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Incredible and Quite Manageable
25C-NBOMe & PB-22
by Ella
Citation:   Ella. "Incredible and Quite Manageable: An Experience with 25C-NBOMe & PB-22 (exp102188)". May 22, 2016.

T+ 0:00
1200 ug buccal 25C-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:45 6 hits smoked Cannabinoid Receptor Agonists  
  T+ 12:00   smoked Cannabinoid Receptor Agonists  
  T+ 12:00 2   Pharmaceuticals  
Incredible 25c Nbome Experience 1200 Ug

For a while I have been enjoying the beautiful, fascinating psychedelic that is 25c nbome. Prior to this experience I had obtained 10 tabs of 25c nbome, dosed highly at 1200 micrograms each.

After 2 low-dose experiences that provided me with beautiful visuals and and a bit of a head trip, I decided I was ready to up my dose. 1200 ug is considered a very high dose, but I know that I generally cope very well with intense psychedelic experiences, and I had sedatives on hand should I get to a bit place. I had the house to myself for the day, and begin preparing supplies for my trip. In a backpack I put my ipod, some water, a journal, some pencils, and some of my synthetic cannabis. I had decided I would spend the trip both at home and in the nearby forest, as I always want to get back to nature while tripping.

10:17 am

I place one tab between my upper gum and top lip. This chemical is not active orally so I leave the tab there and try not to swallow. I notice the bitter taste of 25c nbome, but I dont really mind it too much. Certainly not unbearable.


I'm feeling a slight body high. My legs are a bit shakey and I sit on the couch in the sun room and find myself becoming fascinated with little details. I feel my body head up and a smile covers my face as I get that wonderful feeling that this is going to be a good trip


It's kicking in now. In my peripheral vision I see things shrinking and getting bigger. The ceiling is beginning to look like it's covered in a faint pink geometric pattern and the walls are breathing. I feel a slight uneasiness in my stomach that I recognise from my last trip. I have vomited before on 25c, which I blame on my ridiculously weak stomach. Even though the vomiting isn't something that bothers me, I decide to smoke a bit of synthetic cannabis, which is wonderful at curing nausea. I take some PB-22, and because I had a large tolerance, it took me a good six hits to really feel good again. As soon as the syn can kicks in the visuals seem to increase. Everything feels dreamy and unreal, and my head feels beautifully light on my shoulders. I feel my body warming up and my muscles seem to be expanding and contracting like the wall I look at.


By this point the visuals are incredibly intense. I lie on the couch and see everything warp and move around me, nothing is standing still. I put on some music and the words on my ipod squirm around. Eventually I select my trippy playlist and put on the Beatles. As I close my eyes and listen I'm taken on a journey. 'Across the universe' sounds like it comes in waves on energy. I feel them pulsing through my body like electricity and I feel a beautiful sense of connection to my body. I've suffered a lot of mental health issues over the past few years that left me in a bad place with my body, but as I lie here I reflect on the good feelings I've been experiencing lately, I suddenly feel this sense of incredible appreciation of my body. I become aware of every limb and every heartbeat and tingling waves of pleasant sensations rush through my body.

12:00 pm

I can feel the effects getting stronger now as I continue lying on the couch. I get the sense that the peak is coming, so I put on 'within you without you' by the Beatles close my eyes again. The closed eye visuals are breathtaking. I see paisley patterns and geometric shapes in neon colours that move like the visualizer on windows media player. Tracers are insane, and one insect flies across my room, and it looks like theres hundreds of him just because of the trails he leaves. I find a lot of entertainment in waving my hand back forth. The music seems to get louder and quieter even more intensely, the sound is so distorted in the most incredible way. Its like I'm hearing it for the first time and it takes my breath away. The body high changes a bit in a way thats hard to explain. I feel a rushing sensation in my head and it feels like I am being lifted off the ground. It felt like being in a different world, hitting that peak. Like my body was something I'd never known before, like this music was brand new and the world wasn't what I new. I continued lying on that couch and let the feelings take over me until I felt my body relax slightly, and came to the decision that the peak of the trip was subsiding.


Visuals and distortions are still going strong. I go to the kitchen and make myself a sandwich, appreciating the appetite I have on this drug that usually makes me nauseas. A glass of coke tastes like fireworks in my mouth and it's almost overwhelming. I cover the taste with my sandwich, which tastes so fascinating. I'm not hungry like I would be on a good weed buzz, but food is certainly interesting to experience. I sit back on the couch and decide that I should count the hours I've been tripping and work out when the visuals should start to subside. Counting the hours became incredibly hard. I would sit there saying '10:17, 11:17,
12:17... And then I'd lose the train of thought and end up zoning out, two minutes later finding myself staring at the wall mumbling 'wait what was I doing?'

This went on for a while, I could not for the life of me maintain a straight thought pattern. My thoughts wanted to take me on a journey, where they would change the subject every few seconds. I decided to give into the drug and let it take me wherever it may. I thought about what seemed like everything. From the beauty of nature to the joys of sex, why some animals are big and some arent, and the science behind how a tiny tab of paper with a few hundred micrograms of chemical in it could make me feel this way. It was quite enlightening actually to just sit and think.


I decide that now the trip is beginning to get less intense I can go for a walk. I was afraid to go out in public near the peak because although I probably look normal, the anxiety of getting caught was not pleasant. I take my dog and my backpack and walk down to the local forest and park. We get to the playing fields and I find a ragged piece of material. I grin and decide it will be my memory of this wonderful trip, tie it to my shirt and continue to walk. The trees are so god damn beautiful. I've never seen nature like this. The greens are luminous and intense and the sun feels so wonderfully warm on my skin. Cloud floating past fascinate me and I end up lying on the grass staring at them, lost in my thoughts again, which were still quite trippy. The walk felt wonderful and I remember standing on top on the hill and looking at my town and the cars that drove past. I felt a sense of connection to this town. The place I had grown up in and loved my whole life. I looked around the forest I walk in so regularly, and think of what these trees have seen. I think to myself how these trees that line the pathway have seen me at my worst, my best, in love, broken hearted, high, sober, drunk to all hell and lonely. It's quite a lovely feeling and I just want to call out to the forest and thank it for giving me a peaceful place to be when I needed it. I sit down in a patch of grass and laugh. I laugh and laugh at nothing and everything all at once, I don't even know why I'm laughing really, I just feel so blissful and it's incredible. I thank the 25c nbome for the experience I'm having and walk home.


By this point the visuals are subsiding a bit. I return to the couch to see my cat sitting where I was. It's like she's been waiting for me, I swear she knows when I'm on something. The slight visuals that remain cause her to appear to shrink and wither away before my eyes, which shocks me. I get very sad as I realise that with her health issues, one day she will wither away into nothing. I pat her and hold her and tell myself I will not let sadness into my trip. I found it actually very easy to steer myself away from a bad experience during this trip. I tell myself about the energy she has, and how she will always be with me in spirit, and spirit is more important than physical existence. I get lost again in my thoughts of what is real and how everything is probably just an illusion. I put the music back on, a bit of Shpongle now, and smoke a bit more weed to try and bring the visuals back a bit. It works and I notice the breathing walls return and the geometric patterns cover the ceiling, just not as intensely as before.


Things are really mellowing out now and I'm left with a pleasant feeling in my body and a slight intensification of colour and very slight tracers. I put Lord of the Rings, Return of the King, on and enjoy the movie. I get really into it, despite the fact I have probably seen it 100 times. I reflect on just how long the trip seems to have been going on for. I sit there and finally count how many hours I've been tripping and cant quite believe it. The walk itself seemed like a huge journey, like I'd been gone so long, when really it was only a little over an hour.


After relaxing for a while longer watching the movie and saying goodbye to the bulk of the effects, people return home. I feel almost sober by this point, or at least sober enough to not give away I've been on anything. I don't feel much of an urge to talk so I just say hello and go out to lie in the sun with my music. I soak up the feeling on the warm sun and enjoy the body high. I'm still slightly in my own world, not completely with it, but sober enough to maintain normal thoughts and conversations. This goes on for the next few hours. The body high is still slightly there, I'm a bit tingly and warm, and feel the urge to move around and do things, but not so much to the point where I cannot stand relaxing. The only issue this causes is a bit of teeth grinding and twitching, but this is easily bearable.


By now it's almost been 12 hours since I took the tab. Effects are barely noticeable but still there. I smoke a bit of weed and experience a really nice high, different to my others, which I attribute to the 25c. I reflect on my trip thoroughly, noting what a pleasant experience I've had. I take two sedatives because sleep isn't yet ready to take me, and fall into a wonderful, wonderful sleep with very vivid dreams.

The next morning I feel no hangover of any kind. I'm completely refreshed and still feel the glow of the trip in my veins, which is lovely. I go around that day with a smile on my face because I've had such a great trip and feel so revitalised.
I go around that day with a smile on my face because I've had such a great trip and feel so revitalised.
This substance is definitely a good one.

I find 25c nbome to be very forgiving compared to similar psychedelics like mescaline and LSD, whilst still providing an intense trip at a high dose. A high dose of 25c is actually quite manageable, and I didn't find myself having any anxiety or negative experiences in any form. The visuals themselves aren't too long lived in comparison, but I find they can get a lot more intense, which I believe is due to the fact I can take a high enough dose to provide strong visuals but doesn't come with unbearable body effects or a too intense mindfuck. I think if I were to take a similar dose visually of LSD the mental effects could get unpleasant. The mindfuck is certainly still there, but I didn't find myself being sucked into negative thoughts.

Despite reports that this chemical isn't 'spiritual', I found it to be very much so. In lower doses, I don't find 25c to be too enlightening or spiritual, but on 1200 ug's I found it to be quite profound. It certainly taught me some lessons that I hold onto and appreciate a while since the trip.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 102188
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 17
Published: May 22, 2016Views: 4,214
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