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Stung by the Bees
by TheAmazingAnnika
Citation:   TheAmazingAnnika. "Stung by the Bees: An Experience with 2C-B (exp102282)". Feb 15, 2014.

28 mg oral 2C-B (powder / crystals)


So itís 2014 and I have been slowly brought more and more into drug awareness, culture, and their uses in my life and growth. For a girl who hadnít touch a drug until she was 30, it feels at times that I am behind and wanting very much to be more in control of my life. So, like any good 30 year old woman, I made a list! On asking many of my friends, I had a fairly decent idea of things I would like to try and my personal reasons for each. One that had been recommended time and again, was 2cb. As with any new drug that I have tried, I ensured that I did my due diligence in getting the correct dosing information, reading others reports to get an idea of what I was in for, and getting my lovely 28mg capsule. The idea of deciding on a dose was a struggle. Do I get 13mg and just feel that euphoria and empathy? Or go for the gusto? After having my first psychedelic trip with shrooms go so well, I felt prepared to try a solid 2cb trip.

There were several things that may have led me to have a stranger trip that I had anticipated. Firstly, I chose to have a tripsitter that I am close to and to not really share my experience with my friends in general. I also had a friend in town that was willing to come over and be with me if I needed it. My playlist was set, the capsule had been weighed, and I felt ready for my tripsitters to join me. And thatís where shit kind of went sideways. I wasnít able to get in touch with the tripsitter that I was wanting to talk me through things. And at the last minute, my friend decided he didnít want to drive over. Part of me should have stopped at that moment and chose to wait until things were better prepared. Part of me realized that no time would ever be perfect and that didnít mean a trip was not worth taking.

At 11pm I dosed. I had had a late lunch and I knew that would effect the onset of the trip. I spent a few minutes talking to friends in TinyChat and on irc. Mostly, general conversation to keep me occupied until my friend showed up. As time ticked by and he hadnít popped up online yet, I became more nervous. What if no one was there that I could trust? Someone I could talk with about things that I wouldnít necessarily share with others. I talked to Trainwreck on the phone for a minute and he assured me that I would be fine, that he would be there for me if I needed someone. I talked a bit to other friends before realizing the looking at myself on camera was disconcerting. I logged off and spent my time waiting in IRC.

By midnight, certain aspects of the trip were starting. I was seeing trails of light and patterns were moving on the ceiling. A squirrel was rooting around in my laundry. I started my music and lit a candle and turned off the light in my small room. The popcorn texture on my ceiling became a lace pattern that moved and shifted in sections like a doily on a white table cloth. I watched it in total wonder and felt like a child watching a magic trick. The texture also became like living coral, taking in breath and closing up. The candle projected dancing shadows on the walls that looked like ravens fighting or doing a complex mating dance.

The trip continued to intensify and by 1am I was starting to feel very strange. I had laid down on my bed and was no longer logged in to irc. I could see my walls wrinkle as a dark shadow moved fluidly beneath the dark teal paint. My music would flow between very emotional tracks and more energetic edm. At certain parts, I felt more like I was at a concert played in my honor. I could close my eyes and the intensity of the sound was amplified to electric heights. A much wiser friend who is experienced in 2cb relayed the amplified feelings of sexuality that can happen during a trip and I was feeling very much like I wanted to explore that. I found a video online, one I had never seen before, but that met my needs sexually and quite frankly, they were the best orgasms I have had aside from sex on methamphetamine.

It was at that point, close to 130am, that I started to feel something strange take over. I began to become locked into a position on the bed to where I was completely immobilized. My muscles no longer responded to me and I felt paralyzed. They would contract and my hands were twisted in on themselves. I was a bit lost in the visuals that were happening around me and even looking away would not stop them for long. At some point, I painstakingly logged back into IRC and even that took a long time due to inability to move my hands well though I could slowly type with the back of my thumb. After logging in, I found my friend toasterlizard and was trying to explain that I was locked up. I felt a malevolence in the shadows that were in the walls and in some ways, when I tried to type I would lock up more painfully. A majority of the trip went like this. I would freeze up, then thaw enough to type, then would become frozen again. I remember asking toasterlizard to tell it to go away, but couldnít articulate what I meant.

Most of the trip I felt lost. I didnít know how to move or break out of the muscular locks that I was trapped in. The visuals continued to include seeing normal things in my room move. My owl hat on the back of my desk chair bowed several times. A dark hand and shadow crept around the room, stopping to watch me, before moving on. There came a point though that I found myself much more unlocked and knew the trip was coming more to an end. I started flexing my limbs, slowly moving each foot, hand, leg and neck to loosen up my incredibly tight muscles. I returned to IRC and was able to let my friends know I was ok. Many people were so excited that I had been able to experience 2cb that I felt a sense of guilt that it hadnít gone as well as I had wished and they wished for me. After talking to Twocb about the trip, he relayed that at times paralyzing senses of euphoria do happen. But because I was in the dark, the euphoria was closer to the thrill of being scared in a horror film.

This has been my second psychedelic trip and there are things I would have changed. Namely not trying it in a dark room with many projected shadows. I never feel like any experience is a bad one, but more of a learning opportunity. My plans in the future are to give those bees another chance. Perhaps try a smaller dose and focus on more light and airy music. Or if I am going to do a higher trip, ensure that I am not alone. I was able to take a small dose of Xanax that helped me sleep and made the transition off the trip easier. In future, the knowledge of this trip will help me better center myself for other trips.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 102282
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 30 
Published: Feb 15, 2014Views: 13,737
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2C-B (52) : Alone (16), Sex Discussion (14), Music Discussion (22), Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2), General (1)

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