask, but she told me that it was not the time and that I had already stayed for far too long. She wasn't angry, but there was some urgency in her message.

The next thing I know, my head was on her lap. I remembered that her scent was overwhelmingly beautiful and intoxicating. She took out a vial of red liquid and slowly poured the contents into my mouth. As I drank it, I was beginning to remember that I had a body somewhere else. I remembered that I had a life before this one and that I was supposed to return to it.

When I looked up at the woman, she was already fading away, growing smaller as we grew farther apart. I was falling down gently through space and time until I was sure I was back inside my own body. When I opened my eyes, I was back. I looked at the clock beside my bed and saw that it had been only 15 minutes.


Something clicked after all this. My mind was at such peace and everything seemed right with the world. Things that should have brought me stress were easily brushed off and I found joy in even the smallest things. It may be that my own frequencies and vibrations had been now properly tuned, as though I was a guitar that had been out of key for so long. The surgeons may have just been trying to prepare me for my part in the symphony.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 102177
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 24 
Published: Nov 18, 2020Views: 747
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DMT (18) : Unknown Context (20), Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), Entities / Beings (37), First Times (2)

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