To Hell and Back
Spice-Like Smoking Blend ('Blue Hedgehog')
Citation:   Cheeb. "To Hell and Back: An Experience with Spice-Like Smoking Blend ('Blue Hedgehog') (exp102675)". Mar 25, 2020.

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[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]
Not only did I have a bad trip, but the fact that my carelessness and total disregard for the warnings of synthetic marijuana led me to make such a stupid mistake haunts me to this day.

The odd thing about that day; the first and last time I tried the drug nicknamed 'spice', was that before it all happened, I don't remember much about that day. I remember it started with me, and three friends of mine. We'll call them: Jade, Kelsey, and Erin. Kelsey and Erin were sister and brother, and Jade is/was a close friend of mine for many years. The plan was, to pitch in a bit of money, and ride with Kelsey and Erin up to a corner store which sold spice. (not too long after, police raided and got rid of the spice from this and many other shops around the area) I remember thinking about how lucky we were that the guy behind the counter happened to either just be really chill, or assumed Erin was 18, because we were all around 16 at the time.

On the way there, Kelsey and Erin blasted some pretty good music, and me and Jade sat in the backseat, primarily silent which was a bit odd for us two to be in the same place together, but to this day I'm not sure if the reason was because we were enjoying the music or just plain nervous. We soon arrived at the shady little gas station, and gave Erin the money to go in and get the spice. Now, at this point in time I had only smoked marijuana, very occasionally at that as I did not have many connects
at this point in time I had only smoked marijuana, very occasionally at that as I did not have many connects
that I could acquire it from very often, but making an assumption, I can assume that at that time I had smoked it no more than 5 times (which differs extremely presently, now that I have connects and more friends who smoke). Nonetheless I don't recall being very nervous I might add.

Whilst in the car, Kelsey who was more familiar with the drug than we were, but thankfully never was/and is not a very big fan of the drug or its possible side effects at all, told us a bit about it. I'm sure she said something along the lines of 'Yeah, you'll be fucked up in like one hit.' This excited me, a new and eager ally to the drug world. Jade herself I know had never tried it either, and wasn't a big drug user either, and still isn't assumingly due to her athletic involvement in school.

Erin came back and showed us the pack. I remember there was a blue hedgehog on the shiny metallic looking pack, and I'm pretty sure the pack itself said 'blue hedgehog' as well. He allowed us to smell it, then requested an empty water bottle as he only had a small bowl piece with him at the time. Luckily, I being a big water drinker had one on me, so I quickly finished the bottle and handed it to him then he soon began to burn a hole into the bottle with a lighter and proceeded to pack the bowl.

I believe by this point however, we had already begun to drive off into a nearby neighborhood as Kelsey and Erin were paranoid of arousing suspicion. We drove around for a bit to find a place to park for a short time, just enough time to get a couple of hits. We rolled up the windows, and first to take a hit was Erin. I'm not entirely sure when Kelsey took her hit, if at all but I believe she took at least one as being the driver, she didn't want to get too high. I remember Erin passing the bottle to me, still milked and cherried. I took one big hit, thinking it wouldn't be much of anything as weed took me a couple of hits to get high, but as soon as I exhaled, everything was going in slow motion. I probably said something along the lines of 'Oh shit', knowing myself. And passed the water bottle bong to Erin so he could light it again and pass it to Jade.

I remember laughing a whole bunch, particularly me and Jade, and I remember a man standing outside right next to the car we were currently hotboxed in. It looked like he was looking at us for a while, and I remember Erin nervously laughing a bit, telling his sister to drive because the guy was looking at us weird. This aroused more laughter in me and I was soon laying on Jade's lap, both of us laughing seemingly non-stop. This is where the good high stops. I don't remember anything else positive from this point on as I believe I soon blacked out and arrived in what seemed like another dimension. I convinced myself, it was hell.

I remember vibrant colors, then I somewhat snapped back into reality however I was still tripping, and things began to worsen. Certain situations would happen, then replay themselves as if I were watching a recording of us and rewinding, then replaying it over and over. This induced panic in me. I remembered reading Dante's Inferno in English the year before, and it goes over many various fictional punishments in hell. Because of this connection, I began to think to myself that the reasoning behind the re-playing situations in my mind/vision were because we were all in fact in hell. I also came to this conclusion because we were driving pretty recklessly at a couple points in time, so I associated this with hell by assuming we had got into a car accident and went to hell because we were high as hell on drugs and driving around. Situations kept replaying themselves, we hit a sharp turn in the car, followed by Erin's shrieks and scolding of Kelsey for driving that way; that situation was continuously replayed. As I gained this mindset (the reason that I kept getting these 'replay' hallucinations was, in my mind because we were in hell) I began to panic more, and scream and yell more than I ever have needed to in my life. Bloody murder screams you could say.

Situations kept replaying, I kept screaming 'No...NO!!' my mind raced, voices were in my head repeating 'I'm in hell', I could hear only a bit of the music that was playing in the car during my trip. I began to hear 'Dude, are you okay?' assumingly from Erin. and more memorable 'Bro, you good?' from Jade. These words rung in my head for days after the trip was over. I came back to reality for a second at this point, enough to say 'Yeah, I'm fine', trying to act as though everything was okay
I came back to reality for a second at this point, enough to say 'Yeah, I'm fine', trying to act as though everything was okay
even though I was realizing that I had just acted crazy as hell. We approached a familiar stoplight not far at all from my house (which is where they intended to drop me off as they figured I was tripping too hard and their plan was to go back to school) I informed them that I knew what was going on, and that we were in hell because we shouldn't have been smoking the spice, and other details of what was going on through my head to which Erin surprisingly nonchalantly replied 'Nuh uh..dude I don't believe you...' If he were sober, I'm almost positive that at this point in time he would have told me to snap out of it and that I was just tripping too hard.

The windows were rolled down and I began to stick my head out and yell out for help. I stuck a good portion of my body out of the window and nearly jumped out for whatever reason, Kelsey proceeded to roll up the window and we soon made the next turn near my house. They did not know exactly where I lived, so I assume at one point in time I gave them partial directions in order for them to even be in the vicinity of my house. They asked me where I lived and whenever I thought to tell them, a sense of anxiety and almost uncertainty raced through my head. 'I' 'No it's..I think it's over wait..uh?' We had passed my neighborhood by this time and I think part of the reason I wasn't able to give them directions was because I didn't want to. I had originally planned to go back to school as well, the last thing I needed was to be dropped off at home with my grandmother there whilst I was on a bad trip. I believe I zoned in and out of awareness/consciousness and the next thing I remember is us dropping Jade off at her job at Mcdonalds. I remember Jade saying 'Look after her, alright?' to which Kelsey replied 'We got her, don't worry'. She instructed me to put my legs up on the seat and stretch them out to try and chill out, and from then on until we arrived at the school, I can't remember many key points.

We got to school, and I was coming down a little, but I needed to sit down. I requested Erin sit down with me but he declined so I walked with him to the cafeteria, where I soon found myself asleep at the table. Unbeknownst to me, I napped for quite some time despite the bit of noise in the cafeteria. It was after school hours so not too many people were there. I remember using the money I had left to scavenge for food, a Texas Pete honeybun (which I saw Erin eating) and a bag of goldfish from the machine. Not too long after I followed Erin again to where he was speaking with some associates of mine, telling the whole story as glorified and exaggerated as possible I'm sure, although considering the trip, I guess there wasn't too much to exaggerate. I remember feeling embarrassed and asking him to quit telling everyone to which he simply chuckled and replied 'Sorry, but that was so crazy'. I was primarily down, however I was still not totally sober. An acquaintance of mine asked for a stapler to which I swore she said hole puncher and brought her a big hole puncher back. Everyone in the area looked at me confusedly and laughed a bit and told me they asked for a stapler, which made me even more embarrassed, but it wasn't too unbearable at the time.

I went home that day thinking about the trip, Jade texted me and asked if I was okay, and I wasn't even sure myself. It was an EXTREMELY terrifying experience and to this day when I'm asked exactly what happened during the trip, I am unable to fully express the emotions, and apparent hallucinations, as well as terror that were going through me at that time, just by talking about it. For a long period after that, (and I'm sure, even to this day) Erin found the need to tell everyone he knew about how bad I was tripping, which certainly angered me for a while as I would have mutual friends come up to me daily saying 'Hey I heard what happened' and laugh and joke about it a bit, but at this point in time, everything has primarily calmed down, and I can sometimes even find it in me to joke about it myself. Sometimes there will be little side jokes from friends about the trip, but it's pretty rare so I've learned to just laugh it off.

There were many more things that happened this day that I wouldn't even be able to tell you myself because I literally do not remember, but Jade, Kelsey, and Erin all have little key events that they remember, that I don't as much. For example: I allegedly smacked the water bottle bong out of Erin's hand as he offered me another hit, I allegedly began hitting Jade and Erin for whatever reason, I allegedly began shaking to the point where Jade thought I was having a seizure, etc.

To this day, I'm not sure what caused the bad trip, although the three friends I was with that day often give many of their own theories as to why. Regardless, I would never do it again and I do NOT recommend it to anybody.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 102675
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 16
Published: Mar 25, 2020Views: 1,020
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