Into the K-Hole Unexpectedly
by Old Hippie Dumbass
Citation:   Old Hippie Dumbass. "Into the K-Hole Unexpectedly: An Experience with Ketamine (exp102829)". Jan 2, 2018.

300 mg rectal Ketamine (liquid)


I am an old hippie that has no problems experimenting with drugs. My pain doc prescribed a topical 10% Ketamine lotion for my neuropathy in my feet and legs. Frankly, it is just about useless for relieving that pain.

I have zero experience with Ketamine, but I know that it is a dissociative and I am very curious about it. I research all over the web for information on the recreational use of the lotion, but I find zero info. A bit of speculation, and a lot of talk about how futile any use of the lotion would be. Seems to me that plugging would be the way to go, but I find no guidance or any experiences.

So I figure what the hell. Three pumps (300mg) into the syringe and rub a few drops on the anus. Good lubrication, no drama getting the syringe (no needle!!) into the nether regions and squeeze the lotion out of the syringe. I had very low expectations based on the research that I had done. It is early afternoon, the family were gone for the rest of the day, I had the house to myself. Looking back, that was very stupid. If you are going to do this get a good sitter!

I take the time to clean the syringe, I placed a waste basket by the bed (in case of nausea). I lay down for a second, then realize that I am a bit warm and turn on a fan. Total time since administration, maybe 5 minutes.

I nearly didn't make it back to the bed. Holy fuck. Holy fuck and holy shit. This can't be happening!!

My ears start ringing, but the ringing is far, far away. I force myself to look at the clock by the bed and it reads 3:14. I stare at the clock for what seems like an hour and it never changes. Still 3:14 but it is now meaningless. Time itself is meaningless. Is this real? I force myself to hold my hands in front of my face and flex my fingers and yes, I can see my hands, but they are in a sort of twilight. I can force my eyes open and see the room, but am powerless. If I wanted to get out of bed I know I would crash onto the floor. Best to just go with it.
I am scared shitless.

My brain is still working, my thoughts are coherent and I tell myself that I am safe, that no one ODs on Ketamine and certainly not on 300mg. Hell, this is not supposed to even FUCKING WORK!! I can concentrate hard and feel myself breathing easily, and can feel myself swallowing normally, can even clear my throat so I am pretty sure I am not going to FUCKING DIE.

So try to enjoy the trip. I release myself from my body and just go with it. Floating into a series of rooms each more beautiful than the last. Words fail. Really, I can't begin to describe the actual experience, and some of it is like a dream that I can't remember. I am still a bit scared, but cannot see the clock any longer. My hands are still there if I force myself to see them. Further into the trip and the rooms are still beautiful and peaceful, some have colors, some have a bright light. Endless, seemingly, the series of rooms.

Eventually the trip eases into more like a sleep state, the visuals diminish and I find myself comforted that I am coming back down and have survived the trip. Dozing now, almost down and BANG a door slams and jars me from my slumber. Oh crap, the family is home and how the FUCK did it get dark. It is 9:00 PM, I have been gone for six hours.

I quickly shake the cobwebs out and splash some water on my face and am able to speak to the wife about her day without her seeing that I was fucked up. To say she would not be pleased about my activities would be a grave understatement.

As it is 9:00 pm, I can just go to bed as normal, and tomorrow is a work day. I sleep like the dead and manage to wake at 7:00AM as usual, but make the mistake of closing my eyes for a second and then it is 8:00AM and I am late for work. CRAP! I have an 8:30 meeting and am 5 minutes late. I manage to respond adequately to the questions put to me, but I have no idea how. The cobwebs in my head are so thick I can't add 5 and 5. At 11:00 AM I give up, tell the boss I am sick and go home and back to bed. I get home at 12:00 or so and crawl back to bed and sleep for another 20 hours.

The next day is a holiday and I am glad, as I still can't focus or concentrate on anything more complicated than answering direct questions. Another 24 hrs and I start to feel like I am over it. For me this was a two day, maybe three day trip. Didn't eat for the first two days.

For an experiment that was not supposed to work, this one jeopardized my marriage and my job. So very irresponsible. I do not think I will EVER use Ketamine again. The bliss and euphoria are very real, but the fear and the lasting case of the dumbass are real as well. For me, the negative outweighs the positive. For sure though I answered the question if plugging the topical lotion is a viable ROA. The answer is HELL YEAH!! But BE CAREFUL!

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 102829
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 57 
Published: Jan 2, 2018Views: 6,380
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