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36 Hours and Counting
Caffeine & Ginkgo biloba
by Tyrell
Citation:   Tyrell. "36 Hours and Counting: An Experience with Caffeine & Ginkgo biloba (exp103055)". Jan 2, 2018.

  repeated oral Coffee  
    repeated oral Caffeine (pill / tablet)
    repeated oral Ginkgo biloba (pill / tablet)


Okay so this is my first experiance report so here goes. Firstly I would like to say that I am an avid coffee drinker and consume large quantities of instant coffee a day (usually 4-6 teaspoons/cup and an average of 3 cups a day, occasionally I will take a break though) and also the more than occasional energy drink (monster, score, volt etc.).

Yesrerday when I woke up at 1pm I decided due to my completely irregular sleeping patterns I've developed (I.e going to sleep at 4am and waking up at 1pm every day) that I would stay awake all night with the aid of even more large doses of caffeine than I regularly take in order for me to be tired enough to go to sleep at a reasonable time tonight. It didn't work.

I have now been awake for a constant 36 hours after consuming about 3 cups of coffee and about 60-80ml of turbovite (caffeine content of about 100mg/10ml, some B vitamins and 9.6mg ginkgo/10ml). I started my binge at about 6pm on thursday with a nice big cup of coffee (my usual proportions about 5 teaspoons of instant) and 15ml of turbovite. This kept me going solid till about 11pm. feeling a bit tired at the time I decided to redose, I had another 15ml of turbovite and a slightly smaller cup of coffee (about 3 teaspoons) seeing as I was pretty drained at the time. the rush kicked in pretty hard and was very euphoric and felt amazing! (I am rather sensitive to caffeine probably why I like it soo much).

Estimated dosage so far is about as I can still remember everything clearly up until this point is about 300mg of coffee caffeine and 300mg of terbovite. Between about 3am and 7am things are a bit fuzzy, I kept redosing occasionally during this period but only with the turbovite, probably had about another 30ml of it till the morning.

From about 7am onwards till about 2pm I felt a bit drained and lazy even though I had another cup of coffee and was still redosing... Think I might have fallen asleep for about 30min at 3pm during a movie but am uncertain of that....(it was a rather boring movie 'All is lost'-title)

At about 8pm (about 6 hours ago as it is 2:02am at this verry moment) I started to feel the energy coming back for some reason.... The strange part is I havent redosed since about 4pm and yet I feel amazing! Like I have just woken up from a really long sleep!! I didnt know what to do with myself my plan was to go to sleep at about 10pm but the way I felt I didnt think I was going to sleep at all again.

Now in present time 2:04am I am still feeling that exact feeling and still havnt redosed :/. My heart is beating irregularly. A little confused but enjoying it and going with the flow, I feel amazing, awake, alert, happy (surprising seeing as I've been depressed lately because the love of my life is in kenya.) almost comparable to the feeling of snorting methamphetamine which I did a few times last year but wont ever repeat that again. My brain is a bit jittery and all over the place right now hence I decided to type this up, hoping it would take the energy out of me so I could go to sleep as I plan to go drinking with my friends in the morning because there is a festival happening and I havnt been out the house in a while. If this feeling persists I might have to redose a bit so I have energy to do anything tomorrow.

It has been a while since I have slept and my brain is all over the place.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 103055
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Jan 2, 2018Views: 2,462
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