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A Wonderful Experience Even at a Low Dose
by Polar
Citation:   Polar. "A Wonderful Experience Even at a Low Dose: An Experience with 25I-NBOH (exp102974)". Erowid.org. Jan 2, 2021. erowid.org/exp/102974

T+ 0:00
250 ug sublingual 25I-NBOH
  T+ 3:40 1 cig. smoked Cannabis


Dose: 250ug 25i-NBOH, sublingual
Setting: Alone in my room, calm.

Slow to come on, about 1 hour of anticipation.

T+1 A certain dizziness/vertigo emerges. Vision is blurred. I feel sleepy.

T+1:30 Altered edge perception and some colour enhancement. Definite shimmering. Potential visuals in the periphery. Otherwise, no real body load. Slight headache, but nothing too unpleasant. Operating my laptop is difficult but entertaining due to blurred vision and a sort of “liquidity”, as if the entire screen was a body of water swaying in the wind. Music is nice. Clear headed. Movement feels almost “ghost-like”. Some slowness in rendering - if I move my arm it feels as if my vision is a few milliseconds behind.

T+1:40 My room seems like a bubble. This is my bubble. Nothing can go wrong in here. There’s a nice euphoria in here. Radiohead - Bodysnatchers is the current tune and it has a wonderful energy to it. Slight rise in body temperature and some tension of the jaw and of the neck, but nothing major. Some stimulation. I could do something active now. Probably at the higher end of a ++, possibly even a +++ at times.

T+1:50 My peripheral vision is positively distorted. The glass on the table looks a metre tall to the corner of my eye. Could easily snap out of it and act sober if necessary. But it is not necessary. Far from it. Everything is swell. A nice, warm headspace. This substance would go wonderfully with a natural setting.

Occasional technicolour flashes. I suspect an amplification of reflections from metallic surfaces. Unable to reproduce at will.

Movement of the limbs seems either accelerated or decelerated at times.

Radiohead - Nude plays through my headphones. A sudden wave of introspection, as I am absorbed in the song. I always loved the feeling behind this song, but never like this.

T+2:00 A metallic taste in the mouth. To me this seems a comfortable dose for a light trip; perhaps a “teaser” of the full experience. Some slight CEV patterns, but to me the most pleasant part of the experience is the euphoric mood uplift. Everything is just swell. Colourful and swell. Watching a psychedelic type animation online - the colours and patterns seem to emerge beyond the boundary of the screen. My laptop monitor is a portal to another dimension. Typing is interesting - my fingers appear to move at the speed of light.

T+2:20 Effects appear to be subsiding, or decreasing in intensity.

T+2:25 Got up to open the window. Effects ceased - I thought I had ‘killed’ the trip. But as I sat down I found it coming back to me. Still no real adverse effects.

T+2:30 Visual effects seem to come and go, but the general sense of well being, and a sort of heightened awareness, prevails. I think I may have passed my peak by this point. Alternating between periods of complete sobriety and a trippy unreality. Probably at the lower end of a ++, sliding back to a + at times. But then sliding back to a ++ at others.

T+2:40 Considering smoking a joint, but weary of killing what is left of this by standing up. Beginning to feel sleepy again.

T+2:50 Still some slight effects, but diminishing. There is a wonderful clarity of thought. Some mild distortion of time.

T+3:00 Watching some geometric patterned animations - still definitely emerging from the screen. The desk feels blissfully cool on my skin.

T+3:30 Some spirituality. Visual effects persist and are potentiated in the dark. Some mydriasis.

T+3:40 Decided to go smoke a joint. Not sure if this potentiated the effects or if I am just noticing them more after going outside. The act of smoking was pleasurable. Hearing seems to be hyper-senstive - I find delicate sounds one might not normally ‘tune in’ to are amplified. The sense of touch is similarly pronounced. Effects are not as strong as at the peak but apparent nonetheless. Still occasionally ‘snap out’ of it, before quickly tuning back in. Definitely introspective at this point in time. Will turn out the lights and go lose myself in Thom Yorke.


T+4:30 Laying in bed is an interesting sensation. Parts of my body oft fall asleep, and I feel about 10 feet tall. In the dark, I have the power to move elements of the room around at will. It’s as if there’s a blurring between reality and imagination. CEV’s are strong and powerful, somewhat under my command but mostly spontaneous. I take a few ‘mental journeys’ which give me some profound insight. Sleeping was not difficult.

T+15:00 Almost back to baseline, but still with some residual distortions in speed/movement. No adverse effects.

TL;DR: A wonderful chemical with powerful CEVs/OEVs and various other ‘psychedelic’ effects, and no side-effects at a low dose. Potentially a powerful tool if treated with respect.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 102974
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Jan 2, 2021Views: 238
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25I-NBOH (615) : Alone (16), Glowing Experiences (4), General (1)

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