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A Potent and Useful Ally
Citation:   iwtste. "A Potent and Useful Ally: An Experience with AL-LAD (exp102538)". Erowid.org. May 6, 2015. erowid.org/exp/102538

150 ug   AL-LAD (blotter / tab)
Currently Iím on no pharmaceutical medications, except 2mg clonazepam taken as needed (and not taken on day of trip). Setting consisted of about 1 hour dancing in the house, 3 hours outside walking in the woods around my house, and the comedown period at home. Set is pretty good mind frame, kind of bored feeling with a lack of energy on a gloomy day.

I have quite a bit of experience with LSD, 2-C drug class, mushrooms, NBOMEs, and MDMA. Frequent user of cannabis from every day to every other day, but now I usually dose only once a day and take it mostly in edible form and less frequently vaporize, as I feel this is much more healthy and effective way to medicate. Iíve been on and off a slew of various pharms to treat depression and social anxiety, none of which have been effective or worth it in terms of side effects to continue, with the exception of controlled amounts of clonazepam (only taken during high anxiety which occurs about every 2-3 days and many times I take less than 2mg).

11:09am Ė Iím listening to Israel iz Kamakawiwoole: over the rainbow / what a wonderful world / facing future. Quite surprisingly, well formed CEVs developed quite quickly, especially looking towards overhead room lights. Further enhancement by song and synergy between Israelís song and stretching in the abdominal position with closed eyes, invokes soft CEVs that cause a sense of wonderment.

11:13: Artist: New politics / my love: new song significantly changes CEVs while in the same posture: abdominal stretch with closed eyes. CEVs immediately form into smooth geometrical shapes, free flowing with almost visions of rooms or other objects in them. Now they become distorted, with nerve like optics loosing much of the color, but Iím also trying to adapt to the new sound of a new song.

11:16: As the songs change, so do visuals. Itís a little hard to follow. Maybe it is a good for planning your music playlist ahead of time and sticking with one artist or genre may be a good idea.

11:41 Tech glitches, with PC and music going into hibernation mode. I have a bowel movement at 11:30 while listening to music and having incredible CEVs. While I have no nausea or other gastrointestinal issues, I do frequently experience a bowel movement early on in psychedelic trips Ė usually right at the peak or even prior to peak (something to be prepared for while in nature). Afterwards, I would try to follow the closed eye visuals, as they seemed to be leading me somewhere, as if to reveal some other dimension or reality. I try to follow them down to where they may be leading me but they also seem to be led by the music itself.

11:42 Now, after enjoying the CEVs, I would like to just dance to my favorite songs on youtube as energy and motivation are high.

12:14pm I had a new revelation with Martin Solvieg's song hello. Well, after watching the video many times, I thought it was hilarious to find out that heís playing this tennis game really well just to try to get a girl that has no interest in him even when he is smashing his opponent.

12:15 Now, Iím going for a walk in woods behind my house that I have been planning since the start. Thankfully there are many a trails through the woods directly behind house where I can seek solitude. Anxiety has been relatively low. This is highly colorful psychedelic at just this one dose and Iím getting many tracers and mixed colors. Lots of tracers. Some anxiety, but not more than usual

3:38: Back from hike. I had many a phone conversation while slogging through the wet, wintery snow slush of today's high temps of 50 degree weather. I talked to my aunt, sister, and dad. It seemed to be mostly good conversations, all with new insights into the past, present and future.

Conclusion: The AL-LAD proved to be a useful tool in finding new life on this gloomy day. New ways of thinking and seeing things are revealed that turn this day into a wonderful adventure. I also called several family members while walking around, which seems to strengthen the loose bond that my scattered family shares with each other. At this relatively low dose, I find it very easy to function and socialize. I have read previous reports of this being 'LSD lite'; I found this to be contrary and for the AL-LAD to be as strong or stronger than LSD, although my experience at this time could, as always with psychedelics, be greatly affected by set, setting, dosage (and dosage claimed by vendor), and the introduction of a new chemical.

My first experience with AL-LAD was at twice this dose while hiking in the woods. This experience was much more psychedelic but at the expense of loss of socialization abilities. I would say, as expected with most psychedelics, that a higher dose is better for an indoor environment where a high degree of safety is felt and preferably with a trip guide / sitter. However, higher dosages may be the key to Terence McKenna style revelations and insights when done properly.

For example, to describe a 300 ug AL-LAD trip from my first time with the psychedelic:
It was a clear, bright day and very hard to look directly into the light, as the light intensity was greatly increased, especially where the trees did not filter the bright sun. From the beginning, there was increasing body load in the form of anxiety and a bit of sleepiness or something of the like. Setting was a mostly deserted wooded mountain (easy mountain) hike; I ran into one other person and it was difficult to speak with him or concentrate. I'm glad for the setting in this regards (lack of people to deal with).

At one point, the OEVs meshed in with the trees to form a box like prism - it was an intense combination of nature and light. I was trying to pee at one point and it was coming very slow so I sang the song 'twinkle, twinkle little star' which suddenly seemed to invoke the some of the most incredible CEV's I have had to date (only problem for me is itís a little hard to stand still and enjoy CEV's when the anxiety to move is strong). There was very intense light, some confusion; paranoia and audio hallucinations; slight delusional thinking. I remember thinking at one point this must be what it is like for my schizophrenic uncle at times; but the delusional thinking was not so extreme at this point that and I could still remember this is temporary and take a step back to think that very thing. The trip was a bit overbearing for my likes after a while, and with a bit of hesitation, and getting closer towards the trailing of the peak and getting off the trail and back towards the trailhead and people, I decided to use at least 2mg Ativan to calm down (maybe more, can't quite remember).

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 102538
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30
Published: May 6, 2015Views: 5,467
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AL-LAD (603) : Music Discussion (22), General (1), Alone (16)

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