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Boring, I Don't See Much Recreational Value
by Experiential
Citation:   Experiential. "Boring, I Don't See Much Recreational Value: An Experience with Gabapentin (exp103028)". Jan 16, 2020.

T+ 0:00
600 mg oral Pharms - Gabapentin
  T+ 0:30 300 mg oral Pharms - Gabapentin
  T+ 1:00 400 mg oral Pharms - Gabapentin
  T+ 1:05 400 mg oral Pharms - Gabapentin
  T+ 1:10 400 mg oral Pharms - Gabapentin

Dose: 6 - 100mg; 3 - 100mg; 12 - 100mg
Method of Ingestion - oral
Expected effects: nothing significant, possible slight euphoria

T+ 0:00 - 6 pills in single dose
Mild tremor in hands (not due to ingestion of gabapentin, but rather a starting condition)
Mild anxiety
Slight headache

T+0:30 - no significant effect
Mild anxiety still present
Headache still present
Hand tremor still constant
Any sensation most likely a placebo
Taking 3 more in another single dose

T+1:00 - still no significant effect
Took 12 more in 4 doses separated by 5 minutes
Headache isn't present
Hand tremor and anxiety still present, but the later isn't as bad as before
After doing reading my desired effect is hallucinations, but it's unlikely.
No issues with coordination as of yet
Slightly concerned about large dose
Mild sensitivity to light (not necessarily related)

T+1:30 - I feel calm
Coordination still normal
No visuals
Food tastes the same
Very slightly dazed
No significant effects

T+2:00 - hasn't kicked in yet, as expected given the nature of the chemical (according to blue light)

T+2:30 - I'm starting to feel something (possibly placebo effect, I'm not sure yet)
Vicodin type body high
No visuals
Coordination still normal
Speech still normal
No headache
Mild anxiety
Lazy type of relaxation

T+3:00 - still a body high
No significant visuals
Speech still normal
Anxiety is practically gone
Complete comprehension for now
No negative side effects but no positive ones either

T+3:30 - no visuals
Lack of focus
Extremely tired
Nothing too abnormal
Mild headache

T+4:00 - surge of creativity
Annoying nausea
Almost a floating feeling

T+4:30 - hands are extremely shaky
Still fully coherent
No visuals
Mild motion sickness

T+5:00 - interesting head high
Motion sickness still present

T+6:00 - still a slight head high
Experiencing a gentle come down
Very relaxing
Light looks interesting but no visuals

Conclusion: I don't see too much recreational value in this drug but I also don't see any harms

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103028
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 15 
Published: Jan 16, 2020Views: 832
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Pharms - Gabapentin (183) : General (1), Unknown Context (20)

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