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Ups Downs AH Town
AH-7921, Alcohol & Cannabis
by Anatoli Smorin
Citation:   Anatoli Smorin. "Ups Downs AH Town: An Experience with AH-7921, Alcohol & Cannabis (exp102804)". Mar 7, 2014.

T+ 0:00
237 mg oral AH-7921 (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:05 30 ml oral Alcohol - Hard (liquid)
  T+ 0:45 300 mg smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 2:45 300 mg smoked Cannabis (plant material)


Some quick background: I had been in search of a substance that would provide pain management while being recreationally pleasant yet meditatively calming. I began my research from the bottom and worked my way up: forums, government reports, research studies and anecdotal reports all pointed towards the viability of AH-7921 for testing.

The product was sourced from a trusted vendor with whom I have done business for many years. I immediately began exploring dosages & corresponding effects. Potency by weight was roughly determined after experimentation with titrated oral dosing. These began with allergy tests of both .005 grams & .010 grams. After roughly 7-10 titrations I felt comfortable adjusting dosages more freely (no longer titrating). The threshold oral dose for me was around .050 grams. I explored dosages up to .528 grams. I also experimented with immediate tolerance using multiple doses in a single experience. I found that re-dosing between +01:30 & +03:00 produced the smoothest increase in effects & duration. If a second dose was administered before +01:30 the two doses combined for a faster onset & higher overall peak, but with minimal extension of the experiences duration. Any later than +03:00 & a clear return towards baseline occurred before a second departure.

In my experiences, AH - 7921 was more potent on an empty stomach (faster onset & more intense effects), but to minimize the vertigo sensation, I found eating a meal 2-4 hours prior to ingestion to be ideal. The effects of Ah - 7921 seem to be highly predictable and repeatable. Nearly every experience exhibited the same basic effects on my mental and physical being. These were: physically anesthetic, mental relaxation, pleasant mood lift, nausea and vertigo induced by movement. I found the intensity of the effects to correspond in a linear relationship to the dosage amount. I never reached a point where the dosage curve / effects rose exponentially. I have decided to share this particular experience with the community as it paints a tidy picture of all effects I experienced with AH - 7921 ... the good & the bad.

Setting: my apartment. My partner Kai and I are alone. Context: I am well versed with opiates—pharmaceutical and street varieties—as well as with AH-7921; my tolerance is near 0. I’ve had breakfast and lunch, no dinner. My mind and body are relaxed with no distinguishable anxiety. Product (99% purity) sourced from a trusted vendor with whom I have done business for many years.

+0:00 (22:34) Oral ingestion of .237 grams of AH - 7921 which was prepared using a reliable milligram scale. I place the material directly onto my tongue then swallow.

+0:05 I ingest Thirty milliliters of 40% alcohol whiskey orally.

+0:10 My stomach feels slightly uneasy, but not severe enough to purge. I sit comfortably in a recliner while listening to music.

+0:30 The nausea is dissipating & I note my first alert of departing baseline. This occurs in the form of light anesthetic sensations in both forearms as well as a pleasant mood lift.

+0:45 I smoke .3 grams of cannabis from a water pipe. This increases the mood elevation further to a low level of euphoria. The feeling is returning to my forearms and no other physical effects are present.

+01:00 My thought process is sharp, void of any dullness or haziness that is commonly present on other opiates. My body is slightly numbed and when I pay attention to the contact points where my arms and hands rest on my legs, I find it difficult to determine exactly where the limbs are touching. I am not experiencing any auditory effects. My music sounds normal and my pleasure derived from listening is not enhanced from a baseline state.

+02:00 Time is passing at about half tempo. The past hour seems to have lasted for twice that. Standing up for the first time since I sat down several minutes post ingestion immediately brought back the unpleasant feelings in my stomach. I sit back down. My stomach settles almost immediately. I continue to test the relationship between movement & the nausea. Causational relationship affirmed.

+02:45 I smoke another .3 grams of cannabis through the water pipe. I continue to stay seated comfortably and enjoy the peak of effects. With an unclouded mind I close my eyes. My thought stream is unaffected in topic or speed. I turn off the mental conversation & attempt informal meditation. I mentally and physically lock into a beautiful & intense focus on my breathing.

I slowly open my eyes to find my heart beating slower than it has all night (normal up until this point). The opiate high Is fairly significant at this point. A warm buzzing sensation throughout my body seduces my mental focus and I smile childishly. I forget the possible consequences of movement and I head to lay down in my bed, a short walk with no stairs required.

+03:30 The nausea hits me harder than it has all night two paces from the edge of my bed. I spin and head to the adjacent bathroom. I’m slightly stunned by the harsh lighting. Vertigo; by classic definition, strikes me. I gain control of the balance enough to fill and drink a glass of water before propping myself upright in bed. Closing my eyes brings back the spinning sensation. With my eyes open I feel on the verge of nausea but this lessens the longer I am laying still in one position. My mind relaxes and I realize I actually am very comfortable. My muscles are relaxed and I can feel a warm glowing sensation coming from within. I concentrate on these pleasant effects and slip easily back into a pleasant mood having not a care in the world. The unpleasant vertigo was behind me and seemed miles away.

+04:00 I choose to remain in bed, finding conversation uncomplicated and enjoyable. The body high is dwindling at a steady pace now. Movement continues to produce nauseas in my stomach and spinning sensations in my mind. After several minutes of staying relatively motionless these effects disappear entirely. The negative effects are mirroring the intensity of the pleasurable ones.

+04:30 Rapidly approaching baseline I prepare myself for bed. The process involves a short walk for water and a trip to the bathroom. The dizziness returns, strong enough for me to pause, debating a purge before sleeping. Deciding against the idea I return to my elevated supine position in the bed. After a few seconds of motionlessness my stomach returns to normal. A peaceful calmness drifts over my mind and body. I fall asleep with more ease than my average night.

I enjoyed the experience & while not perfect, certain redeeming qualities exist. The 'forced' lack of motion turns the mind inward, tuning the experience toward meditation. The anesthetic qualities are useful for medicating physical pains. The nausea is the only negative effect I have experienced, but is certainly a large factor.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 102804
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Mar 7, 2014Views: 16,091
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AH-7921 (595), Alcohol - Hard (198), Cannabis (1) : Alone (16), Combinations (3), First Times (2), General (1)

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