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Near Overdose and Insanity
AMT, Etizolam & Alcohol
by Anon
Citation:   Anon. "Near Overdose and Insanity: An Experience with AMT, Etizolam & Alcohol (exp102764)". Jan 17, 2016.

7 oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  6 mg oral Etizolam (pill / tablet)
  250 mg oral AMT (powder / crystals)
Summer last year I had been doing MDMA on a regular basis and I wanted to try something new, I had experimented with other research chemicals before like Pentedrone and MDPV and I decided to order some more drugs online. I bought 500 mg of AMT and 10 1 mg pills of Etizolam. My first mistake that night was mixing benzos and alcohol. I was drunk out of my mind and wasn't thinking clearly. My mom had her friend were over and they knew I was drinking but didn't know I was doing drugs that night. I went into my room and took roughly half of the AMT from the 500 mg bag. I was feeling really good at this point, I was relaxed and happy and then things went bad.

I told my mom about me doing the benzos and the AMT, I was so happy with life at this point I expected her to be okay with it, I was wrong. She sent her friend home and told me to go to bed and this was about 2 hours after I had taken the AMT and I was sobering up from the alcohol. AMT is a very long-lasting trip and there was no way I was going to go to bed. My thoughts are jumbled and I see vivid patterns kinda like my visuals on LSD I no longer feel tied to reality and my mom realized this and decided to calm me down by watching a movie with me.

After this point I remember everything in a nightmarish haze. We are watching something I don't know what and my mom was looking at me concerned as I was nearly incoherent. I snap back into consciousness and I am in the kitchen and my mom says she wants to take me to the hospital because I told her how much I took and it is three times the 'heavy dose'. I keep on snapping between reality and dream world. The words 'We are going to the hospital' keep on repeating in my head I later found out I was repeatedly asking my mom to take me to the hospital. All of a sudden I am in my mom's car and I don't know how I got there and I tried jumping out of the car while on a highway but I couldn't get my seat belt off.

All of a sudden I am in an Ambulance and I see faces looking at me I recognize my mother and I see a paramedic. My whole body hurts and I started crying. I was strapped tightly laying down and I couldn't feel my arms and I was convinced I lost my limbs in a horrible accident and I was being rushed to the hospital and I start screaming that I lost my arms. They told me everything was okay and I didn't lose any body parts but I didn't believe them I had never felt so traumatized in my life it was like hell was real and I was in it. I started thrashing and crying and everyone was looking at me half concerned and half disgusted. They inject me with sedatives and I was so high on AMT it didn't even faze me.

Then I am in a hospital strapped down injected with all sorts of sedatives still visuals are swirling over my eyes and I am convinced I am in some sort of limbo. But at this point I was at peace and I accepted my death and I spent the entire night with my eyes wide open in some sort of dream state. Then reality hits and I have IV's and a urinary catheter.

I later find out the details about the night and apparently my mom called the ambulance and they came I was running around without my shoes on and they tried to subdue me. I bit one paramedic and scratched the other. At this point they stopped trying to be gentle and smashed my face into the pavement, they nearly broke my wrists and tied them so tight I had no feeling in my hands for two weeks, and I had deep cuts with gravel and dirt all messed up in them. A police helicopter and two cop cars came because I was deemed dangerous.

I haven't told many people this story because it is extremely embarrassing. I have pretty much stopped my drug use after this. I feel like AMT could be a great substance if used in the right environment and with the right mindset. But for me this was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life for me and my mom. I nearly died from overheating my pulse was at about 150 for the entire night and I felt sick and disoriented for about a week after this. I hope everyone else who uses AMT takes the necessary precautions because I wouldn't wish my experience on anyone.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 102764
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16
Published: Jan 17, 2016Views: 3,222
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AMT (7) : Combinations (3), Overdose (29), Bad Trips (6), Various (28)

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