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So This Is What Dying Is
Citation:   ShadowChild. "So This Is What Dying Is: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe (exp102182)". Dec 19, 2017.

2 hits sublingual 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
    insufflated Cocaine (powder / crystals)
This is my first trip report as I've never felt the need to write one before but now I feel I must share my experience.
I have had experience with psychedelics such as LSD (3 times), 25I (2 times), 25C (once) and Shrooms (once). However I don't think that any amount of experience could of made this any different.

Set: I woke up knowing I was taking the 25I on the day and felt good about taking it. I had previously gone through bad family issues but felt comfortable with the situation, it was the first time in months I had felt truly happy. So taking the dose seemed like a good idea.

Setting: I think this is were I made my mistake, I decided to dose whilst having an average day around town with my friends.

20:00 - I picked up the 25I off a trusted dealer who was a good friend before he started. As soon as I had it in my hands I wanted to take it but I decided that it would be better if I dosed a bit later on.

20:30 - I met up with my friends, lets call them A and J, at a car park near a local church and decided that it would be a good place to start my experience. I put the two tabs under my tongue and held my spit to get the best effect, the taste was unbearable so I had to swallow a few times.

20:45 - My body gets that feeling when it knows drugs are in my system but nothing much starts yet but colours already seem slightly brighter.

21:00 - Suddenly I found colours getting quickly intenser and things started to wave slightly. So we decided to walk around the churchyard for a bit whilst I was coming up. A & J haven't started coming up yet and are complaining about wanting to start feeling it, I feel bad on them because I'm already having a wild time.

22:00 - So an hour later we decided to sit down and have a drink before we made our way into town, things were already getting a bit too intense for me so I get A & J to calm me down a bit but I could barely speak so they didn't quite realise what I was saying. They also say they are starting to feel the effects now.

22:30 - We decide to head into town after A & J start to come up fully and I was feeling great again, things were finally starting to look up for me.

22:45 - We make our way into a bar and start playing pool, this was the most amazing game of pool I've ever witnessed, the colours of the balls and the table were so bright and warpy that I couldn't stop laughing, I had that average 'Acid Smile' on my face for so long. The balls would split everytime I hit one and change into two balls of different colours, this was where things started to get a bit rocky again.

23:00 - So we leave the bar and walk around a bit more, everything is so weird, as I walk through the streets I feel uncomfortable and could hear sirens, this is where things get really scary.

I apologize for this bit as I lost track of time...

Right, so the sirens really start sending me west and I couldn't speak to let A & J know I was having a bad time and could feel the trip getting worse. Suddenly I felt a massive striking pain shoot across my body and everything went black.
Suddenly I felt a massive striking pain shoot across my body and everything went black.
I could hear people speaking but I couldn't tell who they were, but the things they were saying terrified me... I could hear them saying 'Do it, end him, drop that brick on his face and lets leave.' This really fuckin' creeped me out. Then BAM! I felt it, a massive pain shot up across my face and I could feel blood dripping from my nose, 'Am I dead?' I kept asking myself, I wanted to say no but I really wasn't sure. Then I could hear my friends talking to what sounded like a doctor describing what I had taken and what I had done, I was so scared but couldn't do anything about it.

Now I don't know exactly how long after this but it couldn't of been long A & J found our friend G. They knew now that I was tripping hard but didn't know that I was lost in my own mind so G offered out some Cocaine, which I snorted a whole gram of before we all decided to walk home. The walk home was horrible I felt like I was one big road and that I was stuck at the beginning of it, everytime I got to the end I would end up back at the beginning again, this was too much for me to handle.

I heard A & J say they was splitting off to go home as they lived a couple of roads away from me. Bam, back to reality, I was out of the looping and said goodbye to A & J and said thanks to them for keeping me safe in my bad trip. This was probably the best thing I could've done because I probably wouldn't had made it home if they didn't know I was going bad. I walked a few steps down the road and I heard A's voice so I turned around and to my surprise he was actually there, he apologised for not realising in which way my trip had gone and told me he couldn't leave me until I got home. Then he gave me a massive hug and everything became happy as I realised what a good friend I had. So we walked home chatting about our trips and before we knew it I was at my house.

Now this is were I truly cannot explain the happenings of this event, A had gone and I was alone in my back garden. I tried to open the door and saw that it was locked so I tried to find my key, which I had had only 5 mins before, but I couldn't find it. 'Oh shit, I've lost it' I thought to myself. I started pulling on the handle as hard as I could but the door was locked so it didn't budge, I must've been stood there for at least 30 mins screaming at my door to let me in, but it felt like days had passed. Then I tried again and somehow the door opened, I slammed the door shut and locked it with my mum's key. I still wasn't sure if I was alive though. I went to my room to check the time...

01:30 - Wow, I knew the time and that scared me as I kept checking what I thought was every couple of hours but turned out to be less than a minute each time, this was were I started freaking out again, I thought that it was going to be forever and I had lost concept of time. So there I was in my bed in a ball sweating heavily and crying intensely, I managed to do this for an hour before my head decided that I could no longer be alone and I needed to be with someone I trust.

02:30 - I slowly wander into my mum's room and tell her I'm having a bad trip and was expecting for her to freak out too, but she didn't, she looked up at me and told me to wait outside her room for her to get changed. I was stood waiting for what felt like hours but really it had only been 5 mins. She left the bedroom and led me downstairs and told me that everything was going to be okay and that things would pass
She left the bedroom and led me downstairs and told me that everything was going to be okay and that things would pass
, that really assured me as I know I can trust my mum and that she just wanted the best for me. So we sit and talk for an hour and I know I'm alive and that I'm trippin' really hard but with my mum about it took my mind out of it and let me enjoy some beautiful visuals.

03:30 - My mum decides to go to bed as she can see I am happy and calm now, I was expecting things to get worse again but the visuals kept my mind from trailing. I put on some TV and ride out my trip. During this time I have the most amazing visuals I have ever seen but I shall spare details as all are quite lengthy, but the most amazing thing was that I could see veins in my hands that connected with veins coming from the sofa and the floor, this made me feel fantastic.

04:00 - My head feels clearer now and I feel intense rushes of euphoria come over me, I felt Godly to say the least.

05:00 - Everything is much less intense now and the visuals have faded a lot, I try to get my head down to sleep but I couldn't.

06:00 - I feel horrible now and like I am on the worst comedown I have ever experienced.

07:00 - I finally get to sleep and wake up feeling fine but very confused.

So there it is, my trip story, now I would see this as a bad trip by definition but I really REALLY enjoyed it after all, I was terrified but by the end of it my mind had definitely been opened. I said after that I would never touch psychedelics again... I was wrong.

If it wasn't for A & J I could be dead now as I was walking in the road most of the night and they had to keep pulling me back to the pavement. It definitely made me appreciate being alive and has changed my life for the better.

I wouldn't recommend this drug to anyone as it is too unpredictable.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 102182
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16
Published: Dec 19, 2017Views: 5,190
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25I-NBOMe (542) : Public Space (Museum, Park, etc) (53), Families (41), Bad Trips (6)

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