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2C-T7 Violence & 911
AMT & 2C-T-7
Citation:   Talon. "2C-T7 Violence & 911: An Experience with AMT & 2C-T-7 (exp10301)". Dec 31, 2001.

    2C-T-7 (powder / crystals)
  35 mg insufflated 2C-T-7 (powder / crystals)
The day started out as just another experimental day. One of my friends and I decided to give some new chemicals a try, so he ordered 5-meo-dipt, dipt, AMT, and 2C-T7. He and I have had many experinces in mind altering substances. We have taken insane amounts of LSD and had decided it was time to try some other things so we choose those.

He and I tried the 5-Meo-Dipt first, it was a wonderful experince, we nicknamed it 'Happy Acid' it was a mild and fun, almost like Candy Flipping. That was wonderful. We tried the 2C-T7 at around 30mgs each and it was totally different than anything else. He was lost in his new reality. He snorted it and I put it in a capsule, at first he was saying, 'Ohhhh man. My fucking God.'

Then went in to violent vomiting spasms. After around 30 minutes the vomiting and what seemed like total torture in my opinion subsided and we had a good night. The next time he did 2C-T7 he mixed it with LSD and Nitrous. We tried the DIPT and needless to say is was basically nothing worthwhile. The experiences I really want to share in this is submission is not what I have been explaining here. My friends call me 'A new age hippy' Because in the past I have smoked much marijuana and done many, many, psychoactives. Ranging from marijuana to 2C-T7 and everything in between. I consider myself a seasoned vet.

The day I tried AMT is the day I learned that I personally do not recommend anyone doing 2C-T7. No matter what. On this day I did my normal routine of getting up and smoking myself a very large joint to get the mood set. It was the day planned to try AMT which is supposed to last around 16+ hours so I made sure that I had little stress and plenty of sleep. After I had stayed up over 24 hours and dropped 10 hits of LSD and not had a good experiences I learned that with any substance that takes such a large toll on your being mentally and physically sleep is a most.

So I made sure I was unstressed and had good sleep and an overall peace of mind before submitting myself to another chemical. I had found a friend that frying with was a wonderful thing, we meshed very well in the way we liked our trips to be and I had known him for a long time. So I went over to his place and we smoked a bit and I told him how I was going to be doing AMT that day. We talked about it and I told him what it was and let him read the text about it on the best source of information, Erowid. He asked if he could try it with me I so he did.

We went and smoked some AMT. It worked on him very well. With me it was so mellow it was almost unnoticeable. So I continued to smoke until I was good. We drove around and explored the area and enjoyed our AMT devirginizing. We stayed up all night playing with glowsticks and listening to good trance music. Around 10:00am this would be around 13 hours into it. Another friend came over we will call him 'A' & my trip friend I will call Clown. 'A' was skipping school and had been up all night smoking speed. Clown and I DO NOT like speed.

Anyway. 'A' was skits out and we start smoking and talking about what was going on and all. We were alone in the house listening to my friends music and enjoying ourselves. 'A' wanted another substance. I started talking about 2C-T7 how it was and the affects it had. 'A' wanted some 2C-T7. I had seen him do LSD before and I knew he was somewhat experinced and he was very annoying and insistant on getting some 2C-T7. So he obtined some.

He took around 35mgs. He snorted it. We told him it didn't seem bright because of his lack of sleep but he was 'hardcore' I call it moronic. On the drive back he was vomiting violently and saying 'This is great','I fucking hate this' 'I'm okay' and random other jumbles of speech and oxymorons. We explained the vomiting is normal it last about 30 minutes, ride it out.

'A''s friend came over once we reached the homestead. 'A' started relaxing and we drove around some and listened to music. After alittle bit about 45minutes after ingestion he started to snap. He was describing skulls and snakes spinning through the ground and vines growing all over the place. But he was sort of maintaing composure. His friend left and once he left 'A' started wigging HARD. He was screaming and getting violent. He would push me and then drop to the ground saying 'I'm sorry, Talon.' I would say 'You didn't do anything wrong man. Its the drug, relax.'

He continued to have these mood swings. It now was about 2 hours in. He relaxed some, he zoned out abit but was survining sweating very badly. By now he had taken his shirt off and was zoning we kept him cool and gave him a drink or water. he dumped it on his head, and laid back down.

About 20 minutes later it started again. This time he wouldn't calm down or listen. He start screaming random threats and jumble. He started pushing and throwing punches. I got on the phone and called a friend and tried to get some valiums or zynex to relax him. No luck. My friend Clown had never seen nor experieniced anything like this. I had but not to this degree. 'A' came over and pushed me and tried to punch me then ran to the door. He dropped his pants and tried to run out but I grabbed him and threw him inside. I closed the door and locked it. He ran to the bathroom and tried to climb out the shower window.

Mind you thats something only a toddler could possibly squeeze through. I pulled him and pushed him to the living room. He ran and started punching the window trying to get out. I was very upset now so I grabbed him and threw him to the ground and held him down arms behind his back. I screamed to Clown 'CALL 911 DAMNIT!' he did. 911 showed up in about 10 minutes. The police the ambulence everything. Even the school vice principal.

'A' fought with the police totally oblivious to what was happening. I told them what he was on etc. They searched the house took him to the hospital. He lived. However he was in a comma for a week. Had no health insurance and had an $80,000 bill. He says he had a dream of being in a world were everything was free except you had to buy words. He was driving in his dream and woke up in the hospital he thought he had been in a car wreck. He almost died.

I have come to a theory that 2C-T7 when mixed with meth related substance such as MDMA and Methamphetamine they have a basically lethal combination. I hope that this is of some help to my fellow man. Be careful and avoid mixing 2C-T7 with MDMA and/or Methamphetamine if you choose to try it. Make sure it is measured properly and know your mind, body, chemical, and source. God be with you.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 10301
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 31, 2001Views: 51,879
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AMT (7), 2C-T-7 (54) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Health Problems (27), Combinations (3)

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