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A Feeling of Peace
Cacti - T. pachanoi, Syrian Rue & Cannabis
Citation:   astraltravelproject. "A Feeling of Peace: An Experience with Cacti - T. pachanoi, Syrian Rue & Cannabis (exp102485)". Erowid.org. May 20, 2020. erowid.org/exp/102485

T+ 0:00
  oral Syrian Rue (tincture)
  T+ 1:30   oral Cacti - T. pachanoi (capsule)
  T+ 3:00   oral Cacti - T. pachanoi (capsule)
  T+ 0:00 5 bowls smoked Cannabis  
A Few Good Tips From Pedro

Mescaline t. pachanoi resin Syrian Rue and Cannabis

Might I first say that I can definitely see why there is so much spirituality around this cactus...

About a year ago, I ordered 2, 12' San Pedro cuttings [online] I peeled them and blended them, and then having planned on doing an acid base extraction, I added lemon juice to the liquefied cactus to a ph of 3 assuming that should be acidic enough. I never found Xylene, and am not a huge fan of the concept of evaporating volatile chemicals. After a couple weeks of this mixture soaking in a jar, I strained it through a T-Shirt into a new jar, but in this process, I spilled a bit out of the jar.

Reading about the potency of T. Pachanoi, and not feeling utmost confidence in this purchased hallucinogen, I ordered 2 more... Having peeled the skin off this sour cactus and cut into chunks that soaked in lemon juice for a week or two, then was blended, and soaked longer with more lemon juice added. Then strained, and the original jar was combined. Later, this was poured into a crock pot, and cooked for maybe 8 hours on keep warm setting until the amount of liquid was reduced to a decent sized jar.

I had assumed this was maybe 2-3 doses, and feared the taste of this beverage, knowing how much lemon juice it contained. A friend and I drank about a quarter of this jar at a festival. it burned our throats, and we quickly gave up. I'm not sure if we felt any effects, considering the amount of drinking and smoking pot we did as it was a festival after all, but the jar came home with me, and sat in a drawer for about 8 months.

There isn't much reference online about the shelf life of mescaline, so it felt like a gamble, but I poured the liquid on a pan and evaporated it to a tar. Then Ginko Biloba capsules were poured out and small pieces of resin were rolled in powder and stuffed in capsules.

Once again I feared these capsules for a week or two, knowing how horrible it would taste to throw these up... But finally I did, and what an awesome decision that was...I had read online that I wouldn't die from taking it all, and hell, it was an all or nothing type scenario so...

I took a tincture of Syrian Rue, Dream Herb, and Schizandra Berries at 9:00 pm, about 2.5 grams worth. I had read this was a bad combo, But having taken them with mushrooms, It's so good that I consider it a waste to take mushrooms without them. If I was going, I was going all the way.

I took half of them at 10:30 at night, forgot about it, and then took the other half at midnight.

1:00 am: For lack of a better description, at this point I felt like shit. My stomach muscles were tightening constantly, and I was developing a headache, which is rare for me. I felt the urge to vomit, but wanted to hold down the cactus. I'm determined for this to not have been in vain.

1:30 am: Maybe this is was a bad idea after all. Damn. I wonder if I can make LSD...Seems less complicated than meth which is undesirable and I'm pretty sure that your run of mill meth cook isn't the most intelligent type...Why so much gross meth around, and never any acid? Why are conscienceness expanding chemicals the least popular and most illegal!?! Looking at the tek, I find it to be about 85% English, which is peculiar as I've never been an A student. There's no way I can be tripping if I still have my brain...In fact I feel more intelligent. While looking at the computer screen, The white background expands and waves all throughout my peripherals. I look away from the screen and look at the blanket, and its morphing and waving and the pattern blending in and out. This was nowhere near intense as my Shroomahuasca Rue, and Shroom combos, but still pretty impressive.

2:00 am: Let me first say that I do not go after hallucinogens for the visuals, though they are fun, but its all about dropping the filters of the brain to expand the mind and reach realms of thought that my brain unfairly and tries to protect me from. Having said this, at least the next 4 hours were spent in deep thought.

I thought about so many things but unlike with mushrooms, it made sense and I was actually able to reclaim my thoughts afterwards, instead of permanently losing my train of thought. The strange thing was, in a way I cannot explain, it was like my thoughts were being read to me by an outside source
it was like my thoughts were being read to me by an outside source
. Like someone else narrating into my head. And sometimes my thoughts came visually, like a teleprompter typing on a screen in my head. I've heard many people refer to it as a plant teacher, and heard many times 'the cactus told me' so at this point this had made perfect sense, and I transcribed them as the cactus shared its wisdom with me, and what a wise cactus it is.

I kept referencing random useless facts and information I had read over the years, and wondering how they were even coming up, as my understanding of how the brain works is a system of backlinks like the Google search engine algorithm, so things seen heard or smelled from the outside world would bring up forgotten thought... Like when you find your keys finally and it reminds you of when you put them in that bizarre spot... Kind of tweaked my logic a bit.

I thought about time travel paradox situations for a while, I dont know why, and then pondered the dimensions in the flatlander sense. asif any hasn't read the book or seen the movie, I highly recommend.sa The concept that a one dimensional being can only see in the 1st dimension and that a 2 dimensional being can see first and second, but not in the third. This made me very much wonder how a fourth dimensional being would perceive us, being able to move in only three dimensions would be strange.

I sat and watched the mountains in the distance. I thought about how, when one looks at a mountain, at first all they see is a big green lump in the ground. From far off one doesn't see all of the individual life forms, all working in unison and thriving by specific natural patters that keep each other alive. In essence this mountain or forest, really is one collective being and maybe that's why it would seem this way. This forest may be built of many separate life forms like animals, trees, insects, microbes, plants, and fungi, but through their own collective processes, they are acting as one!

Can these hypothetical higher dimensional entities see our 'oneness' that we clearly lack to notice?

I realized that everything is part of a self supporting system and we only exist from a very very tiny chance that an endlessly repeating pattern finally decided to change its course and do something different, resulting in us, and well, everything. We don't seem to respect the fact that this gift of life given to us, took a lot in the making and was the one single greatest gift we'll ever receive. Is there a meaning to life? who knows... What I do know now is that we are part of a system. One that has been working fine and keeping us alive for many many years. An ecosystem. Whether we realize it or not, we are all part of an ecosystem that every single organism works to contribute to...Except us. Without even bothering to get into details, we do much much much more damage than we ever would be able to make up for by putting anything into our ecosystem at this point. We're abusing the system!!

I want to contribute to this system. I want to show my appreciation for the life I've been given. I just cant figure out my way yet.

The cactus taught me that the system of society that I have followed for my entire life was one that is ignorant to that of nature
The cactus taught me that the system of society that I have followed for my entire life was one that is ignorant to that of nature
and generally just doesn't stop and think about the impact being dealt. Concepts that have felt natural, ones that we were raised on became confusing, like ownership. We are so dead set on the concept of 'mine' that there is no more concept of sharing. In this life when I do a favor for a friend, I am aware that I am not to expect one in return, but regardless I don't anyway, as people just typically do not take that into consideration. The system we were raised on just promotes this concept of greed and lack of thinking. Everyone is so dug into their television set and video games, and this is supposed to be the normal thing to do. Its not our fault though, we're in a system that perpetuates this, while in a world that has more than enough for us all to happily share and plenty of people knowledgeable in ..well ... everything! But this can never be fixed as its a system of power and those at the top will always stay at the top. And that upset me actually, to think of how people can have billions of dollars... an unnecessary amount... While children starve... But watch more TV and don't ponder it, America.

I wondered if there are enough down people in enough skilled trades to just start a small tent village and have a life of trading, like a festival... Hell, we could all walk around naked! I don't know, a fantasy I guess.

I lay down for a while and meditated. Got some serious visuals, unlike my mushrooms visuals however, these were very Aztec looking patterns... like I guess I could say that my mushrooms patterns were more fluid, and waving, and these were sharper, and expanding. A few times I pictured a Mayan-looking Buddha. I guess if the Mayans made a Buddha statue that would be it. I thought all of this to be strange as i thought the visuals came from within, so seeing different visuals on a different drug, seemed gave me a feeling that it was the cactus's artwork, not mine. I went into San Pedro space land for who knows how long, and when I opened my eyes the room was so bright! Sunlight! It must be...

6:00 am: This stuff is the bees knees!! This guys is getting a five star review for sure!! I am tripping balls, but I'm not stupid like I am on a mushroom trip, I'm just spaced out, as if I am super stoned.

Well it seems I've missed a part of the ritual... La Purga... The cleanse... In other words, I never vomited!!! Awesome because I'm definitely not a fan of that. But I could tell, and confirmed later, that my cleanse would come, just not in that direction.

8:00 am: Still tripping and have work to do in two hours... not good. And I'm tripping pretty hard... I write out a things to do list and imagine I'm doing them and concentrating for long enough to accomplish them. Then considered the possibility that this drug is making me dumb after all.

10:00 am: I need to go now. Its time for work... Can't drive, what do I do? Think about it... For 45 minutes... Holy shit! Gotta go! I motivate, run outside, and it is so cold out that I just get in my car. I feel pretty concentrated and as the car warms up I consider my ability to drive. I'm feeling pretty good but wait... I also feel like a huge man in a tiny car. I don't think that's good. The cars in the parking lot are different in size than they should be in weird ways. [Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]
Yep. Dumb idea. All I have to do is drop off mail at the post office, mind you, but this isn't going to be easy, especially without a car. I bag up my packages and walk to the post office.

The walk there, my perception is just shot and I feel like I'm looking through funhouse mirrors at times. When in the post office, the line was super long and a guy kept giving me weird looks, but I guess that's just what there is to expect, when tripping at the post office.

12:00pm This trip is still going on strong. My friend asks what I'm up to, so I just go to his house to smoke a couple bowls. I was too spaced to even remember to pack the bowl for 20 mins, and kept spacing out hardcore while watching basketball. At this point there's less wisdom, and more tripping. I keep practically dozing off, so I head home to lay down.

4:00 pm: Having fucked around with my computer for the last few hours, I finally see it fit to hit the hay. And yes, still tripping! I went to bed at 4 pm Saturday and woke up feeling incredibly refreshed at 10 am on Sunday. I do not know what I dreamed about, but I do know that I had a lot of them. Having tripped for 14-15 hours, I wondered how long would it have lasted had I stayed awake? I always thought that would be cool, but it was not really that cool unplanned.

This cactus really does have meaning to it. It helps, it heals, it teaches. I was very impressed with the results.

The only real hallucinogen I can compare it to would be mushrooms in which case I would say it does not make me overly idiotic, I could communicate with people, and my thoughts were easily accessed
I could communicate with people, and my thoughts were easily accessed
. With mushrooms, I gain great wisdom, and immediately forget it. Drives me nuts! That was a definite pro... Also with mushrooms, I never want it to end, because of the serotonin I believe. with the cacti, I was very comfortable with the concept of ending the trip, not that I wanted it to happen, but when it came, I was okay with it, as everything has to end at some point, or nothing new can begin! That being said, The high of mushrooms, I cant describe as more than being 'fucked up' or 'tripping balls' though extremely relaxed. I can describe Mescaline as a feeling of peace. I was overtaken by calmness and peace and taught to appreciate the forces that provide these feelings in all shapes and forms throughout my journey of life.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 102485
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: May 20, 2020Views: 911
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Syrian Rue (45), Cacti - T. pachanoi (64) : Various (28), Entities / Beings (37), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3)

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