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Meeting Lucy
by Graphum
Citation:   Graphum. "Meeting Lucy: An Experience with LSD (exp102660)". Nov 16, 2020.

1 hit oral LSD


The bulk of my experience with psychedelics has been with mushrooms. I am, however, a regular user of cannabis (on and off) and I’ve had a few encounters with salvia as well as one experience with what I was told was 2C-E.

I was dying to try LSD but had been deeply skeptical for purity reasons. I had always relied on mushrooms so I could be sure of what I was taking.

A friend studying chemistry at a local university had obtained some pure acid from a friend he knew who had personally synthesized it. I made sure he put a couple tabs aside for me. He gave me two and I let them sit in a drawer for nearly 6 months, waiting until I felt I was “ready.”

I had been feeling well and the reading I had been doing had me stoked on tripping again, so when a few other friends got some mushrooms and told me they wanted to trip I figured that now would be a good time to take my acid.

We decided on A’s apartment as a setting. They ate their shrooms and I dropped my acid (single tab) around 11pm. I would have liked to taken it earlier in the night, but that’s how it played out and I didn’t have anything to do the next day, so I wasn’t bothered by the late start.

We chilled in the living room talking and listening to music waiting for the drugs to kick it. The other guys started tripping 30 or 40 minutes later. I was still waiting for the acid to kick in.

A little more than an hour had passed, and I still wasn’t tripping, although my body was getting shivers and my head felt slighter bigger and lighter. This could have been the acid or my nerves. I began to wonder if it would really work.

About an hour and 30 minutes after dosing I realized I was finally starting to trip. My friends on shrooms were playing NHL and I started becoming very distracted by various light traces. The game graphics were beautifully detailed. Almost too much so. “How are you guys not distracted by the reflection on the ice from the stadium lights.” Laughter ensues. “I think I’m starting to trip.”

I closed my eyes to check in on myself now that I could feel the drug kicking in. “This is acid.” I quickly felt a strong peace overcome me as I realized it was working and I could cut my attention from the room and direct it at my body and the visuals. Holy crap, the CEVs. These were not slimy or dark or creepy or crawly or solemn and religious like I was used to with mushrooms. There were shapes playing beneath my eyelids, but they didn’t seem to be focused on or reacting to my attention, which also seemed to be a characteristic of CEVs on mushrooms. They were bright and swirly, with definite shape and dimensionality. This was hugely impressive to me. I applauded them.

I opened my eyes again after having relaxed into a new but not entirely unfamiliar psychedelic state. I spent some time enjoying the colors and waviness of the room. Every flat surface seemed to be embossed with floral and lattice patterns where there were none 20 minutes ago. Wood grains assumed they’re playful fluidity in the same way they do with mushrooms.

The next thing my attention latched onto was the other voices in the room. A circle of people at the other end of the room (us three on psychedelics hadn’t yet left the couch) were playing Kings Cup (a drinking game). Every so often the group would erupt into bouts of yelling and laughter. This irritated me at first. “How obnoxious. I hate drunk people.” I found myself anticipating the silences between the voices and room noises. Silence suddenly felt like a hidden treasure; Something that had infinite possibility and room for thought and imagination in a state like this. When another tide of screaming came, however, I caught a wave of their intense joy. How much they were enjoying themselves. How deep those emotions for that moment. In the name of Dionysus I forgave their drunken fun and laughed at my impatience. It was, however, time to seclude myself. I wasn’t about to join the drinking game and I was sick of watching NHL, and there wasn’t a chance in hell they were getting off the couch. I put on my boots and my jacket and went outside for a walk.

Best decision ever. Free from the pressure of being around others and immersed in the outside world, I was approaching ecstasy. It was a freezing cold night but I couldn’t be bothered by that. The trees seemed to be greeting me, dancing with the wind and my waviness. Without leaves they look like wiggly bundles of nerves, intensely alive and sensitive. The stars were hard to look at. I could get lost in cosmic thoughts. The rays of light from each star shot out, connecting with each and every other star, and then to my eyes, forming grids and patterns. I’m sure it means something to someone who can read these patterns. I’ve noticed this before on mushrooms. As the moon caught my attention, hanging low and yellow in the sky, it startled me. “Holy shit. That thing.” A fit of laughter ensues. “You bastard. You’re really out there.”

I realized I must look really strange. I’d been standing at the end of the driveway for who knows how long in the middle of the night in the freezing cold, and was now laughing really hard while staring at the moon. I decided I should keep walking before someone called the cops. The snow felt amazing crunching under my feet. So detailed and fine-grained. The snow reflecting the street lights was another breathtaking sight. I spend so much time looking at this stuff with intense resentment. For being cold and getting in the way of everything. For clogging up the streets and piling on my car. But my god, is it beautiful when the light hits it.

I didn't want to walk around, because there was so much to look at. I felt extremely silly walking when I knew I had nowhere to go or to be. Being still felt much more natural, but it probably looks strange. The thought about someone calling the cops hadn’t entirely left me, and it was really cold so I decide it was time I headed back inside anyway.

My shrooming buddies were still on the couch, and A was playing youtube videos for them. They were seriously tranced out. I shut myself in A’s bedroom with his brother’s acoustic guitar (which I’m in love with). The room was super trippy as it is. It didn’t have a single fluorescent light in there. He had replaced every bulb with blacklights. This was wild. The blacklights didn’t have radiance or traceries like most other lights. They were like an ink that dyed everything in the room a strange deep purple, including my skin (maybe the shorter wavelengths gave the light a thicker characteristic? this is an afterthought). I liked it anyway.

After sitting to warm up from being outside while enjoying some silence and some serious CEVs, I decided to play guitar. This is always a fun experiment on psychedelics. This was easily the peak of the night (app. 3 in the morning). The vibrations from the guitar filled the room and my body. Everything the sound touched seemed to be screaming with joy, demanding more music. Each note felt huge, and heavy, and utterly significant. A three note phrase contained more meaning, if I paid close attention, then a novel. I understood deeply, like I never had before, why music is so important. The importance isn’t in words and can’t be explained using them precisely because it is above and beyond words in its very nature. Besides life itself, it’s the ultimate zen koan. The only correct answer to “why is music important?” is to play it (or listen to it).

I felt deeply grateful for being able to communicate this way (if only with the room at that moment). I had been given the gift of music from my inspirations and my teachers. I enjoy school and learning, but it all seems somewhat superficial compared to truly inspired music or art. It seems people are in school or other professions mostly to get something out of it. Usually money. Art isn’t about that. Art is for its own sake. This trip was an incredible reaffirmation of this for me.

I finally decided to leave my trippy blacklight cave, put the guitar down, and check in with my other friends. The other guys still hadn’t left the couch. They were coming down. I was still tripping hard. We watched videos of Jimmy Fallon sketches. I must admit, I laughed my ass off. He’s funny as hell. This was good entertainment for a while, but it was getting late and everybody else was ready to go to bed (app. 4:30 in the morning). They made sure I was okay by myself (even though they know I like alone time when tripping) and they took off.

After they left I went to the bathroom. I spent a very long time after that looking at myself in the mirror. This was a ton of fun. My face was shifting shape quite rapidly, and it seemed like I was in control of how I appeared to myself. If I wanted to, I could seem quite ugly and strange, but I could also see myself as extremely friendly and attractive. My skin was slightly see-through. It scared me but if I concentrated I could see my veins and muscle and even my skull through my skin. I then become very intimately aware of the different structures in my body, all while looking at my face in the mirror. It felt like a spotlight was being shown on my different bodily systems. I felt the intelligence in my body that I normally wasn’t aware of that maintained all the functioning in my body that I wasn’t consciously in control of. I was afraid that I might mess up this system if I was too consciously aware of it. I decided this is something I could experiment with on later trips if I wanted, but it scared me at the moment. Freaky stuff.

I went back into the living room and did some stretches and meditation while I was coming down. This felt great and very natural. It was a relief to have normal consciousness creep back into my head and body. The come down after a long trip is actually one of my favorite parts if it’s peaceful. I drove home to sleep in my own bed at around 6:30am. I was still tripping very slightly (do not try to operate vehicles under the influence) but I felt very in control and alert so I wasn’t very worried. If I slept at all that morning it was very lightly. It was too much fun thinking about the experience from the night.

All in all, it was a remarkably successful first encounter with the legendary Lucy. I’m so happy I have another tab.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 102660
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Nov 16, 2020Views: 331
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LSD (2) : Various (28), Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2)

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