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Showed Me What I Need to Work On
Silene capensis
by Stu
Citation:   Stu. "Showed Me What I Need to Work On: An Experience with Silene capensis (exp102451)". Mar 13, 2016.

1 tsp   Silene capensis (roots)


I drank a glass with a teaspoon of Silene Capensis in the morning when I woke up. In the evening when I went to bed my dreams were very vivid, still a little difficult to remember ALL the many details. I will definitely try this again, but next time I will try the technique of eating the bubbles before I go to sleep maybe on top of having a glass in the morning. I thought about doing both techniques the day i did it but I didnít want to push it because I didnít know how strong it would be.

After falling asleep the first effect I felt was euphoria for a quick fleeting minute. Then there was a race, I donít remember the beginning very well but it was pretty cool. I was in the lead, near the end of the race, out of three racers, trying to squeeze between really tight walls, but close to the finish it opened up so I could run but all the sudden I couldnít move my legs very well and got passed, I grabbed hold of the guy who passed me and there was literally a fight to the finish between the three of us. I lost literally by a hair but it wasnít competitive, more like fun and games. Then the three of us were ballroom dancing in green grass field in fancy clothes and the girls had big ballroom dresses, we were great and we could throw the girls around with ease and at the end we threw them up really high and didnít catch them and it was really funny for some reason, still the friendly competition.

Then an entirely different dream, I was guided with a group of people on what I would imagine the Amazon River to be like but at the beginning the water was treacherous and so many things were trying to kill us. First we experienced rapids I went under water for a very long time but somehow managed to escape canít remember how. Then we were being hunted by a tribe of pygmies, evil little guys, I got shot with a poison arrow on the bottom of my left foot and we were about to be over run but somebody came and saved us. The little kid that I was with made a fort really fast and we had a bunch of rocks to throw at them as a last resort, we never had to use them, this is where I took refuge while the fight went on. After the fight was over the man that saved us came over and cut the arrow out of my foot, there was a lot of pus but it ended up being ok. The kid in the mean time had called for another boat, a large rowboat. So we got on and escaped the pygmies for a little.

Then out of nowhere I got yanked out of the boat and under the water like I was attached to a whip
out of nowhere I got yanked out of the boat and under the water like I was attached to a whip
, in an instant I was so far from the boat I could hardly see it and then I got yanked under again this time I got a look at what was pulling me. I was barely attached to the tail of this ten story building sized muscular angry black demon on a rampage. Almost like he didnít know he grabbed me, I was like gum on his shoe and I fell off after the second pull and barely managed to escape being stomped on I hid on this island full of dead trees and bushes and I found a big old dying tree, and I hid in itís branches. I asked it to help me and it awoke and returned me to my boat. Gandalf came in somewhere and saved my ass a couple times from the returning pygmies, he even said you shall not pass and did some magic to save us and then he gave us brooms to kind of hop/fly away on. And an army of gnomes half the size of the pygmies also came to our rescue. I was with two gnomes that were my personal bodyguards. One of them got shot by a pygmy and died. And the other gnome was sad and angry and cursed the evil pygmy and then I woke up and remembered I have to pick up two gnomes that I forgot I had painted at a pottery shop a week and a half earlier.

Also the day I took it I was fairly depressed because everything was going wrong in my life and I have been slowly realizing itís all my fault because I have been very selfish in my life so I was worried I was going to have bad dreams. I looked up the meaning of all the things i saw in my dream on a dream interpreting website and while I'm kind of skeptical about dream interpretations it made a lot of sense to me. Although these dreams were pretty frightening at times, I woke up feeling fresh and ready to turn my life around :)

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 102451
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Mar 13, 2016Views: 5,448
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Silene capensis (386), Dreams (85) : Entities / Beings (37), Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), General (1), Alone (16)

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