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Full Blown Addicted
Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids
by yelswOwsley
Citation:   yelswOwsley. "Full Blown Addicted: An Experience with Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids (exp102216)". May 9, 2016.

  repeated smoked Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids  
    oral Diphenhydramine (daily)



I'm a 22 year old male, born & raised in Maryland, and have had experiences with just about everything from marijuana to methamphetamine to 2C-I. I've never been 'addicted' to anything per se... Until about three years ago. I had just moved into a new town and surprisingly had already made a handful of friends. Of course they were all just stoners at the time until I had gotten them turned on to LSD, mushrooms, MDMA, RSC's, etc.

Well, time had gone on and after about a year everyone had gone there separate ways whether it be college, work or something else. Point is pretty much all of my friends had moved for one reason or another, I tend to get pretty depressed without social interaction and used to self medicate with marijuana and psychedelics in my old home town, which was much more 'countryish', with a much more hippie/druggie type crowd. Anyways, my connect at the time happened to be my friend's cousin, but since I'd always gone through this friend to meet his cousin and he had just moved I didn't even have the cousin's name much less a phone number.

Well the next few weeks pretty much sucked; restless nights, depression and lots of isolation. Skip ahead a few weeks, one of my friends was visiting from my town and noticed they sold 'spice' while we were at a local gas station. He suggested we match on a $15 tube of a brand called [ ]. So we drove back to my house and smoked a few bowls in my backyard. It was awesome, it was a good bit cheaper than weed and got me much, much, much higher anyways. This was only my second experience with spice and my first positive experience. Didn't taste nearly as good and was a bit harsh on my throat but at the time that was a small price to pay for a new connect to artificial happiness.

I was working full time at the time making about $400 a week and was in community college part time. I'm an extremely introverted person and I'm not from the area in which I was attending school. So I hadn't exactly made any friends, but that was fine. I could smoke in the mornings, before school/work, and at night, I was going through about 3-4.5 grams a week and spending about $30-45 a week. Which at the time wasn't a problem at all, but like most drugs 4 grams a week turned to 8 grams a week turned to 10 grams a week which eventually turned to about 10 grams every 2-3 days.

About 2 months later the same friend visited and brought some good marijuana with him, seeing's how we rolled two 3g blunts it didn't last very long and since I'd been smoking so much spice at the time the blunts barely even got me high although my friend was stoned out of his brains. I started packing some bowls of spice about an hour later, offering hits to my friend which he declined. I had forgotten that they didn't sell spice in my old hometown and that we had only bought it last time because we were both dry. He hadn't smoked any since the last time he was with me and I was smoking about 10 grams every 3 days....this was my first hint of addiction.
I was smoking about 10 grams every 3 days....this was my first hint of addiction.
About another year down the road and I'm full blown addicted; I can't sleep at ALL without spice, I wake up every 2 hours when I do get to sleep and need to smoke more to get back to sleep, I get cold sweats in my sleep, my throat is fucked beyond belief, I have a terrible cough and after seeing how many were addicted and how much money they were making all of the stores selling this shit jacked up their prices every few months.

I also feel I'm addicted to diphenhydramine, I don't use it recreationally but I do take about 100-250 mg every single night to help me sleep which can't be good for my body in the least bit. To wrap this up I've lost about 30 pounds since I've started, it's always my first priority, I try to always make sure I have enough spice/money to smoke everyday, if I don't have any money I'll end up selling my things, if I've got nothing to sell I steal money even though is makes me feel lower than scum to do so. My state put a ban on anything that effects your cannabinoid receptors a few months ago to try to beat the chemical loophole....but EVERY place still sells it, they just hide it now, also the bags I smoke have gone from $35 to $40 to $45 and they just raised it to $50 today. I honestly feel like unless this stuff's banned/confiscated or unless I somehow miraculously lose my depression I'm always gonna be addicted to the shit.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 102216
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: May 9, 2016Views: 4,604
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Products - Spice-Like Smoking Blends (472) : Depression (15), Addiction & Habituation (10), Various (28)

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