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Dimethylone - M11 Testing
Citation:   ThatOneGuy. "Dimethylone - M11 Testing: An Experience with bk-MDDMA (exp102685)". Dec 21, 2017.

  repeated smoked Cannabis (daily)
  200 mg oral bk-MDDMA (capsule)
Set/Setting : At home, at night with the significant other.

Previous Medication : Over the last few days I've ingested 1g of cubensis, mdma and M1. I am an experienced user and abuser. I do not take any prescribed or unprescribed pharmaceuticals. Weed is a constant for me and has accompanied me on every chemical journey thus far.

9:40 - Oral dose of 200mg Dimethylone M11 bk-MDDMA

10:10 - Feeling some effects come on. Definite change in head space.

11:00 - For those wondering how this compares to methylone, I feel this is less stimulating, however the visuals seem similar. I'm going to pin this at a 100-150mg experience on methylone.

12:00 - Just finished watching V for Vendetta. I've seen it before and usually it would stir me emotionally. Surprisingly it did not. This could be due to my evolved world views, or that dimethylone lacks empathogenic effects. I also want to note that I am feeling more stimulated than before.

1:15 - Seems I'm close to baseline again.

Comments : Dimethylone, or M11, as it is being marketed, is a much lighter color than Methylone, and more powdery. It is also less dense than Methylone, forcing me to use two gelcaps for 200mg of M11, as opposed to one with Methylone. M11 also causes some gastrointestinal issues, nothing out of the norm for experienced travelers. I will be attempting this trial again with 400mg next time.

-- Next day I went to the park dosing 400mg. I would peg this to a ~200mg dose of M1, with slightly lessened and delayed stimulation. Unlike M1, M11 does not give me the strong urge to redose repeatedly, which I assume is due to the lessened stim effects. The OEVs are identical to M1.

Onset : 15-30 minutes
Duration : 3-6 hours
After Effects : 12-24 hours

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 102685
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 21, 2017Views: 3,192
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bk-MDDMA (625) : General (1), Unknown Context (20)

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