Off-Brand Candy Flipping
Citation:   K.F._Mush. "Off-Brand Candy Flipping: An Experience with MDMA & 25I-NBOMe (exp102644)". Apr 10, 2020.

130 mg oral MDMA (powder / crystals)
    repeated smoked Cannabis  
    repeated smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
T+0:00 MDMA 130 mg
T+0:10 2C-I-NBOMe 2000 μg
repeated Cannabis

Male. 24 years old. 73 kg. 185 cm.

Setting: Christmas season 2013. Childhood home. Large, old house, late night

Mindset: Content, nostalgic, somewhat melancholy, eager, aroused

Previous drug use: Cannabis, P. cubensis, salvia, DXM, diphenhydramine, 2C-D-NBOMe, 2C-I-NBOMe, 2C-B, MDMA, alcohol, wild dagga, Amanita muscaria, oxycodone, hydrocodone, codeine, amphetamine salts

I have many psychonautic experiences that I have always intended to write down, but always neglected to do so. I intend to record my thoughts and feelings every 10-15 minutes, but never do so because I get involved in the trip and find it tedious and boring.

This is my first effort in an attempt to record my past somatic experiences. I have chosen a rare drug, used in an even rarer combination, one I have not seen many other reports on.

This report is on a combination between the psychedelic phenethylamine 2C-I-NBOMe (25i) at a dosage of 2000 μg and MDMA at a dosage of 130 mg. This will be a summary of the effects felt over the course of the evening

This was my second time trying this combination. The first was 500 μg 25i and 120 mg MDMA. I found that experience uneventful with MDMA much overpowering the 25i. Overall it was a slightly more amped MDMA experience with a mild psychedelic glow and buzzing head sensation I find typical of 25i. The experience I am writing about is what was definitely an overcompensation for the less-than-desired effects of the first dose.

I am visiting my mother for Christmas and am home for almost 2 weeks. I have planned this dose beforehand. Once my mother goes to bed, I go to my bedroom and lie down in bed. The bed is a King size pillowtop and extremely comfortable, very easy to meld with whether one is under the influence of something or not.

I dump my ore measured dose of MDMA into the palm of my hand and hesitate for a moment in anticipation of the bitter flavor of the MDMA. I lick my palm with my lower lip and quickly drink lots of water to wash down the MDMA.

I sit back and listen to music for a few minutes to relax and calm my mind for the 25i. I already feel a light warmth and speediness from the MDMA, perhaps the tiny bit that was absorbed through the walls of my mouth.

I placed the two 1000 μg blotters in between my lower lip and gums and tried to hold my saliva for a few minutes before moving the blotter under my tongue for another couple of minutes, before spitting the blotter out (It should be noted that I had the hydrochloride salt form of 25i and not blotters complexed with HPB, so the bioavailability of the 25i very high). I always have to move the 25i blotters around my mouth because they seem to cu and irritate the places I hold them.

I watched some pornography to pass the time.

Within 20 minutes I could feel a rushing sensation that was quickly escalating as the two drugs came on simultaneously. It was euphoric, but edgy and I felt quite anxious and it was impossible to hold still. My body would tremble and shake and I felt vasoconstriction in my legs and arms. I would rub my arms and legs and they would feel better for a moment, but the vasoconstriction would come back and only got worse as I came closer and closer to my peak.

The sounds and brief flashes of imagery I caught from the pornography made me extremely horny and seemed to pump the euphoria to extreme levels. Phenethylamine compounds always my me horny, but I expected it much later in the trip.

I was torn between feeling 'so fucking amazing' and euphoric and this unbearable pressure in my head and my aching, amped-up body. At several points the pressure in my head was so intense, that I told myself if a gun was right next to me I would shoot myself the head. I said this many times over and do believe, even now, that I would have shot myself had a gun been immediately available. I was 100% ready to.

The visuals during this time were a blur of nonsensical psychedelia that engulfed my entire field of vision, dripping and oozing over everything. 25i visuals are always very detailed, mathematic and precise for me, with little bits of rainbow thrown in for good measure. Often times they are very legible and look like stunning works of modern graphic design and illustration brought into 3D form. I am an illustrator by trade and find the visuals very inspirational. Or they appear to be visions of the distant future or past. This instance, however, was as if someone had taken the beautiful art created by 25i, thrown it in a blender, mixed it with soup and poured it all over my field of vision.
This instance, however, was as if someone had taken the beautiful art created by 25i, thrown it in a blender, mixed it with soup and poured it all over my field of vision.

After about 20 to 30 minutes of coming up I finished peaking. 25i does not plateau, thankfully, and I could enjoy the linear descent to baseline over the next 6 hours. I still felt a bit too speedy and had a fair bit of vasoconstriction, but it was much more manageable.

After a short while I was able to walk again and went outside to smoke a joint. This definitely lessened the vasoconstriction for a good while, but also made me more aware of it. The pain was less, but I could not ignore it for anything now.

I found pornography and masturbation did completely take my mind off of it. Orgasms felt amazing and caused near ego death with the world exploding into colors waves of psychedelia while I forgot who I was and where I was and what I was doing and thought 'Oh my god. I have died' before quickly returning to reality. I would feel mentally drained however and it would be hard to get my mind away from sex and I was drawn back to pornography again and again, each time dying from a shot of bliss to the head. I orgasmed maybe 6 times that night.

I smoked a couple of cigarettes throughout the night and found they alleviated the vasoconstriction completely for a few minutes. They made my lungs feel fuzzy however and the speediness was amplified too much by them, so I was not eager to smoke more. Smoking is usually very pleasurable on 25i and MDMA, and it felt good somewhat this time, but it was just too much.

Cannabis also amplified some of the visual aspects like color and light, while blurring a lot of the details, keeping me from being overwhelmed by them. It also seemed to make me much calmer, though maybe a little crazy. I was careful not to smoke too much because I felt I might lose my sense of self and do something stupid.

After the comedown, which took 6 to 7 hours I had a headache that I always have when I take psychedelics and have an orgasm. It doesn't hurt, it's just annoying. My thoughts were racing. Sleeping was very difficult but eventually I smoked enough cannabis to pass out, though I would wake every half hour or so before falling asleep again.

By early afternoon the next day the not-unpleasant afterglow was gone and I was back to baseline.

Overall I had a good time, but the body load was so intense I may never repeat this combination in any dosage. There was great deal of euphoria and pain. No memorable epiphanies were experienced. 25i is usually not very profound for me and was not so during this trip. I would worry about dangerous blood pressure levels with this combination.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 102644
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: Apr 10, 2020Views: 2,067
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