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Stopped Smoking After Acid
LSD (or DOx sold as LSD)
by zeus
Citation:   zeus. "Stopped Smoking After Acid: An Experience with LSD (or DOx sold as LSD) (exp102698)". Jun 8, 2020.

1 hit oral Unknown (blotter / tab)
About me: regular marihuana and tobacco consumer since age 14, long interested in psychedelics but no trips until trying blotters sold as LSD at age 28.

About this report: I took them three times over 1 year, a blotter a time, and this report is a retrospective of all three. Instead of chronological detail, it will discuss a) a rough account of the various effects it had on me, b) how I quit smoking after my third trip, and c) the possibility of it being DOB (or DOI?) instead of LSD.

My welcome into the world of psychedelia was utter beauty. We were sitting in a nice spot full of flowers in a park in Beijing. It took almost 2 hours until we felt something; the come-up was gradual and first felt like a weed-high. Suddenly I grew fully aware of the flowers surrounding us: I saw every single plant individually, simultaneously, moving slowly in the wind, alive. It felt like seeing the real world.

All three trips were extremely long, with hallucinations persisting for 20+ hours, and another 10h of mental exhaustion. Impossible to sleep for 40 hours. In all three trips, I experienced all of the following, very different, mental states/images/perceptions:

- fractal-like moving visual distortions, particularly on tree barks, walls, edges etc; many other mild visual effects
- synaesthesia in the sense that I strongly experienced moods that had both a color (e.g. An incredible blue), words, sounds, a texture (e.g. Felt, cotton), and a distinct taste or mouthfeel. Usually attributes I associated with my childhood in anthroposophic environments
- deep awe for nature, deep compassion with the weak and suffering, very warm, 'organic' feelings.
- on the other hand, very cold, industrial feelings, thoughts of post-apocalyptic life, full of pollution, medication and machine noise.
- at nighttime, spooky witchwood-like thoughts, as I would imagine from Nightshades or Toadstool; e.g. The whole house is alive, little sounds and lifeforms crawl everywhere; weird madness; no panic, just like a feverish dream
- emotionless abstract braingames; e.g. An awareness of the extremely fast 'mathematical' processes in my brain, accompanied by the sound similar to computer processors (tssssshh..tsrrriiii...); the feeling that these processes are working fractal-like algorithms. Sound imagination like playing with an oscillator and echo effect, with a little broken jazz. Or just geometrical forms drifting quietly in space.
- Feeling of responsibility for the group, like 'were just a bunch of little children and do no harm, but we have to take good care of one another in this big frightening city'
- if needed, a calm, sincere and direct mindset. I could be still, go into my memory to look for the past; or clearly articulate my thoughts and feeling about a certain issue when somebody talked to me.

I stopped smoking cigarettes, because my third trip, on a wonderful beach in Lantau Island, Hong Kong, was particularly emotional. I cried about 2 hours into the open sea, just letting out so much stuff that was buried there. Much of the emotion was mourning; mourning for my dead grandparents; for my ageing parents; for my girlfriend being crippled by burnout; for the forests destroyed so recklessly; our food system so hostile to life; life is so beautiful, so extremely precious, we should celebrate and mourn - look how long it took that tree to grow so nice! Look at the water buffalo, this gorgeous calm being! Look and all those little crabs! - and I grew aware of how respectlessly I treated my own precious body, smoking so many cigarettes and exposing it to so much industrial shit. I felt intoxicated, had fits of coughing until the bile oozed from my mouth. I imagined how it's like to be old, when you're not so strong anymore, with a wrecked lung, coughing, and there's just nothing you can do about it. You're thoroughly polluted and slowly die. That was so sad it made me cry even more.

I can confirm the enormous therapeutic potential of psychedelics, to treat addictions, to do memory work, to confront suppressed issues, to turn reckless assholes into compassionate humans etc... Fantastic drugs! Albeit a bit of a long march. -

Now, although much of what I experienced fits descriptions of LSD (as what it was sold), the drug I took may well have been a phenethylamine. The bitter blotter, the long come-on, the looooong trip, and some of the body load (coughing in the third, plus utterly poisoned feeling and nausea in the second) most closely matches descriptions of DOB.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 102698
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 28
Published: Jun 8, 2020Views: 1,871
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