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From a Child's Mind to the Universes Edge
2C-B & Cannabis
Citation:   Special-K. "From a Child's Mind to the Universes Edge: An Experience with 2C-B & Cannabis (exp102955)". Aug 15, 2019.

T+ 0:00
52.5 mg oral 2C-B (liquid)
  T+ 1:10   smoked Cannabis  
Originally for this trip I had tried 2cb at approximate doses of 15 and 30mg in order to understand more fully how exactly this drug would interact with me.

8:30 - My friend L says he is on the way to pick up my friend J and I from my house in order to go to a party. I drink a dissolved solution of ~52.5mgs of 2cb and water. At this point anxiety is starting to take over my body as I anticipate the revelation filled trip that was about to take place.

8:45 - We arrive at the house for the party we were going to and at this point it is very laid back. Pulp fiction is playing on a projector against the fence outside so I sit down and begin to watch the movie waiting for the feeling of euphoria to once again wash over my body as it had on the two lower “test” doses that I had already experienced.

9:20 - A very warming feeling begins to flow into my body and wedge itself tightly into all of the nerve endings throughout my body. I only notice how hard I've begun to roll when J points out that I've even laughed at almost every single line in the movie. Whenever John Travolta and Uma Thurman are talking about how delicious the '$5 shake' is I burst out laughing, without even noticing it. The whole idea of happiness had at this point become my primal instinct and my neck began to hurt from how much I had been smiling. I get gum from my friend B in order to keep me from clenching my jaw incredibly tightly. I'm a high + at this point.

9:40 - J and I decide to go for a walk and smoke as we go. We leave the house and begin to walk around the neighborhood where we meet my friend A who ends up coming with us. We walk around for a while smoking without me really noticing too much of a deference from the roll that was commencing. That is, until we began to walk back at least and we paused next to a white pickup truck to take a couple of hits. I look up from the bag of weed and pipe that I'm holding into the sky and just stare at how absolutely beautiful and vast it is. After about 30 seconds I look back down and the truck is a perfect extension of the night sky, almost as if looking at that truck showed me what I couldn't see because of the horizon of the earth being in the way. At this point I feel like a solid ++ because of the onset of visuals with the weed that I smoked. Judging from this I would say that smoking definitely increases the quality of visuals that I get out of this drug.

10:00 - We get back to the party where I end up just wandering around and talking to people for a while. With me being relatively close friends with everyone there I felt very comfortable with this, even though some of them started to mess with me just to see what kind of response they would get from it. Because of this I noticed that other peoples actions and words had a very heavy influence on my trip.
I noticed that other peoples actions and words had a very heavy influence on my trip.
The main reason that I was able to come to this conclusion was that whenever my friend asked if I pointed at where her third eye was one instantly appeared there, this however wasn't a permanent change and it ended up disappearing after a few seconds. The most common visual to appear throughout this whole period was that I would mistake people for different people that I knew for a fact weren't there. Whenever I would look at someone without focusing on then they would appear to be a completely different person and this was kind of alarming at first, but I gradually accepted that I would just have to double take more often in order to see who I was actually talking to.

Throughout this part of the experience my friend B helped me enjoy myself to an almost unimaginable extent just by letting me indulge in all of the childish acts and feelings that were currently consuming my thought process. Doing anything from dancing without music to just running around was now the most amazing way to spend my time. I felt like I was a toddler again just beginning to experience everything that the world has to offer and everything that you can do in your life. Throughout this part of this experience I am a steady +++ as I climb towards the peak of my trip.

11:15 - My friend L tells me that there is music being played inside that I would enjoy so I head into the living room in order to indulge this idea. Throughout the first 5 or so minutes of this experience I rap along with various songs and dance (more of a stumble actually) around. Still a very solid +++ and rising throughout this part of the trip.

11:20 - I suddenly feel as though I am hit by a philosophical battering ram sent from the heavens in order to purge my current thought processes and replace them with ones that would be memorable afterwards and leave a lasting impact on my character and on my actions as an individual fighting to survive in a constantly changing universe. I sit down in order to regain my composure as I am now the highest +++ I have ever experienced and begin to explain to L how the universe is only as endless as the farthest reaches of the most intelligent and sentient being in that universes thoughts. After this revaluation and another Iess significant one about how right and wrong was a completely individualized concept. I feel a huge burst of empathy and understanding flood into my bloodstream and deep into the deepest reaches of my soul. I can suddenly understand the exact mental state of everyone at the whole party just from glancing at them, even the ones who are covering up the way that they are truly feeling.

12:00 - A sober friend drives me and J back to my house where we just listen to music and talk until I sober up. While listening to a song that I made a particularly strong connection with I close my eyes to try and see what kind of CEVs I would experience. I immediately sink into a deep hallucination that at first looks like I'm in a red room the same size as my field of vision with multiple cylindrical tubes running inside of the far wall and allow me to see outside of the room which is at this point just a blurry mush. I set my hands on my eyelids to make sure that my eyes are closed all the way and that I'm experiencing it to the fullest. As I do this I can see my own fingers moving towards the tubing from the outside of the room. Immediately realize that I am inside of my own head looking through my own eyes from behind them. As I reach this conclusion the whole vision begins to kaleidoscope into the multiple different angles of the same objects. I can see from the back of my head as if I am a fly. Realizing this I come to the conclusion that my life is just as insignificant to the whole universe as any fly is to me. However I also decide that even with this my actions still have the chance to create meaning and to leave a lasting impact on the universe. Whenever I focus on what is going on inside of my head full backgrounds of forests and fields full of flowers and mountains fill my vision with such vivid detail that I can describe what I am seeing to J who is still sitting next to me. After these hallucinations I go take a shower and try to contemplate exactly what just happened, with little success considering that I am still relatively high.

When I get out of the shower I no longer have OEVs or CEVs and just feel a nice warm afterglow that last for the next 2 hours as I begin to sober up.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 102955
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 15, 2019Views: 1,047
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2C-B (52) : Combinations (3), General (1), Various (28)

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