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Serious Addiction
by Victoria
Citation:   Victoria. "Serious Addiction: An Experience with Spice (exp102647)". Jan 12, 2016.

  smoked Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids (daily)


The first time I smoked spice, was in 8th grade and it did nothing to me, so I kept hitting it. Still nothing. Now in 10th grade I started smoking it again because, everyone I knew was on probation and it was what was available.

I hated the taste and the smell. So nasty. I occasionally took a hit from my bf's bowl but it always almost made me throw up. I always held back vomiting but if I wouldn't have I'm sure I would have hurled.. I started loving the high, always get a smile on my face and just pass the fuck out with my bf. It helped me sleep. I also smoked weed daily. And of course I preferred that. I got expelled from school for paraphernalia and smoking in the bathroom stalls. Idk why I did it, I just like being high (weed) so it caused a lot of family problems. I had to get enrolled in a school called options. I promised I wouldn't smoke anymore weed, and I haven't since.

Instead I was smoking spice as much as possible. I even smoked that In the bathroom at school. I got searched and luckily the bowl was in my bra. I took this as another chance and decided to stop forever, but of course I craved and bought some with money I got from selling weed, that I actually stole for spice money. I thought doing everyone wrong was ok for some reason. And I had a friend over when I wasn't aloud and we got high in the bathroom when I was supposed to be babysitting, I lost track of time and my mom came home, the door was locked and the fan was on I just heard knocking, I was so high I thought maybe it was my sister but she went to bed at 8 and it's now 10, the time my mom is supposed to come home. So I quickly (so I thought) got the spice and put it in my one hitter container that I smoke it with and opened the door, my friend was sitting on the floor and my mom was just so disappointed, yelling at me saying you promised! Because she thought it was weed. She saw the container on my waistband and grabbed it before I could even react. I was so tired I just went to my room and lay down, trying to forget about what just happened. My friend left fast, and I could hear my mom banging the container to get the packed herbs out of it, and she came in my room saying are you fucking kidding me? You can't smoke weed and now your smoking spice instead?

Once I sobered up I went into my mom's room sobbing and explaining now sorry I am. I felt so horrible and just wanted her forgiveness. She hugged me and said of course, and I told her I was addicted. She knows I'm a strong person so she decided not to put me in a program, and I'm off it for about 3 weeks now, the effects I noticed is that I couldn't sleep for the first week
I'm off it for about 3 weeks now, the effects I noticed is that I couldn't sleep for the first week
like at all. I also got my boyfriend to quit to continue dating me, and he's doing a lot better, no more anger outbursts which I experienced towards my mom also. His acne is clearing and he doesn't throw up all the time. I crave sometimes but I don't want to go back because it supposably has the same high as heroin, because I had top grade stuff. And I don't want to be considered a dope head. My boyfriend has horrible insomnia from it and can never sleep, we both have severe depression which before spice was mild. I feel useless and like I want to die. It smells so nasty, and the after smell is rotten fish, you don't want your room to smell like that.... I feel great to say I'm clean and if given any drug test, even one that tested for katy (street name) I will pass. I'm happier without drugs, and while it would be nice, I need to pass high school first at least.

I forgot to also mention that my heart races crazily and I always smoked crazy monkey preferably, sometimes sexy monkey. It's a high that I just want more of, and it does not last long. Most of the time 10-30 minutes. I wouldn't have quit if I wasn't caught. I knew I needed to quit but just didn't cause it makes you honestly not care. Incapable to keep thoughts in your head and because I am so intelligent I thought I had cells to spare. More I go to school I can see my smarts returning now that I try,

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 102647
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 15 
Published: Jan 12, 2016Views: 5,427
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