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The High Got More and More Intense
Cannabis (edible)
Citation:   Drummer72. "The High Got More and More Intense: An Experience with Cannabis (edible) (exp103029)". May 6, 2019.

1 oral Cannabis (edible / food)
I had been refraining from cannabis for more than a decade. I smoked some in college but had moved on when I entered the workforce, and had children. Over the past few years I had expressed an interest in trying it again, purely recreationally.

I visited a local meet-up of cannabis friendly and like minded persons and obtained a selection of edible treats baked with cannabutter. I had never experienced edible marijuana products before. I did not take them at the meet up, instead decided to wait for a more appropriate time and venue. Several weeks later my curiosity got the better of me and I prepared one morning to try it out.

After a casual morning around the house and an average breakfast (cereal, milk, and fruit) I ate a 2-inch-square chocolate-flavored cupcake.
I ate a 2-inch-square chocolate-flavored cupcake.
About 30 minutes after ingesting the cupcake, I was browsing the web, and came upon the erowid website, I read with interest the L.E.S.S. method article for determining potency of edible marijuana. I was mildly concerned by the article that I had just eaten the whole cupcake without being a bit more cautious about the quantity I was ingesting. I wasn't feeling anything yet, and proceeded about my day.

Two hours passed and I was convinced that I had been sold some bogus edibles. No sensations or euphoria whatsoever. However about three hours after ingesting the cupcake I started noticing a little something, a tingling of the senses particularly in the extremities, I wondered if this was the beginning of something, over the next half hour the sensations grew more intense, interestingly especially in my genitalia, a pretty strong tingling sensation. By this point I realized that I was once again, high. It was a pretty euphoric feeling, I moved about the house still doing little tasks and enjoying the overall bliss of each moment.
It was a pretty euphoric feeling, I moved about the house still doing little tasks and enjoying the overall bliss of each moment.
Occasionally I would have a bit of confusion, similar to the situation where you walk into a room and can't remember why you went in there. I caught myself in this situation several times and found it so hilarious I would laugh out loud. I listened to some music, I found the sounds to be heightened, as if I could hear parts of the mix I had not heard before or was insensitive enough before to not hear them.

As the day progressed the high got more and more intense. At a point I started to worry that this wasn't going to quit. I was really out of it, about 4-5 hours after first experiencing the buzz it was powerfully intense, continuing to increase, and I was having difficulty controlling some motor functions, stumbling and fumbling with things as if I was drunk. I was very paranoid that I was going to get caught by someone. Or that I would end up having to call in sick to work the next day because it would not subside. I decided to lay down and see if it would go away, I also rationalized to myself that being in bed would reduce the likelihood that I would get busted by these unknown 'people that bust you if you are high'. Hours later I awoke, I had to go to the bathroom, but was still feeling the effects. I went back to sleep.

The next morning I woke up feeling much better, a little dizzy, but certainly on the mend. I made it to work no problem.

In hindsight, I wish, I wish I had read the Erowid article BEFORE I ate the whole cupcake! I have since experienced edibles in a more controlled and cautious way and have found them to be very pleasurable, relaxing, and manageable.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103029
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 41
Published: May 6, 2019Views: 787
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Cannabis (1) : Alone (16), General (1)

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