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The Perfect Night With the Perfect People
MDMA & Cannabis
by Meagan
Citation:   Meagan. "The Perfect Night With the Perfect People: An Experience with MDMA & Cannabis (exp102629)". Jan 18, 2023.

T+ 0:00
  oral MDMA
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Cannabis
  T+ 0:41   smoked Tobacco

BODY WEIGHT: 54.5 kg

My first time rolling MDMA was absolutely fantastic. The original plan was that my boyfriend Ell and good friend K would trip acid while Kís best friend G and I kept an eye on them to handle bad trips and keep an eye on them as it would have been their first time. However, Ellís dealer fell through on the acid and nobody else knew where to get any. Ellís other dealer was able to get a hold of pure MDMA in crystal mollies form. As Iíd heard that Molly was a happy drug and itís pretty hard to have a bad roll, G and I decided to roll as well so we wouldnít feel left out.

8:30-On our way over to pick up the MDMA we smoked a bowl of sativa to prime us for the night to come, like taking a shot or two before going to a rager. The MDMA looked like that rock salt you put in ice cream makers or sprinkle on ice to help melt it. We go back to my place and prepare to roll.

10:30-At this point weíd come down from the pot and decide that it is time to pop the mollies. After separating it into 4 roughly equal piles of crystals, we all looked at each other in excitement and knocked them back [100 mg?]. I let mine dissolve mostly in my mouth before swallowing the rest, and let me tell you it tasted rather gross. I didnít mind much though, as I washed it down with a couple sips of water, figuring that the roll would be more than enough to justify dealing with that taste.

At this point, we decide to go into the bathroom and smoke a bong bowl to get us pumped-weíd heard that mdma + weed usually makes a good mix. Iíd just purchased a new bowl for my bubbler as Iíd lost the original, and it was a rather deep bowl that fit in the downstem of the bong too, so we used that and all got something like 4-5 really thick hits out of it.

As weíre all sitting there after these hits waiting for the pot to kick in (we knew it was a creeper strain from previous experience), weíre talking about god knows what but about 3 minutes later we are all commenting about just how fucking high we are. I swear it was the highest Iíd ever been, and thatís saying something. It was a really good high though, as sometimes one can get uncomfortably too high, and while I was higher than Iíd ever been there wasnít a trace of it being too high. I imagine this is because the molly is starting to onset, but I was at a 13/10 on a 1-10 scale of being high and loving it. After 5 minutes though, we decide to book it back to my room from the bathroom, the longest 5ft trek Iíve ever made.

11:05-someone turned the lights on when walking into my room and we immediately decided that the vibes from the bright light was too much so we turned the light off and switched on my reading lamp. My memory of what happened next is a bit fuzzy but the next thing I know I am sitting on my bed, the highest Iíve ever been in my life while K and Ell light a coal for a hookah bowl of shisha and more marijuana.

11:11-Suddenly I feel a level of clarity above being high, and the fogginess that weed gives me was swept away by something. It felt as though Iíd reached the ceiling of pot highs and broken through it into another level of intoxication altogether.
It felt as though Iíd reached the ceiling of pot highs and broken through it into another level of intoxication altogether.
Iím suspecting that the molly is starting to set in, and reached out to my boyfriendís shoulder to get his attention as I wanted to talk to him. I was immediately captivated by the faint swimming trailing effect of my hand, which looked about a mile away, and just how soft Ellís shoulder really was.

It was at this point that Iím sure the molly has kicked in, and we start smoking the hookah bowl which is finally set up. We sat like that for a while smoking the hookah and reveling in the effects of the molly until K asks G how sheís feeling. G looked utterly confused and suddenly started crying. At first we were worried, but she reassured us that they were happy tears. Everything after this is sort of a blur of emotions, and while I donít feel I have forgotten anything from that night itís all sort of jumbled up and not in the right order. I can remember every conversation we had when itís brought up-thankfully K was taking notes of things that happened so weíd have something to help us piece together the track of things.

One thing I had been told about in another personís description of MDMA was that heíd felt like a child again, and it is something that I too experienced. I was sitting on my bed with my legs crossed, hands in my lap and I definitely felt like a small child again, about 5 years old. I giggled and had this sense of wonder and excitement about everything around me, with a freedom from my worries as though all couldnít help but be right in the world, the way you do as a young child before knowing the harsh realities of life.

I did my own fair share of happy crying that night, everything was so content and full of love. We gave each other lots of hugs, which were amazing, and gave backrubs, which got me crying those happiness tears again. Everything was so right in the world and I was suffused with love for everyone around me. I would describe it as my boyfriend, K, and G, and I being beacons of love radiating it out around us and I could see these beacons in my mindís eye - beautiful pillars of golden white light shining out of each of our souls. The love, happiness and joy radiating from the four of us soaked the walls and rebounded back as though the room itself was rolling.

We all had very intimate moments of connecting with each other and even though I had only met G that night, I could feel such strong love for her. I connected with my boyfriend and K on a more emotional level than ever before. It was an experience of total understanding of each otherís being in their entirety, and the only thing better than that was watching the other three connect to each other.
It was an experience of total understanding of each otherís being in their entirety, and the only thing better than that was watching the other three connect to each other.
I remember that one of the things that made me cry tears of absolute joy was the realization that only 3 years prior I had been sitting in the same room contemplating my inability to kill myself and resigning myself to the fact that my life would be miserable. I had never imagined that I would ever be so lucky to have Ell, K and G in my life, sitting in my room with so much love and joy in the air. I had always thought that I would only ever keep trucking along and maybe my life would be bearable. But sitting there, in the same room Iíd had so many negative thoughts in, suffused with absolute raw and pure emotion was so overwhelming that the thought of just how lucky I am to have these three people in my life sent me into a fit of tears. I soaked everyoneís shoulder pretty thoroughly that night in the many hugs we exchanged.

Kissing my boyfriend while rolling was one of the most sensational things Iíve ever done in my life. All I wanted to do was kiss him until the world ended, but thankfully, he had a bit more sense in him and stopped me so we would not be third wheeling K and G.

The comedown was a little sad, as I would easily spend eternity reliving that night if it was possible. The realization was a little sad but alas, everything ends eventually. We smoked another bong bowl during the comedown and talked a bit more while smoking a second bowl of pot/shisha out of the hookah before all lying down and going to sleep.

This was, by far, the single best night of my existence so far. Iím very thankful that the acid fell through and allowed us all to roll for our first time together. As far as Valentineís Day gifts go, sharing your love is the most important part, and this experience was precisely that - a total and complete sharing of our love to one another. It was the best Valentines gift to each other we could have possibly done.

After waking up in the morning, I spent the day in an afterglow of sorts, very content with my lot in life and hanging on to the previous nightís emotions with every fiber of my being. The day after that was spent in much the same way, feeling totally at peace with where I was in life and wanting to share that love with as many people as I could. Overall, we experienced exactly 0 bad side-effects from this experience on pure MDMA mixed with marijuana. The entire experience was pure perfection.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 102629
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Jan 18, 2023Views: 200
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MDMA (3), Cannabis (1) : First Times (2), Glowing Experiences (4), Relationships (44), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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