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Heaven Is An Electronic Dance Party
DMT after Yoga
Citation:   HappyBuddha. "Heaven Is An Electronic Dance Party: An Experience with DMT after Yoga (exp102266)". Dec 2, 2017.

1 hit smoked DMT
After first hearing about the substance in 2011, I had long awaited my experience with DMT. I am 24 years old, female, and in good health, and do not use drugs. This was a relaxing afternoon off of work for me.

I had just finished a half hour yoga session with my brother, my sister, and my brother’s girlfriend. When the meditation was concluded, my brother casually asked if anyone would like to smoke DMT. There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to partake in this experience. I filled my water cup, went into his room, and waited on his bed, resting against the wall, while he packed a bowl. I wanted to smoke the DMT in my brother’s room because it felt right; it is a relaxing basement bedroom with vibes of privacy and safety.

I was going to be the only one smoking. I had not eaten anything that day but my brother said that I would be fine. When he finished packing the bowl, there were probably four or five crystals that I would smoke. He explained to me that my journey would start even before I was finished inhaling. He suggested I did a few breathing exercises and that I notify him when I was ready to begin.

After a few deep breaths with focus on expelling every bit of air from my lungs and then taking in new, I was ready. He held the bowl to my lips and after an intense exhale, I would begin to take in the substance, which smells of burnt plastic, and my trip would begin almost immediately (I would say roughly three seconds into my inhale). It was harsh on my lungs, as I am not a smoker, and I was nervous that I could not keep in enough smoke to thoroughly trip. I was wrong. This thought was quickly replaced by buzzing as everything turned to cartoon-like imagery right before my eyes.

In front of me was a yellow and white cartoon TV, but not a typical TV. Everything was buzzing and immediately I began to fight the journey. Having no prior experience with psychedelics, I was afraid to let it take me. My brother told me I repeated a few times, “this is too much, I don’t want to do this, this is too much.” Up to the right, there was a chalkboard with funny looking elementary style aliens that appeared to be drawn in ordinary sorts of chalk, following one another in their space vehicles. That would be the last time I would see the aliens, who I am certain were influenced by the verbal mention of aliens from my brother.
That would be the last time I would see the aliens, who I am certain were influenced by the verbal mention of aliens from my brother.
My journey would now revolve around the happy Buddha, whose head I wear around my neck. I felt where he rests upon my upper chest because the area became intensely warm. Everything was colored in rainbow and the guests in the room were coming in and out of the picture. I tugged at the necklace a few times because I felt that I needed to see his face.

My sister removed the necklace from my neck so that I could hold him and look at him. It would be just he and me for a while (time is greatly distorted where Earth-minutes could be journey-hours) now. I held his face in my hands; the way one would brace a face to demand attention or answers from a loved one. “Why do I love you?” I repeated to the Buddha, which I had asked him earlier in the day. And then it started: my journey would become an electronic dance party. Buddha’s head grew larger and larger, all along retaining his smile, as the music grew louder and louder. My arms would expand with his growing head, and he would begin to sing to the electronic music, “you are me! You are me! You are me,” over and over again. “I am you?! I am you!” I answered back. My hands were no longer there, nor was anything else that existed pre-journey. Buddha’s head was surrounded by flashing lights and loud music and our song, our mantra, filled my being.

Eventually the music stopped and I was aware of those around me. Still rainbow and buzzing and composed of galactic sounds, my sister would tell me that my friend Tiffany got me that necklace. “This is me,” I repeated several times, insinuating that the Buddha head and I are one. My brother began to beat box, which I believe was the second time he had done this during my journey. I turned to look at him and he was the most beautiful lizard I had ever seen. Covered in semi-transparent iridescent rainbow scales, his body moved with the fluidity of water. On his front was an intricate, fine-line tattoo, one that I had never seen before, and all of his other tattoos that he got on Earth had disappeared. As he beat boxed, his body moved in waves. His beat boxing seemed to be in slow motion, as did everything around him and the way his body appeared to be moving was audible. It was deep, soothing vibrations. I felt my eyes becoming wider and wider at the beauty of him. I remember becoming aware of my eyes because I felt like they were wider than ever before.

At some point, either before or after the show of my beat boxing lizard brother, I expressed multiple times that we are all robots, and my brother agreed, stating that this is nothing more than a computer. I felt the need to move robotically, correlating sound effects to match my moves. At some point, not only could I not walk normally, but also I couldn’t talk because I was a robot. I had an idea that my brother and I would beat box together, and that it would sound incredible.

When the effects started to wear off, everybody was tinted yellow; their outlines buzzing like faulty electrical outlines. This was an amazing experience and I feel no words could capture the depth of the journey, as I experience extreme, and pleasurable, synthesis of the senses during the journey. It was a very audible experience for me, and I would definitely love to experience DMT again.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 102266
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: Dec 2, 2017Views: 2,328
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DMT (18), Yoga / Bodywork (202) : First Times (2), Entities / Beings (37), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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