Alladins Magic Carpet
Citation:   earthdweller. "Alladins Magic Carpet: An Experience with AL-LAD (exp102795)". Jan 7, 2018.

450 ug sublingual AL-LAD (blotter / tab)
    repeated vaporized Cannabis (plant material)
I have a long history with psychedelic drugs. Many years experience with all sorts of them. I have taken LSD hundreds on hundreds of occasions and can distinguish dosage very accurately -- I have known the dosage for a long time. I have almost equal experience with mushrooms and am extremely well versed with vaporized DMT. I have taken mescaline, 2C-B, and MDMA dozens of times as well, and have experimented with most RC's. I have been a regular cannabis smoker for a while as well, although sometimes I quit for a while. Around the time of this report THC use was in full throttle however, and we vaporized it throughout.

I dropped 3 AL-LAD tabs from a very trusted and reliable souce that were dosed at 150ug a piece Saturday at 5pm. I had only eaten a small meal at about 2pm, but had not otherwise eaten since lunch Friday. I took these with a friend who is somewhat new to me and to psychedelics as well, at his apartment. The last time I took a psychedelic was 12 days ago.

5:00pm – T+0:00 – I take the blotters. Completely tasteless.

6:00pm – T+1:00 – I can feel it coming on. We had been vaping some bags and otherwise chilling, then we put on the movie, Timescapes.

I don’t remember looking at a clock until 9:00pm so I can’t accurately describe time at all until then.
Anyway at some point we start the movie. It was an epic film for its mere 45 minute length. It’s just a bunch of time lapses and slow-motion nature shots to nice music filmed in 4k.

After this was over my friend realized that he had forgotten about a friend of his that was coming by to grab something today, and was apparently at the bottom floor now. I had met the friend a couple times, so it was no trouble to go down with.

I go down and this is when I am realizing that this is kicking in very nicely. I honestly remember little of the encounter, but what made it remarkable was that when he went back upstairs, a neighbor of his that I had also met and is not really a nuisance came by to say hey with a friend of his. This is what happened. But this is not what I thought happened at all. I watched them enter, but I was paying so little attention because of the crazy vivid thoughts that were going on, that for whatever reason I thought that the entire time they were there that they were his friends that we had just seen downstairs. I talked to them and looked right at them. I can’t honestly say whether they just looked like them or if I just didn’t register who I was talking to.

It was like if I thought something, it didn’t matter whether it was really real or not. It was perceived as wholly real to me. Here, I realized that I was tripping very hard.

They didn’t stay long. We then start the movie Mulholland Drive. I would guess it was about 8 something. I should mention that I didn’t really feel stoned at all once the Aladdin kicked in.

We are watching the movie, and I am just very fucking high. I have been realizing that my memory massively impaired right now. I think, “I can remember things, but just not in order.” If I would say something I could hardly finish the thought. I would forget what I was doing every 15 seconds. It was my decision to play Mulholland Drive, which I had seen before, but I still had to ask my friend twice a minute what we were watching.

Some time in, my friend asks if the video looks weird. It is now that I notice that on the screen, everywhere there is a line that comes from changes is color, there is a line of a letter in that “groovy” font from the 60’s. So there is just writing literally in the movie, like it’s a part of it. I think “Wow! David Lynch (director’s name), you’re a fucking genius! How could anyone pull this off?”

I thought that my friend had said that he had seen this recently on movies, like it was a thing torrent uploaders were doing (It was a torrented file). So now the font is EXTRMELY prevalent. It looks just like someone had superimposed different images of this font over the film, like a watermark. So now I was thinking, “Wow, well this is cool. It doesn’t really detract from the movie that much, so I guess I’m ok with it.” Then a few minutes later I realize that the font isn’t there as much, so I get closer to the screen and see that it was just the fucking drug the whole time and I am just waaaaayy higher than I thought I was going to be.

The movie is a trip within itself and we watch maybe a half hour, before I realize I am very hungry and my friend agrees. There is a calzone shop a minute walk away, so we decide to go there. As we are walking there I started thinking extremely clearly, seeing through all of this perceived bullshit that we are prescribed by society. Meanwhile I was seeing things within the air, as well as wonderful beautiful snowflakes a half foot in diameter everywhere on the sidewalk. The visuals are mindblowing. Everything is mindblowing.

We get there and I order. I think I am slurring my words. While we were waiting we ran into two women I vaguely know, but am not favorable of. I was absurdly inarticulate. I could think in clear sentences in my head, but when I would talk, I would slur 5 words into one. It probably sounded like gibberish, but I felt like they knew what I was talking about anyway, so it didn’t matter. I was honestly getting impatient because it felt like people should already know what I was thinking. These people were trying to be polite and talk to me, but I could see right through them. I didn’t want to even talk right now, and I could tell that all they wanted to do was talk about themselves. These petty sober people. I pictured them as these things that I just had to wind like a watch, except in this case I just had to listen to their inane bullshit until they were out of it. All they wanted to do was talk about themselves to build their egos up. Meanwhile, mine was being torn out of me like a tumor.

At this time I realize I am EXTREMELY overstimulated. In addition to talking to them and waiting on food in a loud place with very bright, flashy lights and loud music, there is a tv on across the room and above my head. I turn the tv off above me. Combined with the drug, this was too much for me. This entire scene makes me utterly appalled about the direction our culture has taken. We are obsessed with shallow momentary pleasure, material goods, and being better than everyone else because we are actually insecure. We have lost patience, focus, and need gross amounts of stimulation to not feel bored.

I get the food and we go back to his apartment to eat, to get the hell out of this place. Once back, I am beginning to fully peak. I sit down and look at my laptop to write down some profound thoughts that I had about the direction of my life that I had in the last half hour. I tried to type, but when I looked at the keyboard it looked as if it had been flipped horizontally, so that the number pad was on the left and caps lock was on the right. I tried to touch-type, which I can do well. It was as if I had never typed before. I was so clumsy. I got one out of every 3 or 4 letters right. It was frustrating since I really wanted to write down these thoughts, since they were so important to me and my memory was gone.

What was beyond bizarre about this was that when I looked at the screen, the sentence I was typing was literally going right to left, just like the keyboard. For a long moment, my entire field of vision had flipped. I gave up on typing, and gave full focus on eating and drinking. I realized I was very thirsty as well as hungry. Hours later, when I looked back at that document, I was shocked to see that I hadn’t actually been typing backwards, and I had just seen it that way.

I was really just extremely impaired. I had an overarching sense of not knowing what was happening for a while. After the overstimulation at the calzone shop, I felt like I wanted to meditate and my friend whole-heartedly agreed. I really need it, as I felt super anxious, which is completely opposite my normal self.

I laid down and listened to Apollo: Atmosphere’s and Soundtracks, which is one of my favorite works of all time, and was just a vacation in itself. I laid back and lost touch. I remember noticing how amazing the body high was. It was much more full and euphoric than LSD usually is. I felt so good that I just disappeared. I felt like I was just going to slip into unconsciousness from feeling so good. I could hardly move.

We chilled like this from about 10:15 until about 12:00am. Then we were really mellowed and just discussed the experience for an hour and half or so. Then a good friend stopped by whom was going to join us today, but could not. We relayed the experience to him while vaping a couple bowls of tasty buds.

At about 2:30 I felt tired enough to go to sleep, and slept like a baby.
I woke up today feeling great, even as I write this.

I had gone into this thinking that this would be more of a “social” thing than LSD, as some people have hypothesized. However, after this experience I completely disagree. To me, my loss of ego was much more pronounced, and my memory impairment led to extremely distorted thinking and original ideas. This was much more visually heavy. Overall it felt like I took like at least 700ug of LSD, at least in intensity equivalence. I remember thinking that it felt like a very pure chemical on the blotter. Like it was made with very, very high quality AL-LAD crystal, which sounds absurd since I have only tried the drug from this source, but it was the sensation I felt.

My friend says that this was his most profound psychedelic experience, but granted he is new. He likes this more than LSD or mushrooms. I have reservations about making such bold statements, but hot damn, this was a crazy ride.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 102795
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 7, 2018Views: 1,709
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AL-LAD (603) : General (1), Various (28)

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