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by Optimus
Citation:   Optimus. "Moxylicious: An Experience with 5-MeO-MIPT (exp102891)". Oct 11, 2015.

10 mg oral 5-MeO-MIPT


I've come across my personal notes on 5MeO-MIPT, which I'd like to share. I've dabbled with Moxy for over twenty times at different doses.

Tryptamines require a lot of energy and it is by far a more enjoyable experience when I've eaten well prior to dropping a psychedelic tryptamines. Some people associate the nauseous with the extreme body load - and in my opinion, this comes about when I haven't eaten well. The body load starts to kick in, soon after the churning begins, as the tryptamine is calling for energy to use, it wants to be heard, it wants to work, and without food, it cannot. Stomach churns slowly turn into a stomach ache, which will end in my stomach being nauseous and throwing up bile acid.

People make the mistake by not eating, and thereby describing it as having nauseous effect. No, I'd recommend to eat well and healthy, nothing too heavy but a substantial amount to keep you content. It's all psychological, it only became physical when you don't eat.

5MeO-MIPT as it is, is a trip of two different stages: first part is introspective, overy trippy and psychedelic, while the second part is sociable and euphoric - very unique compound, very weird, although enjoyable.

Moxy is a tryptamine and MDMA is a phenethylamine. The effects that Moxy produce are very similar to MDMA (music appreciation and enhancement, sounds very much like when I've got MDMA in my system), tactile enhancement, plus rather sociable and rather entheogen-like. Only difference with MDMA is how Moxy has psychedelic effects (visuals, fractals, thought loops, etc) that varies with the dosage. Also, sex on Moxy is much easier for that of the male gender, than on MDMA. Sexual activities while on Moxy is outstanding.

A psychedelic variant of MDMA, with no hangover.
Light fractals, sound enhancement and appreciation (very much like MDMA), tactile enhancement (wonderful drug for sexual activities after watching a film or two), food tastes awesome and I get an appetite soon enough, after combining Moxy with a joint or two throughout the experience.

First part is quite trippy, and slowly turns into a more entheogen, social kind of drug. It's doesn't take too long, either - max 5-7 hours; ideal for spending an evening watching films, listening to music, sexual activities, etc. It binds on the 5-HT receptors, it doesn't drain my reserves like MDMA (sometimes) does.

At low doses, it's a mild psychedelic, MDMA-esque appreciation for music, sociable, very tactile, etc. Slightly energetic. At high doses, it turns into a powerful psychedelic with visuals all around while still fairly sociable, etc.

Is there a significant cross-tolerance between tryptamines (e.g. 5MeO-MIPT), 2C-P and LSD? I tripped hard on a LSD microdot on Wednesday evening, and tried 5-MeO-MIPT for a sixth time in two months on Friday evening. I upped the dose to 10mg, from the usual lower doses at respectively 5mg, 6.5mg, 5mg, 7mg, 8mg. My last 5MeO-MIPT experience was last weekend on Saturday, at which I doses 8mg.

My experience with 10mg of 5MeO-MIPT was pleasant, with a light stimulation and buzz throughout the body, slight visual distortion, music appreciation, etc. Only downfall was how it was very much like a 5-7mg experience. Tolerance on the 5H2T-receptors should be a significant factor, no?

All three substances (5MeO-MIPT, LSD, and 2C-P) all work with the 5H2T- receptors, and I was wondering if there's a tolerance build-up between these three substances, as I might try 2C-P later tonight for a second time (not sure, though).

It's not a trip report, but a gathering of information of personal notes during and after the trip. I hope it helps for all willing to try out this wonderful compound.

[Reported Dose: '3mg-12mg']

Exp Year: 2012-2013ExpID: 102891
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Oct 11, 2015Views: 5,490
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