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Better Than LSD
AL-LAD & Cannabis
Citation:   RockMySoul. "Better Than LSD: An Experience with AL-LAD & Cannabis (exp102370)". Jan 26, 2014.

150 ug oral LSD (blotter / tab)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
Writing this starting at T+11:30. Itís just after 1:00AM.
I am a 20 year old male, 140lbs. Avid pot smoker, done MDMA, MDA, methylone, 2C-B, LSD, 25i, Psilocybin, DXM, salvia, nitrous, cocaine, AdderallÖI think that about covers it haha. With the exception of the occasional MDMA, LSD a couple handful of times, and the Adderall I take most days only have limited experience with the drugs listed. This is my first mostly solo trip.

I received the AL-LAD from a trusted internet vendor and was very excited to try it out, being in a sort of slump in my life where Iím not using my winter break productively and being a lazy fuck sleeping in and smoking weed instead of looking for summer internships, and I felt I could use a psychedelic ďresetĒ.

T 0:00
1:30PM. Woke up about an hour and a half earlier (winter break yeahh), staying at my college house with good friends that are accepting of psychedelics, some of which had dabbled before. For the most part though, I would be spending the trip solo, this being my first time doing so. These tabs are big, thick, cream colored and say AL-LAD on one side. Theyíre supposed to be 150ug, and the general internet consensus is that seems to be a rather good starting dose to go for. I stare one down, wondering what itíll bring me, and then I place it down on my tongue and go about random business. I intentionally donít take Adderall today.

T + 0:20
No taste, which is always a good sign. I canít trust local ďacidĒ that runs through my school because it all seems to be 25i, which you know right away from that bitter, numbing taste. This tastes like paper. First alerts perhaps? I smoke a bowl.

T + 0:40
Definitely feeling something. Got those leg jigglies. That electricity that runs up and down your legs. Smoke another bowl, do a dab. Chew up and swallow the tab. Dabs and tabs :). This is some really good wax, too. Looking outside itís not a horrible day for January, maybe Iíll take a walk in a bit.

T + 1:00-1:30
More dabs. Ramping up on the comeup. This stuff seems just like LSD thus far. Less jittery though. Decide to take that walk. Gather my shit, try to leave the house like 3-4 times all while forgetting things, functioning normally is starting to get mildly tricky. Finally walk outside at 3PM listening to a Pandora station of psychedelic dubstep such as Minnesota, Pretty Lights, Phutureprimitive, and Seven Lions. Dubstep, especially this sort, and acidís a great combination. You got this massive, immersive soundscape, and so many varied sonic textures. Itís like candy to my ears for my brain to play with, puts a sweet taste in my mouth. Definitely tripping. Mild visuals. Go off into a wooded path near my house that takes me behind some dorms.

T + 1:30-2:00
Iím calm despite the psychedelic takeoff. Visuals are starting to become more apparent. Nature is starting to breathe around me, colors are rippling through all hues. Full-out shit-eating grin on the face. My mental state is definitely psychedelic, but Iím calm and there isnít too much mindfuckery going on. Thoughts spiral around in electric fractal curlicues. If only the people passing me on the trails could see what I see now. I wonder if they know? Most of them will never know what psychedelics do to the mind, but I embrace that people view life through different lenses and thatís an ok and beautiful thing. I was going to go out to a nice wooded clearing a longer walk away and smoke more but Iím coming up kinda fast, Iím on an unknown chemical, and suddenly I have the very strong urge to be inside and sit down. I turn around and walk back. Stunning visuals. This feels like real acid, as opposed to the sketchy-feeling 25i, but thereís definitely differences. If this was acid Iíd be gung-ho, if not anxious about continuing to walk and move towards a destination, but rather I want to sit on this stuff. Could also be Iím high on bud. Dunno. Keep walking. Get to my house.

T + 2:00
Hey roomie, Iím alive. How the fuck long was that? A half hour? Wow. Sit down on the couch. Not feeling as comfortable as I could be, this stuff definitely does have some of acidís energetic bodyload, although not as much of it. Take a bongrip. Exhale. Everything in the room starts wiggling, hard. I stop my housemate mid-sentence and decide I need to go up to my room and listen to some music.

I just got a new guitar amp. Thingís a hybrid, so itís got an oldschool vacuum tube that feeds into a modern chip-based situation with effects, and the end result is this thing makes my guitar sound amazing. I plug in. Fumbling around with wires is difficult. I futz around on my computer and manage to pull up a 1978 Grateful Dead show.

Oh man Iím pretty high on this stuff, I hope I can play. Visuals everywhere. I feel mildly anxious but Iím good. Throw on Eyes of the World. Start playing along. This is the first time Iíve got a chance to sit down with my electric guitar by myself while tripping. Playing my acoustic has always been an amazing experience, but this was something else. I can play this song pretty well, so the fact that Iím kinda frying doesnít seem to stop me. I got my tone matching Jerryís pretty well, this amp sounds FANTASTIC. I love musical improvisation, it brings me transcendence in any state of mind, but my creativity has definitely grown from my usage of mind-opening drugs. Jamming out on my electric alone in my room while on this marvelous chemical makes it something else though. My fingers dance an improvised dance around a rainbow, flowing fretboard. My mind takes ideas out from the Grand Consciousness and relays them to my muscles, my fingertips make love to the strings. My guitar picks up my dance and sends a flowing signal over to the amp, overdriving it into a warm yet sparkling brilliance that I make fizzle and blossom into kaleidoscopic, psychedelic bliss. Oh man, this is AMAZING. A peak life experience right here. Grateful Dead is made for acid, it helps me navigate the psychedelic space so well. Iím tripping kinda hard but my guitar is keeping me grounded to something. Itís an extension of myself. I am one with the music. I play Wharf Rat into Franklinís Tower next. Tripping hard at this beautiful Dead poster I have, I canít believe what my mind is turning this static image into. Breathtaking visions unfold from the poster while I spin golden electric sonic silk out through my instrument. Fuck yea.

Oh also Iím smoking weed and doing dabs like a chimney. I canít even feel it at this point, but weed always does unilaterally good things to my trips.

AL-LAD seems to have a much more warm-and-fuzzy vibe to it than LSD, which at times can seem somewhat cold and vaguely cynical. Itís softer. All good things in my book. Play along with a couple more songs off the show.

T + 3:00-3:30?
Down to a level where I can function around my roommates and am not flying so high in psychedelic space that I need to play my guitar to give me some sort of grounding for the trip. I go downstairs, chill with roomates, smoke more, and trip out at the tapestries on the walls. Talkingís kinda difficult.

T + 5:00-7:00
Oh shit mad heads are showing up to watch the new Adventure Time! Solid crowd of goodvibesy people, awesome way to spend my comedown. Still lightly tripping as the new episode comes on, everyone gets quiet save the passing around of bowls and I get immersed into the cartoon. This oneís a particularly trippy episode about a cursed grass sword that gets attached to Finnís hand, and at the end of the episode he realizes that having a retractable sword attached to his person at all times isnít so much of a curse to him, and embraces it. Resonated with my views on general happiness, to look at your situation from a positive perspective as much as possible.
I continue to slowly come down, hitting about baseline at T + 9:00. Still feeling the afterglow. On a random note, I had seen someone online categorize this substance as having a sort of ďpinkĒ character to it. Iím not sure why but I can agree with that.
Letís see what this psychedelic reset does for me. I didnít really address the issues I was hoping to address directly, but I feel refreshed mentally!

TL;DR: This is my new favorite chemical. In addition to being more calm, warm, and nurturing than LSD, it is on a much more reasonable time frame. Unless Iím at a festival, the 12 hour LSD trip is often just way too long and by like, 6-8 hours in Iím ready to be done but still tripping hard. On this stuff I was close to baseline by that point. This is everything I could possibly want a psychedelic to be. Absolutely beautiful stuff, and I am so grateful to be living at a time where this magnificent chemical is available for use.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 102370
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Jan 26, 2014Views: 26,125
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AL-LAD (603), Cannabis (1) : General (1), First Times (2), Nature / Outdoors (23), Music Discussion (22), Various (28)

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