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Tent Night Journey
by Trappin
Citation:   Trappin. "Tent Night Journey: An Experience with 4-HO-DET (exp102860)". Jan 1, 2018.

25 mg oral 4-HO-DET (powder / crystals)


-On no prescription drugs and slightly empty stomach
-In my backyard at night
-Mindset was positive and interested

On the last night that my entire friend group could hang out before the first of us left for college we decided to have a tent night in my backyard, which is somewhat of a tradition now. I live in the woods for the most part and own a couple acres as well as a huge family sized tent and a great fire pit. We had talked previously and decided we wanted to trip that night so I went with a friend and picked up some acid for everyone but me. At the time I wasn’t tripping very much and only had experiences with DMT and DXM (also cannabis but I was not smoking during this period due to a hiatus). On the night of the trip everyone showed up at my house and we set up the tent along with some Christmas lights all along the trees that stretched around the tent and fire pit illuminating the whole spot even in pitch black. My one friend (S) had one cap of 4-HO-DET left which was around 25mg and offered it to me if I wanted it. I waited until my parents decided to go to sleep, started the fire, and began talking.

S also had some left over DMT and my other friend L decided he wanted to smoke it before everyone dropped. Sitting around the fire L went on his DMT trip and came back with a very positive attitude and everyone prepared to begin their journey. I decided finally that I wanted to take the DET so about 30 minutes after everyone dropped, I downed the cap of DET with some water and sat on the wooden bench by the fire as we all talked and laughed.

(T+0) As everyone began to come up the conversation split into different groups of people my one friend B called me over as he was sitting on a rock a few feet from the fire. Our friend group had slowly grown to the 6 of us over the 4 years of high school and we all had our own place in the group so conversation was very fluid as we were all so used to each other’s company. As I discussed different things with B I started to make odd connections with my vision and hearing. As I stood there talking I realized that the flickering of light from the fire on the trees was matching the sounds of birds and animals in some kind of rhythm. This shifted my attention and B and I decided to go join everyone else.

(T+:20) I tended to the fire and made sure everything was going smoothly when suddenly I realized a certain increase in energy similar to the come up of Vyvanse. I seemed very talkative and interested and couldn’t keep my fingers from moving as I talked. Our conversation started getting deep and I sat down by the fire only to realize that the ground was moving. The whole earth was covered with snaking winding vines that slithered around the dirt and grass, none of which were menacing though and only gave me a feeling of connection with the nature around me. A body buzz surged through me and I felt almost invincible and ready to gain some knowledge. During this whole time our conversation began getting very deep and philosophical to a point where another friend D had to step away as the topic we were on was starting to affect him in a bad way. He left the fire and went to sit on a picnic table a bit away. After a few words I went to go check on him.

(T+:45) It was at this point that I realized morphing colorful patterns of red and purple that overlaid my entire vision and warped as I moved. After talking to D for a little he calmed down a bit and my overall feeling became very euphoric to the point where I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. I stared at a tree in my backyard that had been there since I was born. I used to climb on that tree all the time and was somewhat of a fixture of my yard. It made me smile even more and was happy to be in my own yard for the trip. We returned to the fire and rejoined the conversation.

During this whole time B had gone on a short walk through the path in my woods and came out with the mission to take each of us on a personal journey to a spot that he found on my path. One by one over the course of about half an hour he took each person down there and each person backed him up on urging me to go with him. At first I was reluctant because my woods is somewhat creepy at night but decided I’d go. As I started on my walk the forest grew and morphed with such fluidity that it actually calmed my nerves with the softness of the patterns. Following my tripping friend through the path on the side of my hill he came to a point and stopped pointing at a clearing through the trees that amazed me. There on the path was a spot where one could stand and see the moon framed by a mass of leaves in the clearing of trees. It was one of the most beautiful sights I had ever seen as the moon pulsed and leaves tessellated into geometric pinwheels of pattern and shape. B started talking to me as I realized that I was tripping pretty hard. I spoke to him as clear as I could “Man I have no idea what you’re saying but I might be peaking pretty soon so we should head back to the guys”. With that we ran back (which running felt awesome by the way) to the campfire with everyone else.

(T+1:30) We discussed the spot some more and realized we were all tripping pretty hard so all 6 of us walked down the short path and to the spot. Once there we sat in the grass and stared at the moon and the trees while simply just taking it all in. The leaves framed the moon in a grand pattern of moving lines and images that danced and twisted. We all sat quiet and marveled in the beauty of the scene. I thought to myself if everyone else was seeing what I was seeing as everyone else was on acid and our start times were somewhat staggered. Sitting on the ground I felt the earth beneath me welcome me and surround me with an inviting energy of solidarity. At some point S mentioned that the whole scene looked like some preset from Kid Pix (an old game that used to be on all of our old Elementary School computers). At this everyone lost it and couldn’t stop laughing for a while. To this day it cracks us up that I peaked during “Kid Pix”.

We sat and talked about why we never made this spot “The Spot” as we called it and should have hung out here more often. Finally we sat up and made our way back to fire. Our conversation again turned philosophical as we discussed the universe’s beginning and eventual end. We all began to notice that every conversation we had, every form we took while talking, every topic that was brought up was in a circle. This idea grew in our head so much that we began assigning circles to every situation and they all worked. (T+3:00) It was around this point that mid conversation L suddenly revealed that he hadn’t been tripping the entire time. Apparently when B was cutting the tabs L got too small of a piece and actually had not been tripping with us the entire time. This mentally blew us all out of the water as he had been agreeing and going along with everything we had been saying up until then even offering up some of the theories himself. At first none of us believed him, but he had no reason to lie about that and it did make sense. From that point on it was reassuring to know that all these amazing ideas and connections we had been making had and were being verified by a sober source. All night I felt a solid connection to the woods around me and the dirt beneath me. Sitting there poking at the fire and making it grow gave me such a powerful feeling as the fire danced and waved in my vision. The knowledge that I created it and made it grow was such a powerful feeling.

As the night progressed we landed on the topic of the 7 Deadly Sins. None of us being very religious we didn’t put too much thought into them before but suddenly a realization was met. During our conversation we discussed that the sin of “Sloth” actually didn’t exist which made a huge connection later in the night.

(T+4-5:00?) I began to lose track of time as my then girlfriend had fallen asleep a while ago and I had stopped checking my phone to text her) My visuals began to become less drastic and more of a wavy over lay of patterns and colors that mostly only danced if I moved my head fast enough. But it was around this time that we started to talk about each other’s role in our group of friends. Someone (I do not remember who) made the connection to the 7 sins from earlier and we all realized that each of us embodied one of those sins. D represented Greed as he always wants more than he has no matter what the situation. S represented Gluttony as he never wants to give up what he has and keep his belongings. L embodied Wrath as he has the most violent background than all of us with missing knuckles from punching out so many kids. B represented Envy as since we all became friends he’s admitted to wanting what we have or just wanting what he can’t have in general. T embodied Lust because he’s very tall, blonde, and for years as a joke we’ve called him “pretty”. I embodied Pride which was obvious as my friends and ex had all for years been calling me “conceded” and how I think very highly of myself which I do accept. The crazy part was that although there are only 6 of us we all do have another friend (G) who we are all good friends with but isn’t necessarily in our group that regularly hangs out. He’s really lazy and the fact that he so well embodied Sloth and the fact that we earlier had decided that Sloth was actually non-existent blew our minds a bit.

(T+6:00+) We all started to come down around the same time and noticed that as the depth of our conversation grew, as we brightened our feelings for each other, the fire had grown to a powerful pit of flames. I cared for it to the point of throwing in entire logs at a time and they would burn very brightly. It felt as if our energy had fueled the fire a bright hot light. To test how brightly we got it to burn I stuck some metal into the heart of the fire and the relatively thin metal glowed bright hot then melted off the end of the rod. It was pretty cool to watch that happen especially after we all had already made the connection between the size of the fire and the things we learned and discussed. After giving our last goodbyes to the fire I poured a big bucket of water on it and we all retreated to the tent where laid there and talked of our experiences until we drifted off to sleep. The next morning T had to leave to move into his dorm so we said our byes and talked about how happy we were to have that night before we all started on our separate ways. I felt no real observable after effects and functioned fine the day after.

The experience was a very positive one and since then I have tripped numerous times on different psychedelics but still consider that trip to be my most positive one. There doesn’t seem to be very much documentation on this drug and I hope writing this makes people understand it a bit better.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 102860
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 1, 2018Views: 1,726
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4-HO-DET (365) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2), General (1)

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