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No Effect Junk
by m11_is_junk
Citation:   m11_is_junk. "No Effect Junk: An Experience with bk-MDDMA (exp102680)". Mar 30, 2014.

T+ 0:00
4 mg oral Ondansetron (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:00 150 mg oral Pharms - Lamotrigine (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:00 2 mg oral prazosin (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:30 150 mg oral bk-MDDMA (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:41 80 mg oral bk-MDDMA (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:30 104 mg oral bk-MDDMA (powder / crystals)
  T+ 3:15 215 mg oral bk-MDDMA (powder / crystals)
  T+ 3:45 230 mg oral bk-MDDMA (powder / crystals)


This is lab tested bk-mddma AKA dimethylone AKA m11 AKA 1-benzo[1,3]dioxol-5-yl-2-(ethyl-methyl-amino)-propan-1-one.

T-24:00 (day before) : allergy test 5 mg of dimethylone weighed on a microgram scale to +- 0.01 mg (10 mcg). decided against taking full dose that night due to lack of information on drug. I have been told by scientists and am able to guess that the HCL addition to dimethylone will just break off in the stomach or liver so I'm not overly worried as i have had 100's if not 1000 grams of methylone to my experience.

-05:00 - ingest 4 mg zofran (anti-nausea drug) with the expectation of eating in an hour or two and then in about 4 hours ingesting 150 mg dimethylone.

-03:00 - Have some light appitizers with friends who do not know that i do drugs any more. I know this is not the best idea, but i intend to take zofran

-00:30 - Ingest 4mg Zofran (ondansteron) to kill nausea and slightly bring the level down (ondasteron has, in my experience, actually eased the come up of methylone and other drugs such as 2c-c at heroic doses (150 mg plus). The experience is just easier when you take ondansteron, do not know how else to describe it. There are reports in scientific literature that state this. I also take 150 mg lamictal and 2 mg prazosin as prescribed for nightmares by a VA doc when i admitted myself for suicidal feelings. I also feel that prazosin being an adreanaline antagonist will calm this down and keep me from htn and tachycardia.

00:00 - give a small prayer to the god of Christianity simply saying 'Keep me safe god' ingest 150 mg of dimethylone.

00:05 - doubt anything, but a bit tired and a slight headache from the day's labours

00:09 - Feeling something. Surprised that it is coming on this fast.

00:12 - Felt a slight warm sensation in my stomach as though i just drank a shot of whiskey or rum. Whiskey and Rum have a Different feeling than if i take a shot of vodka.

00:15 - write backstory so it is fresh in my mind while i wait to come up. I expect it to take longer than normal from having eaten about

00:17 - hum get that pre-alert feeling again for a bit. and this time the deep breath starts (this is my first alert, i get a beginning of wanting to take a nice deep breath because it feels good). For me it just feels like you are

00:18 - starting to feel the beginnings of arousal in my genital region (penis starts to tingle). As i am writing i start to feel it more. This is great as I have very few if any sexual desires. Thinking back now I do miss some of it but do not feel the need to pursue sex as drugs have been my choice of recreation in the last 3-5 years.

00:19 - kinda feeling tired but really getting that pre-roll feeling. it is hard to describe unless you have been here. it feels like a great relaxation. the anxiety is gone on this one. I attribute it to the ondasteron taken previously.

00:20 - a bit stronger but goes away. I wonder if this is the way dimethylone works, if it comes in waves goes away and waves in again. I almost want some of my 2c-c (my favorite recreational psychedelic as its so easy but at heroic doses (100+ mg) it is a full on trip but no seeing god or anything like that. 2c-c feels mostly mental and not
physical. I also am tempted to take a few mushrooms i have but know that it is not a good idea. I some times have a difficult time keeping things under control but i

00:22 - another small prayer as i forgot to actually pray. 'dear god help me have a good time and be safe, let me write a great trip report for erowid and help it get published so others can have some references. and help me have a good time'

00:23 - another wave, still small but a bit more powerful. if i focus it can be a bit more intense. Still tired, but not as tired. I attribute being tired to having slept horrible the last few nights.

00:27 - still writing the back story, a few times i lose my thoughts but that is normal and always has been. This loss of thought pattern is known by my doc.

00:30 - still writing but want to update, the waves did not come back yet. i do realize my breathing is a bit more rapid. i take my pulse ox again hr 85, spo2 99%. I am a smoker so this is impressive to me. I turn on some music. I go with plumb and the original version of 'In my arms'. But was almost going to play 'i don't deserve you now acoustic version'. I will add that to the play queue. I also add 'Need you now (How Many Times)' by plumb.

00:33 - typing is getting a bit easier and im typing faster (i normally type about 150 wpm and note that i am near 250. i am typing with only very minute errors (read as 1 error versus my normal 3-5 when i type 150 wpm)). Notice breathing again. Cough as i had a cig earlier this evening and notice the phlegm comes up in about 2-3 halfassed coughs.

00:35 - interesting that my lungs are starting to open up. is this an effect of dimethylone? Starting to want something faster paced. Change to remix versions of the songs above. the version i listen to sounds eh at first, but has a decent drop. maybe i just dont like dub anymore. its possible. Change to seven lions still wtih me but nothing great. no music appreciation. Normally i have much music appreciation, but recently it has gone. im hoping to get it back.

00:37 - kinda disappointed in the lack of activity. if i reach the hour mark with nothing i will add another 50 mg. I read that a good dose is 300 mg but im a little hesitant to take that much the first time. I do want to roll well though.

00:38 - face feels like its beginning to flush like a niacin flush after taking a large dose of niacin.

00:39 - music is a bit better but still eh. I almost want silence.

00:41 - writing more of the background.

00:49 - feeling a bit of warmth but nothing to write home about. i do know im slightly intoxicated but it feels like i had one drink. surprisingly im very relaxed. odd.

00:50 - realise im writing a lot, but in the name of science this is needed. a good TR will go a long way in HR.

00:51 - i realize that the original version of i don't deserve you is on. the chorus where plumb goes high on 'and when i *walk away*' always is enoyable to me. i replay it as its chill but kinda upbeat.

00:52 - maybe this is not as fast acting because of the food. in fact it probably is. i believe dimethylone is a prodrug of methylone as described above. so maybe it just takes time to work. I'm normally one to go and browse other places on the web but heck i need to document this for people. i must document.

00:53 - i can tell my bp is getting a bit high but im not worried. i am too lazy to take my bp. i suspect it is in the 140/90's as i know when that happens because once in a while i can see my heart pounding through my eyes (it looks like when i am inserting a contact and press down and the world gets a bit wider or taller for a few seconds due to the change in shape of the cornea).

00:55 - still kinda disappointed. oh well, my vendor gave me a good deal as they were out of 6-apb. I was happy with that. they treated me well.

00:56 - maybe a bit more of a come up. I have been in bed the entire time and don't feel like moving still. odd. I stretch my legs and can tell there is some action as it has the better than normal feeling that i get when stretching on methylone and 2c-c/other psychs. considering having a smoke but honestly don't feel like it. another
cough but it's dry. i try again a bit of something, but this is just a smokers cough.

00:57 - close my eyes for a minute and feel like i could fall asleep. i yawn which either means that im going to bed soon or just about to come up. i sure hope i come up. my eyes feel like i am stoned on some good medical grade weed.

00:59 - i feel a bit of a wave now. maybe it takes an hour or so to come up. if i dont feel anything in 20-30 minutes i decide 75 mg might be best. i want to take it now, but really really need not to.

00:55 - take my vitals. HR 81, spo2 99% - i realize that im 5 minutes fast and look back to where i went wrong with my times on the tr. i have no clue. times are shifted by 5 minutes for the last few posts, this one is correct. this is not due to being inebriated.

01:00 - really about to give up on this. slight warmth. does this stuff work or am i just that full from a few boneless chicken wings. im bored and yawning a bit more than normal.u wonder if this has less SRA action than methylone making me a bit more tired.

01:03 - start trailer park boys the movie. seriously i feel more bored than ever. i decide to urinate and drink some liquids just for a bit of hydration (i take about 4 fl oz as i do not want to have water intoxication).

01:05 - decide to go for a smoke in hopes it gives me something.

01:11 - come back in. my heart rate is up a bit, but always does. orthostatic hypotension. as i sit back down and measure out 80 mg of dimethylone in hopes i get something out of this.

01:15 - take 80 mg. lets try this again.

01:25 - nothing much yet a bit of warmth in the legs but i can attribute that to other things

01:42 - might have first alerts. this is 27 minutes past 80 mg

01:50 - nothing much. decided to take 70 mg to bring me to 300 total.

01:51 - yawning. slight jaw clenching. might be something i'll wait for about 5-10 minutes then take the 104 mg and go for broke. im determined to get effects

02:00 - take 104 mg

02:10 - meh, nothing really. really disappointed.

02:12 - kinda have the feeling i will soon want to make some music. so maybe its working. nothing much has been written over the last while because there is nothing new

02:45 - nothing really so im just gonna keep trying, someones gotta do it. another 215 mg ingested. so disappointed. i thought this would be a good methylone replacement as it is being produced in such bulk. im thinking this is just being produced because it can be converted from methylone to dimethylone.

03:15 - maybe something? drank some water and went out for a quick cig. i hope i didnt waste the money take another 230 because theres NOTHING

Conclusion: minor stimulation. probably need to take a large dose when you first start. after taking another 200 mg i have concluded it is junk.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 102680
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 30, 2014Views: 31,373
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bk-MDDMA (625) : Alone (16), First Times (2)

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