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I Think It Was the Caffeine, Awful but Mystic
Coffee & Nootropics
by corei5 caffeine
Citation:   corei5 caffeine. "I Think It Was the Caffeine, Awful but Mystic: An Experience with Coffee & Nootropics (exp102552)". Apr 13, 2018.

  oral Caffeine
    oral Pramiracetam
    oral Citicoline
    oral Noopept
    oral Huperzine
    oral Theanine
    oral Vitamins / Supplements

BODY WEIGHT: 61.5 kg

After stupidly consuming a combination of caffeine & nootropics in the morning, I began to experience what turned out to be intense effects of a caffeine overdose (actually I think it was caffeine, but it very well could have been all the other nootropics I recklessly ingested from around 0800 ... pramiracetam & phosphatidylcholine in sesame oil/butter + caffeine (I 'eyeballed' it - around 200mg) + more p-choline (around 200mg, making the total close to 450mg) + an eyeballed/non-measured amount of Huperzine A 1% of around 20mg, one 400mg capsule containing noopept 25mg, cdp choline 200mg & L-theanine 80mg + innocuous supplements like one fish oil capsule, one VitaminD3 and one Lysine capsule.

Then I ate a banana, and sipped my usual strong coffee with milk. Also a pat of butter.

I started feeling okay but by 0930, I started feeling 'over-amp'd'. Pulse racing and feeling jittery.
I started feeling 'over-amp'd'. Pulse racing and feeling jittery.
Thinking or hoping it would pass, I ate an apple hoping it would calm my stomach. It didn't. I was getting worse. I started to feel nauseous. I made a decision to take my morning shower before it got worse - that way, I could finish my day.

As I first attended to the toilet, the realization hit me, the symptoms of feeling like crap and having difficulty even standing (I wanted to return to bed) were just like when I was drinking alcohol and had occasionally very intense hangovers! However there were a few differences -- I wasn't shitting 'the runs' nor were my pores sweating alcohol and grease. Sitting on the toilet, I noted I weirdly felt my lower half of my body was a separate entity. I made it out of the shower, got dressed in my usual high-tech underclothes - and then thankfully slipped back into bed - relieved, nice & clean. It was like I had a fever without an actual fever (I took my temperature and if anything it was below 'normal' at 36.8 degrees).

I started to feel better, and better half, assuming somehow the cause was due to me not eating enough suggested a ginger tea, which I refused due to the sugar, so she made me a large serving of banana blended with yoghurt & milk. Not to be unkind, but I think it made my discomfort worse. And a bit later, I awoke to eat some lunch (meat balls, meat croquette and a few fries which I normally would have rejected due it being 'carbs').

After that, some intense lucid dreaming and hallucinations which made the whole experience almost worth it. I was 'communicating' with an intense green light which then entered my body etc.... this is the experience that almost made all the Hell and discomfort worth it.

The mid-afternoon deleriums were not as hallucinogenic ... I felt overheated (due to the blankets) and had dreams of being stifled until I awoke and removed a layer of blankets. And, then I continued to sleep until I recovered almost completely by around 1800.

I think it was too much caffeine but I also am wondering whether it was an overload of choline (exxacerbated by the Huperzine A...)

In any event, it was an interesting experience. The one saving grace, that did not make my afternoon a waste, was the hallucinogenic experience.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 102552
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 39 
Published: Apr 13, 2018Views: 1,936
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Coffee (173), Smarts (801), Caffeine (11) : Alone (16), Overdose (29), Performance Enhancement (50), Health Problems (27), Combinations (3)

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