Sparkly Drugs for Lovers
Citation:   jhoppa. "Sparkly Drugs for Lovers: An Experience with MDMA & 2C-I (exp102656)". Aug 9, 2014.

T+ 0:00
110 mg oral MDMA (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:45 40 mg oral MDMA (powder / crystals)
  T+ 3:40 14 mg   MDMA  
At the time of this writing, there are only seven experience reports on Erowid regarding the combination of 2C-I and MDMA without other drugs. Upon realizing this, I was inspired to write up this report, if only for the sake of data. Unfortunately, this experience took place over two years ago, so many details of the experience have been lost to memory.

At the time of this experience, I had a few experiences with 2C-I and MDMA separately, but not together, as had my partner (F). I have combined LSD with MDMA on a couple occasions and find it to be my single favorite drug experience, while F has never combined MDMA with a psychedelic. I was excited to try a new MDMA/psychedelic combination and I was equally excited to share the experience with F. We have had experiences with a few other substances as well, psychedelic or otherwise: LSD, mushrooms, 2C-C, cannabis, etc.

Neither of us had consumed any psychedelics or MDMA for probably several months prior to this experience, so no tolerance is expected.

F and I had been planning a weekend getaway for quite some time and wanted to make it extra special by adding a new, intimate psychedelic experience to the mix. While both of us are somewhat experienced with psychedelics and have taken them together on several occasions, they had all included other friends as well. This would be our first journey with just the two of us.

Initially, the plan was to try MDMA with 2C-B. Neither of us had tried 2C-B before, which made me a bit nervous about combining it with other drugs right off the bat, but this particular combination is so well-documented and almost universally judged positively that we were willing to go against our normal precautions here. Unfortunately, the 2C-B we procured ended up being of uncertain purity/identity, and without time to procure more, that idea was nixed.

Instead, we decided to try 2C-I combined with MDMA. This had the advantage of being a psychedelic we were both comfortable with, and I recalled that in PIHKAL, 2C-I is often compared favorably with 2C-B (although many other reports contend otherwise). We already had a properly identified batch known to be of good quality, so no worries there.

The plan was to recreate the dosing schedule that Shulgin recommended for 2C-B/MDMA: start with the MDMA, take a booster dose if judged necessary, then eat the 2C-I as the MDMA begins to wane in its effects.

We arrived at our hotel room, spent the rest of the day at the beach right out back, and as night fell, retreated to our room to begin our experiment. As I mentioned above, this report is being written two years in retrospect, so timestamps are approximate at best.

T+0:00: We both eat ~110mg of MDMA. If I remember correctly, this was from a batch that had already been tested and judged to be of good quality. It's about ten to fifteen minutes until we start getting alerts: slight anxiety combined with general 'weirdness.' After another ten to fifteen, this weirdness blossoms into a familiar and peaceful bliss. There is little else to say to one another except that we feel undeniably good. I'm sure we've got some nice music going by now (I tend to make playlists for these types of events).

T+0:45: We can both feel the full effects of the MDMA by this point. We agree that thus far the effects seem somewhat light, likely due to dose (our last MDMA experience several months back had been around 140mg), although we can't decide if we're still on our way up or reaching our peak just yet. We mutually decide that since we packed ourselves booster doses, we might as well keep a good thing going. We both take another ~40mg of MDMA.

T+1:30 Whether the initial dose hadn't fully hit us at the time of the booster or whether the booster had a larger impact on intensity (as opposed to duration, which was the primary goal) than we expected, we are certainly deeper into the experience than we had been 45 minutes ago. To put it simply, we are rolling hard. All the archetypal effects are present: euphoria, emotional openness, a strong desire to connect with loved ones, music appreciation, a slight boost in energy levels, pleasurable sensitivity to touch, dilated pupils and jaw-clenching.

We spend some time simply enjoying the peak experience without doing much else. We lay in bed and cuddle, probably talk about our dog a bit and simply let the effects of the MDMA wash over us. I'm sure that some time is spent kissing and stroking one another's skin, although the mood is one of intimacy rather than eroticism.

Once we are able to regain our composure slightly, we spend some time reaching out via phone and/or text to our dearest friends spread around the world. We both express a desire to reach out to our parents as well, but decide this is not the best idea. Instead, we resolve to contact them in the next couple days and convey as much of our love as possible.

I can't recall if we disrobed at this point, but it seems likely. Again, the mood is not quite erotic at this point. We are enjoying the intimacy of being alone together and the pure pleasure of tactile sensations. I simply want as much of my skin in contact with as much of her skin as possible, and it seems she feels the same. We are absolutely overjoyed to be in one another's lives.

We talk a lot about our relationship. Neither of us perceive any real issues with the relationship, but at the same time, it's quite rare that we sit down and just talk about it, even if just to say that everything seems effortless and wonderful.

T+3:40: The effects of the MDMA are still in felt somewhat strongly, but have begun noticeably waning. We decide this is the ideal time to take our 2C-I. We take ~14mg each. Over the next hour or so, it seems that the effects of the MDMA plateau rather than further diminishing. Rather, the roll continues but slowly changes in character as the 2C-I begins to take effect.

As with the combination of LSD and MDMA, the euphoria and loving feelings of the MDMA begin to take on profound depth as our thought patterns become psychedelic, but this combo is certainly distinct from the candyflip experience. LSD takes the rolling experience in a completely novel direction, quite distinct from either drug alone. 2C-I, instead, seems to me to be more complementary to rolling. The 2C-I headspace is more clear than LSD, and as such, it seems to augment the set created by MDMA. Similarly, 2C-I has always created MDMA-esque pleasurable tactile sensations for me, and this aspect is only realized more fully in combination with MDMA.

I am unsure whether there is some neurological interaction between the two drugs that seems to potentiate the MDMA experience well past when it would typically be fading, or whether the MDMA simply creates a positive, emotionally-open set for the 2C-I to do its work. Either way, F and I both notice that many archetypically empathogenic/entactogenic effects continue even as the roll portion of the experience should be ending.

(As an aside, I've heard the combination of 2C-I and MDMA called 'sparkleflipping.' Prior to this experience, the term seemed silly, but now it feels appropriate. The 2C-I certainly adds what can be adequately described as a sparkle to the MDMA, both literally in terms of visuals, and figuratively in terms of mental effects.)

T+5:30 The 2C-I is approaching its full effect. As mentioned, it seems to perpetuate the MDMA's effects, but by now we are also feeling quite trippy. Persian carpet-style patterning is present on most blank canvasses such as the ceiling, and a painting of a flower in our room seems to be perpetually blooming.

F is experiencing some uncomfortable energy (not atypical for either of us on 2C-I), so we try going for a walk. My mind is occupied with thoughts of how lucky I am, both to be with my wonderful partner and to live with her in such a beautiful setting. It is a visual feast, and the temperature is nice, but it doesn't seem to alleviate the body load like F had hoped, so we eventually head back inside.

At this point the enjoyable tactile sensations of the 2C-I and MDMA and the emotional closeness we've been feeling all night finally takes on a decidedly erotic tone. We go after one another with an intensity seldom experienced, whether sober or intoxicated somehow. Neither of us finds any difficulty in climaxing.

T+8:00??: Effects are beginning to diminish. We have been snuggling in bed for some time now. I feel very little direct effect from the MDMA any longer, although the positive psychological afterglow is undeniable. The 2C-I can still be felt distinctly, with mild visuals (especially CEVs and light tracers), but mentally I feel probably 70-80% back to baseline. I doubt we'd be able to sleep four hours into a typical 2C-I experience, but the exhaustion felt from coming off of MDMA seems to aid us. We simply drift off to sleep at some point without really noticing.

The next day, no significant hangover is felt besides a mild headache and a general lethargy (probably due just as much to the late night as the drugs themselves). We enjoy the rest of our weekend away with slightly more conventional vacation activities.

It's hard to quantify the effect of this experience/weekend on our relationship as a whole (we had already been together for several years, and remain together several years after), but suffice to say that it was an absolutely glowing experience that we will both carry with us well into the future. It became quite apparent to us why similar combinations have been suggested as useful for couple's therapy; while we didn't have any issues to resolve, it felt like we were completing necessary maintenance on our relationship. Perhaps the same could have been accomplished with a weekend alone without drugs, but I can't say either of us have much negative to say about the drugs involved.

One particular item of interest should be added. I seem to have an unusually sensitive stomach when it comes to psychedelics. To put it simply, I get nauseous and vomit pretty much every time I trip. Even psychedelics with no particular reputation for nausea, such as LSD, cause me to vomit about 50% of the time, whereas the 2C-x series brings that number to a full 100%. Many suggestions have been suggested to me: tripping on a full stomach, tripping on an empty stomach, taking pepto-bismol, taking DPH, taking essential oil of lemon, etc. Some of these seem to mitigate my nausea, but not to the extent of preventing emesis.

During this experience, however, I felt only slight twinges of nausea once ingesting the 2C-I, and never even close to needing to vomit. To me, this is absolutely remarkable. I can only speculate that it has something to do with MDMA's serotonin flood occupying receptor sites in the gut typically responsible for nausea, but no matter what the mechanism, it was highly out-of-the-ordinary for me. While I am eager to repeat this combination for a number of reasons (it was fun as hell, for one), I am quite curious to see if this is a consistent result or simply a lucky fluke.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 102656
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Aug 9, 2014Views: 14,681
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