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The Classic American Life and Ecstasy
MDMA (Ecstasy)
by cereal
Citation:   cereal. "The Classic American Life and Ecstasy: An Experience with MDMA (Ecstasy) (exp10262)". Jul 15, 2005.

250 mg oral MDMA (pill / tablet)


My nick name is cereal so that is what we will call me today. This is my story of life and MDMA…

I've grown up in a ultra rural town in the bay area. It seems the like the 'classic' setting for the American boy: elementary school to High School every piece has fit together into the American dream. My social life is full of football players, cheerleaders, skaters, rappers, punk rockers, stoners and of course more stoners! Including my self (for a period of time.) There was the quarterback and the head cheerleader, and the mean old principal everyone made fun of. My life seems like its out of a movie or something. So somewhere along the line my little punk kid of an ass decided I'd start my experimental phase of teenage life. I got drunk in seventh grade, started smoking bud in ninth and lost my virginity at fourteen (15th b-day present). sooner or later in my stoner phase I came upon my deep conversations of life and found myself questioning where I fit in. Well I've decide I don't, I'm more like a watcher and learner. Not a learner about math or physics but of history. History to me is repetition. The way the same group of kids grow up in life, just different time periods is all. Personally I like my time period! I think every person fits together like a piece of a puzzle.

Without getting to much deeper into all that, the only way I became certain of all this is through the discovery of MDMA. I'd always heard about ecstasy but I never thought id try it. It seemed to 'hard'. I looked at it like any other uneducated person at anything. I didn't want to think of myself as a druggy or junky. Surprisingly I've found a much more spiritual calmness with the world now that I have experienced it. I've got about a dozen different stories that I could tell, all written in my journal, but I'm only going to tell one because it has the widest array of discoveries in it. Other stories include getting kicked out of a rave, having personal get togethers with my long time ex-girlfriend to figure each other out better, and just dancing into the night.

The way I was introduced to the idea of XTC I guess is through the media coverage of underground raves of San Francisco and the bay area. These raves adopted the idea of the 'candy raver, baby look, knooks and all.' As I got into high school I started to party more, during football I would go to the occasional 'jock' party. All these things fit into my 'classic' way of life, and were great until I discovered a new lifestyle much more unique than any other. Don't get me wrong, I never became a raver or anything, I've only been to a dozen parties, but enough to learn how much better the world would be if everyone had an increase of serotonin in there brain.

Every one gets high, has sex, drinks, sky dives, loves people and pets for only one reason: to be happy! happiness is created by serotonin released into the nervous system. The main effect of MDMA is to release the largest possible amount at once! Its the perfect recreational, spiritual and cleansing activity, with the possibility of punishment only coming with abuse. Abuse of any kind is wrong I believe, so if studies of nerve stem shortening are true than it is the result one must face when going overboard. I love MDMA and I hope that (if possible) future years will bring invention of new forms that cause no harm! (maybe I'm just dreaming)! Anyhoo, one of my favorite most eventful experiences was in no better a place than Hawaii.

My junior/senior trip in high school I went to Hawaii with a handful of 11 girls and 2 guys. We all stayed at Waikiki circle hotel in Oahu Hawaii. Our group split up in two and I spent most of the time with seven of the girls. One of the girls I had been recently attracted to and close for several weeks. Both me and 'Britney' well call her, decided to bring along three hits of adam. We acquired three triple stack white buddhas from another friend that attended my school. The night we decide to take the E, there were four of us. Each of us chipped off a small piece of our pills and put it into a glass of water for our forth friend. Britney and I had done our share of e before but the other two were beautifully new. Before they dropped I sat them down and explained everything to them that I felt they needed to know, including the risks. They seemed very happy I had told them and were fine to go ahead. It was late afternoon when we took our white buddhas all at the same time. I ingest approx. 200-250mg of MDMA (hopefully pure) at approx. 7:30 pm. I chewed it and noted the same disgusting bitter, chemical taste as past experiences. A good sign to me was that there was no noticeable difference in taste. I knew that white buddha was well known in my area to be dependable and quiet good.

The four of us opened our sliding glass door to the balcony of the hotel and let the fresh Hawaiian breeze come into our room. Hot and damp but our A/C was up full blast. We sat and talked until we became increasingly anxious. I personally feel it sooner than most and I become aware of a not quiet annoying tingle lingering in the back of my neck. I start to notice a change in my consciousness and tell the others. No one else was feeling anything yet but they say they felt like they just wanted it to happen so the suspense would be over. I stood up and started to take deep breaths as I felt the awareness of the tingle growing stronger. As I got to the bars of our hotel balcony and looked out at the clear blue ocean and palm trees I felt a overwhelming rush of energy hit me in the chest. I gasped feeling pure euphoria. I thought I could feel each individual nerve at the base of my shaved head stand out. By then everyone else had become extremely anxious and about 30 minutes into our trip everyone was feeling the rush to the peak. At least three of us any way. The one that had drank the slices that we put into the water, seemed to be a little quiet yet her eyes were dilated and she seemed a little shaky.

I looked in the mirror and I myself had only a sliver of color left in my eyes. We all gathered at the center of the room next to the bed, and got out the lotion. Since I was closer to peaking than anyone, all of the girls started messaging my feet and back until I was in pure bliss. For me physical stimulation is only the third best thing when I am rolling though. Next comes social stimulation, and then comes visual. Being a guy and the rest girls, I felt extremely good when two of my friends took of there shirts. No sooner did they decide to parade around topless did I realize how non sexual it could be, and for the rest of the trip I enjoyed seeing there beauty inside and out. All of us being good friends it never became a big deal, but I still took some pictures for safe keeping.

During my up peeks I became increasingly more aware of how quiet our fourth friend had become. She was usually the spirit of the group so I sat down and message her shoulders to find out what was wrong. I asked her how she felt and she said that she was good but that she seemed distant from us caused by her share of the pills. We never figured out exactly why but she never had a whole lot of fun even though she experienced a change in reality. I figure it might have been the speedy amphetamine feeling that got to her but I'm not sure.

The rest of my trip I felt a little more detached and a little speedy my self, aside from a few uppers that were very powerful. Toward our third hour we did get a chance to go outside and walk around a bit. I made it to the water and waded in which I must say was a very good idea. My friends didn't follow however and I felt the need for more social activity and left. Our overall come down was a positive experiences as was many of my XTC experiences. We all felt at peace more than ever before, and spent the rest of our trip in Hawaii with higher spirits than we ever imagined. The Hawaii vacation consisted of many nights of corona, our E party, I went sky diving, and we had a little encounter with a flock of naked Australian surfers one night too.

It has been about a year and a half since the last time I rolled, but I plan on doing it again soon. Overall I believe that MDMA has helped add a more spiritual edge to my somewhat non religious life.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 10262
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 15, 2005Views: 9,559
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MDMA (3) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Relationships (44), Mystical Experiences (9), Glowing Experiences (4)

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