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A Search for Transcendent Consciousness
Salvia divinorum, 5-MeO-DMT, & Caffeine
by Marshall Lewis
Citation:   Marshall Lewis. "A Search for Transcendent Consciousness: An Experience with Salvia divinorum, 5-MeO-DMT, & Caffeine (exp10255)". Erowid.org. May 20, 2002. erowid.org/exp/10255

T+ 0:00
1 cup oral Coffee (liquid)
  T+ 0:30 50 mg smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)
  T+ 0:30 10 mg smoked 5-MeO-DMT (powder / crystals)


October 28, 2001
salvia + 5meo-dmt + caffeine

--- Introduction ---

Earlier today I had an incredible experience – perhaps my most profound (whatever that means) to date.

Here are the basics.

male, 38 years old, 225 pounds

approx. 150mg caffeine (strong cup of coffee)
then, 30 minutes later
simultaneous dose of:
2mg salvinorin (via 2, 25mg doses of enhanced salvia)
about 10mg 5-meo-dmt (eyeball divided from 250mg lot, so + or – 50%)

Like in my last experience combining salvia and 5meo, I load the waterpipe with the salvia and sprinkle the 5meo on top. I heat the bowl with the lighter flame to melt the 5meo, then place the flame above the bowl, drawing the heat down to vaporize and inhale the 5meo. After a few seconds I lower the flame to the salvia and finish the bowl in a single inhalation. It’s a delicate process and I had a tough time finishing the dose because I hadn’t thoroughly exhaled before starting.

From here until the conclusion are my notes from the experience, starting with a journal entry that leads up to the dose, which serves to capture my set and setting. Annotations are within brackets.

-- start realtime notes --


Very excited this morning, and rather stimulated after a cup of strong coffee

I knew I wanted to try another experience this morning, to find the time, but in addition to finding the time, it feels right, and it is not often that both ‘opportunity’ and ‘the right time’ come together

It’s a Sunday morning; clock was turned back an hour. ***** and ***** are hanging out in bed. I told them I was going in to my office to meditate and should not be disturbed, and that I’d be out in about an hour.

***** knows what that mean; she still doesn’t like it. Last night over dinner I told her my idea for a business based on providing a safe environment for people to have such experiences. She said it was the dumbest idea I ever came up with and that she didn’t even want to talk about it.

So what do I want to accomplish this morning?

I’m trying the salvia and 5meo-dmt combination, but this time with 50mg (2mg salvinorin) salvia – last time was half that much. The amount of 5meo is in the ballpark of 10mg, but could be + or – 50% due to my eyeballing method of dividing up the 250mg lot.

During my last experience, or in the reflections, it occurred to me that salvia plays with the fabric of human experience while 5meo plays with the fabric of reality. Lately, I’ve been fond of saying that my two heroes – Joseph Campbell and John Lilly – are two sides of the same coin; it feels, somehow that salvia is like Joe while 5meo is like John.

While the 5meo experience is, by itself, interesting, it may not be as useful as others. Playing with the fabric of reality means that ‘ideas’ do not really exist – their playground has been obliterated. And I like ideas. Salvia plays with ideas – particularly the sense of self. So by combining these two molecules I am, perhaps, trying to see if a sense of self can exist within the realm of the 5meo chaos – I guess you might call that a transcendent consciousness.

I suppose this all sounds simplistic, but to me, naming things and categorizing things are just methods of organization and have no real basis in reality – whatever that is.

Other than what I have just written I have no intentions. Take me where you will. I feel good, excited, and feel that I am doing something that feels very right for me. I am open to arguments that it is ‘wrong’ but haven’t really heard any. (I’ve heard ‘declarations’ – this is bad – but not arguments explaining why)

I don’t like the vision of a future where widespread pharmacological manipulation is daily fare – unless we find/synthesize some new, particularly useful tools. Instead, for now, such experimentation simply provides glimpses of many typically unexperienced slices of human conscious experience.


53 (time of actual hit, 9:53)



9:55 AM

9:55 AM

9:55 AM
9:55 AM

9:56 AM

9:57 AM







fuchj spekkuj g

9:58 AM


i8’ve had a breaththrouggh

a had a breath

9:59 AM


playing witgh realty


you need realtime captiurds
audfio visdual

for fuck sale

10:00 AM

you nee4d to do it for real

asc art

fuck the economy
wwow that brought me dowbn


10:01 AM
nice middle groound
fun ctioning but out there
need other met6jhody of capt ure
for fuck saudke

dcj ;

drumein g

I get the idea

10:03 AM

10:03 AM

just try captuing it.

or making it useful…

that’s sober you up

what do want to do with this

fuck money
fucky mo ney
10:04 AM

abstraction of money
psychologyy of spending
‘standard of lioving’
what it realy means
how you ‘could’ live

extreme version
cave of neccesities

10:05 AM
what it means to be ok
absense of pain
psychological security
physiologic securioty
health and safety and secutriotyy

you self and family

ultimately self.. because you’re so fucking selfing
you are

hey be yourself
at least be honest about it
do not hide for cukke

wjhat is there to hide
fear same ofld fucking fvear
same old


fears of what!!!!?????

oh it’s you
you’re bad
you’re less
your silly
you have shit all over you
you’re diurty
you smell
you’re vbad
you smell
making in your pants
great just what i want to talk about

maybe that’s a connection
to the shame
and inhibitions

My fear of people is fear that I am being seen as someone who they do not like because I just shit my pants and they want to run away from, like they did, I tried to play into the ‘game’ to cover my pain and confusion and shame

covering over shame
playing the game
I said, in effect, “I am going to get you”
I’m the monster
the ugly one
the one you want to avoid

yes, try, marshall
10:11 AM

what is worth doing
you must be prompted – remember that

provide for health and safety so you and others can explore
that’s all that matters
huge implications

what is genuinely worth doing other than that?

human evolution
has gotten to where I am so healthy and so safe that I can do this
survival is secondary
dangerous thought

perhaps tghat’s all humans can do
and work toward health and safety

all of this business and economy
is it all required for health and safety and security??
i just dobn;t understand it enopuigh
the pricioples
the dynaimics
of ‘econoinmy’ i guess

if the goals is ONLY health and safety and security

and that should perhaps be the only goal?
along with exploration
which means technologies
which means industry
which means…

this world of ours?

i’m about 75/80% down
very fully withing consusnes realuity
90% really at 10:16 AM

i feel that i have found it
i didn’t waste the come down
but i know how to leverage it for real
it must be real time
it must be audio visual
it is religion and performance
it is ritual

and you are afriad and have shame

how can you get past that

by having a safe psychological environment
like friends
what a concept

who do you consider such a friend?

a friend is someone you can be yourself with

christ – didn’t mean it that way

i am unable to be myself with… anyone

fuck, how do i change that
by starting

just be you
just be you

and *****?
she’ll have to come along
if you want her to and ask her nicely she will
and if she can’t, then she can’t

you must be open vocal
you’ll sound crazy
but some with appreciate pieces of it

wonder what singning would be like during this

once you’re playing – performing – you can do whatever, say whatever

why haven’t you performed?
lack of talent?
maybe, but i think i have enough to get things going

just do your part
do what you do best
don’t fake anything
no faking needed
be honest with yourself and everyone else

10:21 AM

perhaps i don’t form stronger relationships because i don’t feel that i deserve love

you are who you are
you do what you do
just be open and honest about it
the rest will take care of itself

yes, i really believe that
or at least, i believe it’s a nice way to behave
as if…

had a bowl of cereal, chatted with *****
i feel 95% back, slight stoned feeling

i like how performance became a solution to realtime audio-visual capture
while not a new idea for me, it was reinforced in a new way
before i was simply thinking of ways to combine interests
here is became a more natural part of it all

my transition from non-engaged to engaged is via this kind of performance activity

speech recognition software could help as well

percusive typing, keyboard, drum – fingers, hands, arms
voice, speaking, singing
and the visual… i guess that is me doing this…
and the output of my activity – words

For what it is worth, today's technique feels like the best so far – it felt perfect
perhaps expectations were simply fulfilled but it genuinely felt like it combined the ‘self’ oriented aspects of the salvia with the reality shattering aspects of 5meo-dmt.

extremes in exhibitionism

about one hour later i feel 95+%
i’d wait another hour before driving though

-- end of realtime notes ---

--- final thoughts ---

The combination of salvia and 5meo makes for a truly amazing experience. I think the caffeine ahead of time contributes as well; hard to know how much. The space in which I was immediately propelled lasts only a minute or so, but of course it seems like a much longer time – as though the experience reaches completely past the idea and the perception of time.

I have read, if I recall correctly, that chocolate (a MAOI?) might increase the duration of that first level. (Found it: “Terence McKenna has mentioned chocolate being a weak MAOI, which could be a reason for the popular habit of ingesting mushrooms with cocoa.” Perhaps I will try a cocoa-coffee mixture in the future.

The positiveness of the experience matched the positiveness of my set and setting – very self-fulfilling I suppose.

What did I get out of this experience?

I have a very busy life, and these experiences – including this one – remind me to consider other paths and other possibilities. They remind me of my dreams, of things I would like to do with my life. They help me take stock of where I am, what I’m doing with myself, where my head is. It is all too easy for the months and years to go by so quickly. I’m fortunate to have an interesting career and it pays the bills, but there is so much more; there is the wonder of what ‘existence’ and ‘reality’ and ‘consciousness’ are, and of what is possible to experience.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 10255
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 20, 2002Views: 14,615
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5-MeO-DMT (58), Salvia divinorum (44) : Alone (16), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3)

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