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Seeing Everything Through a Different Eye
by Rose
Citation:   Rose. "Seeing Everything Through a Different Eye: An Experience with DMT (exp102794)". Jul 31, 2019.

25 - 35 mg smoked DMT (powder / crystals)


I had always wanted to try DMT. It really interested me as soon as I'd heard about the drug. I had experience with quite a few other drugs already and DMT was one of the few drugs I wanted to try that I haven't yet.

The DMT I smoked was white, it didn't have that yellowish tint I've seen before. I'm still shocked at the potency of a tiny amount of this drug. I poured probably like .3 of a tenth into a bowl. I felt like I should have done more, because I always thought you needed a whole tenth to really feel the drug, but I was told by my boyfriend who I was with that it was really potent, so I just tried that little bit. I'm usually not nervous for new drugs, besides my first ever time tripping, but the idea of going from sobriety to tripping and not coming up was frightening to me. I knew I would like it though, and smoking it only lasts a few minutes anyway.

So I smoked the DMT out of a metal pipe. A lot of people put weed under the DMT, but I was just trying to see what DMT alone felt like. I held the lighter above it, so I didn't burn it and let it melt. I took the biggest hit I could and held it in until this crazy feeling came over me. I held it in for maybe 5 seconds and I was already tripping so hard by the time I blew it out. I was overcome by this feeling of everything opening up, my pores and my senses. I later described it as how when you see a flower bud grow into a flower on a video in fast motion, because everything just comes alive so fast. My body had this beautiful, light feeling that I would imagine heroin to feel like. It just felt like I was floating with clouds. There was also this extremely intense ringing that took up my whole hearing and made everything else sound like it was outside of background sounds. I said 'what the fuck...' out loud. Haha xP

I was really just taken aback by this drug because there was no come up, it took over me completely. With other psychedelics I feel like I'm pretty in control of the trip. My mind is very altered but it's just altering my reality while DMT became my reality. Anyway, my boyfriend said 'its okay babe' (he didn't smoke it yet) and I was thinking in my head that I was gonna say 'I know its okay this is just fucking crazy' but I was speechless. I was told a lot of people close their eyes on DMT. I tried but my eyes didn't wanna stay closed
my eyes didn't wanna stay closed
. I looked around and the visuals were so intense. Literally everything was moving and my senses were completely morphed. I felt like I was looking at everything through a different eye. I felt like I was hearing everything through different ears, and so on. It wasn't just heightened sense like other drugs, it was completely new. I've got to say this was the strangest feeling I've ever felt. It was really intense for maybe 2-3 minutes, and it started to die down. It still felt pretty intense and I felt so far out of this world for another 4 minutes or so, but the first initial minutes were the peak.

Once I took it all in and the peak was sort of dying down, I started laughing uncontrollably. I just looked at my boyfriend's dog and all around the room and the colors were just so ...agh, idk. This is the hardest thing to explain. I felt like I was seeing everything in a new dimension. My boyfriend asked me if I still felt it and I said yeah but its dying down and was really surprised by the sound of my own voice. It just sounded so weird and so did my boyfriend's. That's the only thing that 'tripped me out'. I feel like next time I would just want to be silent til its over. Its just really disassociating so its something that's weird to talk to someone on.

I didn't 'blast off' but I definitely felt more than I expected to. I wasn't ready to blast off yet because I just wanted a taste of the drug, and I've got to say its the strangest drug I've ever experienced. I really liked it but its not something I ever crave.
I really liked it but its not something I ever crave.
I want to try smoking a whole tenth of it while rolling because I know I'll be down for the whole thing then, but the reason I found the drug so strange isn't the feeling I got when I first blew out, its the feeling I got when I came back to reality. It just feels strange coming back to sobriety. I felt like I had just gone into this vortex that the human mind couldn't possibly understand and I just got a glimpse of.

I definitely gained some insight but this drug was a trip for my senses more than my mind. It was all coming from my mind, but I wasn't thinking deep things on it, I was experiencing this deep thing already within myself. This is why its so unlike other drugs where I'm thinking so many thoughts. I would like to eventually blast off with DMT. I think it would be cool. It was very mind-blowing, but I just had to let the drug do what it wants to me and enjoy the ride.

DMT is something I feel like I'll never understand. I can sort of piece together other drug experiences, but this one was so complex. I feel like it's something I cant understand until death. It's really a wonder. I know everything has a deeper meaning, but I feel like DMT has an extremely deep meaning that no one can fully wrap their mind around. It's very beautiful though. For me, it made me see how truly complex we are. There is infinite knowledge and possibilities and geometry and it all makes sense but we can't piece it together yet.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 102794
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Jul 31, 2019Views: 478
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DMT (18) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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